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Do You Know What Women Want With Life Insurance?

In today’s day and age, it is common for women to hold leadership roles. However, it is becoming even more common for women to be the ultimate decision maker and chief financial officer of her household. What does this mean for you? This means that it is time to get more women protected with life insurance. How do you do that? Simple. Below are key points to know how to sell to your female population:5 Easy Sales Tips

  1. There are many characteristics that prove women should be the ultimate decision maker—Know them! These characteristics will help you to know how a woman thinks and acts. Women tend to think more long-term and holistically than men. Women are caregivers; they tend to care more about what will happen in the future. They are emotional and more inquisitive. Women tend to be more methodical and thorough. Lastly, they are inclined to want to develop a relationship of trust.
  2. Take a softer approach. Be patient when it comes to women because they do not like to feel pressured into making a decision, especially important life decisions. It is important to not be too pushy. Doing so will only result in you losing a customer. In the long run, it could very well pay off in referrals. Women are excellent at talking about great experiences when it comes to big decisions and purchases. Patience is a virtue, and one that many lack, but it is crucial when it comes to selling to women.
  3. Focus on the big picture—that’s all women really want! Women are concerned about the value of a product. What’s in it for them and their family in the long run? Don’t be analytical; just put your pitches and recommendations into the big picture and save the little details for later.
  4. The three things that women want most from insurance are certainty, safety, and protection. Help them understand how life insurance can provide certainty, safety, and protection for their family’s future, and they’ll be more willing to make the purchase.

Why is it important to provide coverage for the female population? Well, aside from the fact that they are the key financial decision makers now, if you only develop a relationship with the man and lack a relationship with the wife, you stand a high risk of losing a customer if the man dies. Don’t let that happen! Use these key points to improve your relationship with potential female clients and watch your sales increase.

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