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How to Kick Up Your Referrals Up a Notch

Sometimes doing what you’re supposed to do isn’t enough, especially when you’re hoping your client will refer you to their friends, family and co-workers.

If you’ve been doing exactly what you’re supposed to do and meeting your clients’ needs, but still aren’t getting the influx of referrals you’d hoped for doing a job well done, then you need to kick your customer service up a notch.

While there is nothing wrong with doing everything that you promised your client, it may not be enough to inspire them to share your contact information with their loved ones.

It’s the above and beyond things that you do for your clients that makes you stand out from the rest and prompt your clients to share their experience with you to others, who are looking for the services that you’re providing.  There is still something to be said about handwritten notes, asking about their loved ones are doing and knowing a little bit about their life that you can chat with them about; calling to wish them a happy birthday, and just calling to check in with them from time to time.

In the end if you go above and beyond, and establish a good relationship you will begin to see more referrals coming your way!

3 Ways to Increase Your Referrals Using National Agents Alliance

Sales Referrals

Referrals are a great way to reduce your sales expenses and build a whole network of clients that trust your business. This will cut down on your cold calling and you can focus on the sale at hand.  Remember referrals will improve your level of satisfied customers and generate more referrals.  The cycle is continuous and productive and will increase your revenue.

Below are 3 ways to increase your referrals with National Agents Alliance by your side the whole way providing the proper resources to help you get the job done and most of all taking care of your clients.

  1. Identifying and Setting a Target: Make sure you’re setting a realistic target you can hit every week.  Example, 5% increase in referrals over the next week.  Too many people will set goals that are unrealistic and nearly impossible to hit which will then cause frustration and lead to discouragement.
  2. The Right Timing: Conventional sales wisdom claims the best time to ask for the referral is immediately after the close of the sale. That is way too aggressive and could actually end up having a reverse affect. Give your clients time to experience your service and products National Agents Alliance has to offer before asking for a referral. Ask for the referral at close of the sale only if your client is already extremely satisfied with your personality and business.
  3. The Referral Type: Not all customers are the referral type of candidates. Make sure you identify the proper clients when planning your referral hunt.  Find the clients that are happy with your business and ask them for referrals. Make sure their network is the type of client you want.  Give your clients the extra customer service, follow-up and attention all the time.  This will only help your case when asking for referrals because the client will know you take the extra mile when serving them.  Let your customer know what kind of referrals you are looking for so the client has a clear picture of what you’re looking for in a referral so they will be quality candidates.

If you need help don’t hesitate to use the endless training material National Agents Alliance provides, found on NAAtv, NAA Support, KIT Marketing  and many other resources.  You’re not the only one who has experienced issues and who better to ask then your upline. Finding ways to progress not regress is important to continuing to succeed with NAA.

The Importance of Referrals

Did you help your clients’ friends by getting referrals?

Here are some great ways you can get referrals and help your business attract more high-quality clients. By using the following tips, you could create an endless number of talented people and keep growing with National Agents Alliance!

1. Treat the entire referral process with importance – it is urgent.

How you communicate makes a difference. Let people know there a benefit to their friends, family and people they care about. Make time to have a great conversation about referrals. Be on a mission to bring your service to others. As you begin the referral conversation, say something like, “This is of the utmost importance. I need you to share this with people you know because it will help you both.”

2. Have a client-service relationship model that drives your contact with your clients.

Most financial professionals don’t use a formal client-service model. When it comes to staying in touch with their clients, they wing it. Guess what? Your clients can tell if you’re winging it. If you want to maintain a high level of client loyalty and remain referable over a long period of time, you have to stay in touch with your clients on 2 levels:  1) Continue to bring value to your relationships (or you’re no longer necessary); and 2) Build business friendships with your clients. (Hosting client appreciation events shield your clients against the competition.)

Referrals3. If you get one referrals, why not more?

If you have one name, why not 10, 12 or 25? Think like that and you will get more. Create your own sales team with National Agents Alliance. Teach them: how well you take care of your clients and the value you bring to your clients; teach them what types of people you serve the best; and teach them the best way for them to give you their referrals.

4. Upgrading the quality of your referrals is simple: Learning more before means you care more and it will show to the people you speak with!

Don’t just settle for a name and phone number. In fact, in this new do-not-call world, you’ll need more than that. The person who just gave you a referral is a great source of information that can help you make a better connection. Learn as much as you can about the person before you contact them, such as: how they know each other, why it might be a good fit, how the prospect might react, the best way to contact them, what you can do to pique their interest, and what your referral source likes or admires about the person.

5.  Expect referrals.

Don’t go into your relationships with prospects and new clients wishing to get referrals. The work you do is important. Be on a confident mission to help others. Be a difference maker for people. Let that confidence show through. Do not tell your clients you expect them to give you referrals. It’s not an in-your-face conversation where you are putting major pressure on them, but carry this confidence with you into every visit.  National Agents Alliance has many ways to guide you through this.  Just ask your upline or mentor.

6. Keep your client advised of how you are following up on their help.

When you get a referral, there are three things you MUST do to keep them coming from that person:

1)  Follow up on ALL referrals as soon as possible.

2)  Let your client know you are following up on their help.

3) Thank your referral client with a handwritten note and a small gift.

Using these simple steps really can help you grow your business with National Agents Alliance while you continue to help others. Why wouldn’t you want to help the people closest to your clients? It’s a no-brainer!

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