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4 Gifts NAA University Has to Offer Insurance Agents

December is often thought of as a time of giving. However, the NAA University team believes in giving all year round! The Alliance provides you with the opportunity to succeed and NAA University offers the education and tools you need to achieve it!

If you or your agents haven’t checked out NAA University, read the list below of many gifts that www.naauniversity.com has to offer you!

  1. Quality Education
    With over 45 courses, you can easily access quality training from Top Alliance Leaders like Andy Albright, Gina Hawks, Eric Lardie, Jason Carey, Debbie Benn and many more.
  2. Helpful Tools and Resources
    With NAAU, you can access quoting tools, underwriting grids, the ATM and over 20 other helpful documents.
  3. Flexibility
    Because NAAU is online, you can access it from almost any place, any time on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  4. Great Value
    While Universities charge thousands of dollars, we provide the training you need at a price you can afford. Courses range from FREE to just $7 and you can earn more free courses through our Scholarship Program.

If you’re unsure of what courses start with, try course 121 – Carrier Placement. If you’ve already completed this course, check out our list of 10 courses you should take first!

National Agents Alliance Training Materials for Agents

hero-within_03Whether you’re a new agent, or an agent who’s been with us for years, there are probably some training materials that you haven’t taken advantage of yet. Here at National Agents Alliance headquarters, we try to provide all of the information and courses you need to be the best insurance salesperson that you can be.

Check out the following materials to get training or to refresh your memory!

NAA UniversityNAA University – Visit this website to take the training courses offered to help you understand all about how National Agents Alliance works and how you can become a better salesperson. Some of the courses are free, while others you have to pay to enroll. If the cost worries you, remember that 96% of agents who have taken the NAAU 100 course say the course was either “great” or “outstanding”! Use your NAA number and password to login and get started!

HotspotsHotspot meetings take place every week all over the US from Monday to Thursday. Go to the website to find the meeting closest to you and go! There are important host speakers every week! We also send out emails every Friday evening to let you know who is speaking at all of the meetings for the next week.

Lead Performance TeamLPT Lead Classes, Webinars and Calls – The Lead Performance Team offers biweekly webinars, two lead classes at every event to help you achieve Lead Certification, and a monthly call. To find out more about these training materials, send us an email at leads@naaleads.com.

Product Training Calls – We have product training calls every Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. These calls are usually hosted by one of our insurance carriers to help agents get a better understanding of their products and how to sell them. Check your emails every week for the dial-in number and access code.

NAActivity Calls – We have these calls every Friday at 10 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. These calls are usually hosted by our top agents or other special guests. Check your emails every week to find out who is hosting and to get the dial-in number and access code.

Webinars – Gina Hawks offers two webinars EVERY week! The webinars fill up fast, so you have to sign up ASAP! We send emails every week with information about the topics and how you can register.

The WedThe TWCnesday Call (TWC) – As the name suggests, this call takes place every Wednesday at 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on NAAtv. Andy is the host and he usually has several special guests featured on each show. This is valuable time that you could spend learning directly from Andy every week!

NAAleads.com – Login with your NAA number and password and browse the site for information on products, carriers, services, contests, and other resources.

Blogs – On our three blogs, National Agents Alliance Reviews, Sales (this blog), and Future, we post information about insurance, how to make a sale, how to be a leader, and other things that can help you improve.

The Albright The Albright ChallengeChallenge – This is a program that can help you “become, grow, and lead.” We spoke to Melody and Nathan Thomas last week about their experience and Nathan said, “I would recommend it to everybody, whether you’ve been around for years or you’re brand new, Andy’s giving you 90 different lessons; I’m sure there’s something out of those 90 areas that you need to work on or that you can do better.” Click on the link and sign up today!

NAAtv.com and YouTube – These two sites feature all kinds videos that National Agents Alliance and AMP studios have produced. Browse through the videos – you’ll probably find that many of them will help you become a better agent!

Andy’s Books – Andy wrote The 8 Steps to Success and Millionaire Money Maker to help his agents become successful, so read them! He also has a whole store of books at shopatnaa.com to help you get inspired to help others. Andy has already selected the books for you, all you have to do is read!

President’s Clubto gain access to these benefits and mentoring from the top agents, click the link to join the President’s CluNAA President's Clubb.

  • Over the Shoulder Calls – These calls occur once a month and are for black card and complete members only. Andy hosts all of these calls. We send out emails every month to let you know when they will occur and who will be in the “hot seat.”
  • National President’s Club Call – This is a call for President’s Club members only that takes place on the second Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m. eastern daylight time.
  • Night Owls – This is a meeting that takes place after each of NAA’s events where you can relax and learn from Andy and the top 10 income earners.

The People of NAA – The most valuable tools to success are, of course, the people who have already achieved it! If you need any help or advice, contact the National Agents Alliance agents who are succeeding and try to spend more time with them!

At National Agents Alliance we aim to give you all of the tools and information you need to be the best agent that you can be. With all of these resources, there is no excuse for not getting informed! If you feel that there is something more that we could do to help our agents, let us know!

Lead Certification class sells out at Raleigh LeadCon

NAA's Lead Performance Team Banner

The Lead Performance Team held a sold-out lead certification class prior to National Agents Alliance’s Leadership Conference in Raleigh, N.C. on July 12, training 250 people on NAA’s most powerful recruiting tool: the lead system.

Participants included people from new agents to administrative staff, and even some of the more experienced managers at National Agents Alliance. The goal of the class is to teach people something they can apply toward their role or position immediately to help their business and to answer any questions they might have.

The class takes you through the process – from collection of data to the creation of all lead types – and offers tips on how to fully use the OASys system. The LPT of Sandra Sheckells, Wendy Brunick, Hunter Tickle and Samantha Osborne taught everything possible to make sure agents get the best return on their investment. This class is one of the important steps to check off your list when it comes to becoming Lead Purchase Authorized, which allows you the ability to purchase your own leads for you and your team.

The next series of lead certification classes will be held at each of NAA’s four Fall Forward events this October in Atlanta, Ga.; Burlington, N.C.; Los Angeles, Calif, and Dallas Texas. The course costs $29 or $49 if you want a box lunch included.

The Lead Performance Team

Upcoming Classes:

2012 Fall Forward-Atlanta, GA: October 5, 2012
2012 Fall Forward-Burlington, NC: October 12, 2012
2012 Fall Forward-Los Angeles, CA: October 19, 2012
2012 Fall Forward-Dallas, TX: October 26, 2012

Lead Certification Class (8:30am-12:00pm)

The 5 Life Insurance Myths Dispelled

Life Insurance MythsWhen it comes to insurance there are so many myths that have led consumers astray, and life insurance is no exception. In fact, for many people, life insurance is the most confusing road to navigate. But, because of the myths surrounding life insurance, many people decide to go without it—setting up their family for financial disaster in the event of an untimely death.  As part of the National Agents Alliance team, it is the responsibility of our agents to keep our clients informed of the truths and falsehoods surrounding the products we can provide.

InsuranceNewsNet.com has dispelled the top five life insurance myths:

  • Myth #1: There is no reason to buy life insurance when you’re young.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because you’re young doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t leave a burden on your family if you suddenly died. If you buy a life insurance policy when you’re young and most likely healthy, the premiums are lower and it is usually easier to qualify for a policy. In addition, the coverage will remain in place no matter what happens with that person’s health down the line.

  • Myth #2: No-medical exam life insurance is the best choice.

While this may be a great option for some, people who are in good health should consider a traditional policy. The health exam might take a little more time, but taking that time can mean qualifying for better policy rates. Traditional policies also offer more options in terms of policy length and coverage amounts, letting the buyer choose what they really need.

  • Myth #3: Buyers need to choose between term and whole life insurance.

These are the two main types of life insurance offered to consumers, and some people have a hard time choosing between the two. But, many people don’t realize is that there is no need to choose. It’s often the wisest course to have one of each. A whole policy covers the long-term, and a term life insurance policy covers the period when a larger amount of coverage is needed.

  • Myth #4: Life insurance is expensive.

Life insurance is much more affordable than many people believe. In fact, a recent report released by the LIFE Foundation and LIMRA, consumers inaccurately believe that life insurance costs nearly three times the actual price. A healthy 30-year-old consumer, who wants a 20-year, $250,000 term life policy can expect to pay only an average annual cost of $150.

  • Myth #5: Life insurance isn’t available to senior citizens.

In the past it was much harder for senior citizens to obtain life insurance. But more companies are now offering coverage to senior citizens than ever before. It’s never too late.

Getting Started Right

At National Agents Alliance, everyone works hard to create a clear path for agents to run on.  It’s up to the new agent to follow the path that leads to massive success.

After licensing and contracting comes learning from your mentor exactly how top producers do the job.  Learning the products, learning the successful sales system, and practicing the scripts for appointment setting are definite first steps to success.

Ready, fire, aim!Watching and learning from your manager is important but you will also need to practice creating illustrations using the carrier software until you are confident that while in a client’s home, you can present options, overcome obstacles and successfully fill their needs.

You can’t learn to swim standing on the side of the pool, so it’s time to jump in and get your feet wet.  Without worrying about being perfect, the new agent needs to make some dials, set some appointments, sit with clients, protect that family and get paid!

Don’t be concerned if you make some mistakes; keep going and do it again and again.  As CEO Andy Albright says, “Once you have sold one policy, you know exactly what it takes to make as much money as you want, just keep doin’ it!”

Creating a work schedule for yourself can be a tremendous asset in getting started right also.

The most profitable agents use their time on the right activities and take time to plan their weekly, monthly and annual activities.

It doesn’t matter if you are a part-time or full-time agent, you MUST allocate definite hours of operation for your business. One of the biggest challenges of working independently from home is the lack of structure and time management.

You need to schedule adequate time to:

  • Participate in Corporate Training calls
  • Participate in Corporate Events
  • Participate in Team Training calls
  • Make your dials for Appointments
  • Study to expand your Product Knowledge
  • Work on Personal Development (Read, Listen)

The business system at National Agents Alliance is simple, but YOU have to do the activity.  Remember that there are no shortcuts to success.  Get leads, set appointments, sit with clients, submit applications and receive commissions from carriers.  Do it again. Follow the system!

Creating Leaders

leadersAs an agent in National Agents Alliance you probably want to build your own agency so you can leverage your way to a bigger income without having to produce every dollar yourself.

Here are some tips that may help you to build a big, strong and long-lasting agency:

1.    Do It For Them

Perform the task while understudies watch and learn.  Whether it’s making phone calls, assisting in making a list, showing the plan or doing a follow-up, leading by example will show them the right way to do it.  Repetition is very helpful, and about 6 to 10 live demonstrations should solidify the methodology.

  1. 2.    Let Them Do It With Your Supervision

Watch, evaluate and make suggestions to your pupils for improvement.  Help them gain confidence so they will be able to perform highly even without you.

  1. 3.    They Do It On Their Own

Turn over the responsibility for everything in their business to them.  Follow up with them regularly for reports, and to assist in areas where questions, concerns, or difficulties have arisen.

  1. 4.    Help That Agent Train a New Agent

Now the leverage really kicks in!  When you train your new agents properly you will begin to see real duplication occurring.  This is an important step.  Give plenty of support here and your business will grow exponentially.

  1. 5.    Get The New Agent Involved in a Personal Development Program

Developing leaders is a process that is difficult to do on your own, especially when your agency begins generating new hires every week!  Provide access to training materials, and encourage the new agents to read, listen to positive MP3’s, maintain a positive attitude, and utilize all the resources that National Agents Alliance provides.  Remember to also develop their motivation for creating massive goals and a process to achieve them!

  1. 6.    Become Their Mentor, Friend, Business Partner and Biggest Supporter

At this point you will be building a great relationship with your new leaders.  This relationship is at the core of long-term business success.

Empower each team member to be the leader of their own agency.  Be sure to recognize them for their accomplishments.  Allow them to have center stage without stealing the spotlight.  Get to know their family and include them in the business.  Help them set higher and higher goals and challenge them to reach for the stars.  Have regular strategy sessions to set the course for the future.

These are just a few of many possible guidelines and paths that can help to develop a leader.  As ever, National Agents Alliance wants you to keep in mind that a great leader is continually developing and ever evolving personally as well:  So in your quest to build others, be open to the ever present work of building yourselves also.  Your newly minted leaders will notice it, learn from it, and grow into great leaders also.  Once you’ve got that character built…let them run!

Are you Self-Reliant?

Self ReliantIf you are new in the business it’s understandable that you would be relying on others for guidance in your day-to-day activities. No one would expect someone new to know what to do; it would be crazy to hire someone and throw them out there with little or no training.  Out of necessity, however, you have to become self-reliant as soon as possible, not just for yourself, but for your mentor’s sake.  He or she has only so many hours they can spend with you, not because they don’t want to help you, but because they have their own work to do and other people to train.

When you have taken full advantage of all the training and educational opportunities National Agents Alliance has to offer and you have gained some experience, you’re ready to step out on your own, you can demonstrate the ability to overcome obstacles, surrender dependence on others, and become authentic in your own right.  When this occurs you begin producing measurable results, and you develop a level of confidence that leads to more and more successes.  You are on the road to developing self-reliance, and it will reveal itself in your words and actions as you’re going about your business every single day.  People will definitely notice.

The actions you take on a daily basis as an independent, self-reliant business person will become habit, and you can accomplish anything you desire while standing on your own two feet, needing help from no one.  This is a liberating feeling and allows you to do even greater things with National Agents Alliance.

To reach this point you need to be a non-conformist; you are like no one else.  You are unique, and you stand on your own principles.  As a bonus, you become self-reliant in your personal life, as well as your professional life, never relying on the government or any organization or individual for assistance.  You take control of your own future, you set your own course, and you make your own way.  You manage your finances, becoming debt free.  You can create your own life or watch other people create their lives on TV.  Being self-reliant is a better choice, for sure.

Here’s an affirmation you can repeat each day to help keep your focus:  “I am responsible for everything I do, and for the results I get.”

Event Reminder Time

While we’ve been going over important topics like referrals, body language, social media, and all kinds of stuff, it would seem that the end of December is creeping in.  In addition to the coming of the new year and all that brings, there are also a couple of other important items you should have on your radar.

National Agents Alliance 2012 National ConventionRemember that the National Agents Alliance 2012 National Convention is coming up from January 26th-29th at the Raleigh Convention Center.  Keep in mind that after December 31st, the ticket price will be going up!  If you haven’t gotten your ticket already don’t put it off any longer, grab it before the price increase.

Another important booking date is also fast approaching.  Both the Sheraton and Marriott were running special rates for National Agents Alliance.  The Marriott rate expired on December 26th, but the Sheraton’s special is still available until January 2nd.  Be sure to book before they sell out so you can stay where the rest of the team is!  For further details and information, check out the hotel info on the 2012 NatCon site, near the bottom.

Also, if your December production month qualifies at Team Builder or above, you are invited to the Foresters pre-party before the convention starts.  With the month in its final days time is of the essence!  Make that final push right now!  Questions on qualification?  Check out this news release with all the information and a video breakdown.  A lot of this kind of information is included in our NAAtv videos that are done for you, so remember to check in on those frequently (especially the Rewind and Did You Know? segments).

Be sure to make use of all of our social media outlets on a regular basis too.  We’re on all of them, and put up all kinds of information on events, company happenings, and even just some questions so we can hear from you good folks.  Please feel free to comment on our posts, blogs, and videos – We like the attention and like you involved!  Click away below!

National Agents Alliance – Facebook
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National Agents Alliance – MySpace
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National Agents Alliance – YouTube

Learn From Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Few people correct them. National Agents Alliance provides you with tools like NAA Support, NAAtv, Hotspots, KIT Marketing and President’s Club just to mention a few, to help you along your path to success.

Mistakes are excellent experiences as long as you learn from them. Unfortunately, many people keep committing the same errors over and over again because they never took the time to sit down and learn from their mistakes and use the tools National Agents Alliance provides.

Nobody is perfect so don’t focus your time worrying about the mistake. Instead spend 99% of your time thinking about a solution.

If you take this approach, you will grow immensely in your business and personal life. Let National Agents Alliance guide you through your growth and you can expect nothing but great things!

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