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Pre-Sale Preparation

With the information and training available with National Agents Alliance, we expect that you will feel prepared when going into the client’s home. NAA offers many resources that if you take the time and study our system you will have no choice but to succeed. One of the resources you will want to utilize is association.  Be sure you make the time with your growing upline and the leaders count.  One way to do that is to be sure to always ask questions.

Preparing for a SaleNational Agents Alliance offers many ways for you to able to learn and grow.  There are weekly training calls as well weekly informational meetings and  large national events.  We also offer websites packed full of resources such as NAAtv, Hotspots, President’s Club and NAA Support just to name a few.  Take advantage of everything that National Agents Alliance has to offer and see changes both personally and professionally.  Our number one goal is to help families and the resources above will help you do just that.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a good 1st impression.

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