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Females More Likely to Purchase Annuities than Males

If you are trying to sell annuities, you might find it interesting to know that more women are likely to buy an annuity than men, according to a study by LIMRA.

AnnuitiesLIMRA findings indicate that women are “somewhat” more likely to purchase an annuity; with the average age at which the product is bought is 73. The majority of sales, according to LIMRA, consist of guaranteed payments.

LIMRA found that there is more flexibility with annuities than consumers realize. Potential clients often hesitate to buy an annuity because they have a fear of losing control of their money. However, research shows that two-thirds of the contracts actually allow clients to convert a portion of remaining payments to cash if necessary.

In further research, LIMRA reports indicate that buying annuities through an agent remains the most popular method of purchasing the product, though a there is evidence of consumers using brokers and banks. At any rate, it’s important for a client to feel comfortable when purchasing an annuity from their agent. Planning for one’s final years is an important decision that should not be trusted to just anybody.

You want to ensure that you and your family is taken care of as you live out your Golden Years. Finding the right agent and relationship to make sure this happens is very important. Don’t wait until it is too late. Take the proper steps today to make sure you put yourself in the best possible position financially as you plan for retirement.

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Show your NAA Clients How to Have a Worry-Free Retirement

When your clients are looking for options to save for their retirement, be sure to let them know that you have a better way to save their money. Be sure to let them know the facts.

-Stocks vs. Bonds

Bonds are low-risk and won’t grow your clients’ money. Stocks can increase their earnings, but with the tipsy stock market the consequences can be harsh.


Saving money and getting it matched by an employer is great, but are your clients thinking about how inflation will affect their return? Saving more will up their chances of having more for retirement.

There is a better way! And the answer is an annuity through National Agents Alliance!

NAA Annuities are designed to increase your clients’ savings without risk and with guaranteed interest.
The money can grow tax deferred and then can be distributed back to the owner in several ways. This means 100% of your earnings are invested into an NAA annuity and allowed to grow without having to pay taxes on earnings.

Advantages of an NAA Annuity

– Guaranteed Income
– No Penalty Annual Withdrawals
– No Penalty Rollovers
– No Probate in Case of Death
– No Annual Fees
– Unlimited Contributions
– Bonus Rates
– No Risk of Loss

Annuities through National Agents Alliance provide a safe and simple vehicle for all clients… especially for those clients who have money invested, but can’t afford the risk and don’t have the time to recoup the losses if the market where to drop.

– Some questions to ask your NAA clients:
– Where is your safe money?
– What are you doing for retirement?
– Are you happy with the returns you are getting?
– Have you changed jobs that had a retirement plan?
– Do you have a will?

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National Agents Alliance is an insurance marketing organization that supports independent insurance agents in all 50 states.  The company specializes in term and mortgage protection life insurance products, but also provides a full array of insurance-based financial services. Headquartered in Burlington, NC, the company employees approximately 130 people and serves more than 9,000 insurance agents. For more information on buying life insurance, visit www.naalife.com.  For more information on becoming a life insurance agent, visit www.naaleads.com.

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