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Why the holidays are a great time to be in sales and recruiting

Thanksgiving is over and the turkey has all been gobbled up. You’ve made it through one of the three end-of-year holidays.

Many people consider this time of year to be a period when sales and recruiting experience a low point. Why do people think that way? Many assume that people are not looking for a new job because the season is so busy with gatherings and functions. This is just not the case.

People are always looking for a better opportunity. It doesn’t matter if Santa Claus is coming to town or not!

Smart sales people and recruiters flourish at this time of year. They know this is the time of year when you can separate yourself from being good to being great at what you do.

People are home more often during the holidays, which means you can get them on the phone or in person. People are out shopping and running errands all the time too. Just go to a local mall and start talking to people because they are out there. You will find people who are interested in what The Alliance does through insurance.

Don’t get sucked into the “go to every party” trap! But, if you do go to a party then talk to people about what you do and see if they are interested. If you are going to be at the party, you might as well make it productive.

The holidays are about spending time with those you care about, but that doesn’t mean you should take the month of December off from work. In sales and recruiting, you have to do it for 12 months a year to be truly successful. When you see other people wasting time, let that be a reminder to you that you need to get back on the phone and talk to people.

If you have to set a goal for each day or week, then do it. Make it fun. Make it like a game. Incentivize yourself to keep selling and recruiting. You can go from having a good year to a great year if you are committed to closing out the year strong. There are 365 days in a calendar year NOT 334! Make the most of all your days. It is OK to be merry and bright, but you will look a lot better if you have a “cash-flow glow” about you because you kept working to close out the year strong.

If you really need to be motivated, find an accountability partner who will help cheer you on. Maybe you even compete against them. Whatever it takes, do that!

Don’t underestimate the potential to hire a bunch of people at this time of year. Keep your activity on pace with what you did up to this point. It’s OK to take time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you don’t need to stop working all together.

Don’t let the holidays be the excuse for why you didn’t have the kind of year you wanted to have. You can enjoy family and friends and still keep your business on track. Somebody is waiting to hear from you, so stop postponing action and pick up the phone. Keep chopping wood and the tree will eventually fall down for you. Stay focused and consistent.

Think about the rewards you will enjoy down the road for the work you are doing now. If somebody is going to do the job, it might as well be you?

Be thankful for all your blessings at this time of year, show gratitude and appreciation to other people and keep doing the tasks that helped you become as successful as you are right now.

Once the year ends and you look back on the work you put in, you will be thankful you finished out the year with a bang!

What to Look For When Hiring a New NAA Agent

You want to bring more people to your National Agents Alliance team, but maybe you’re not sure what qualities you should look for in a new recruit. We can help you identify what qualities are most important for new agents to possess when they’re joining your team. If you find people with the following characteristics, you better hire them because they’ll make great agents!

Willing to Learn

You want your new recruit to be willing to learn everything there is to know about the business and to be excited about selling insurance and helping others. Many people who are new to the business have this quality because they’re excited try something new where they know they can earn a good living and be happy. Other people who may be willing to learn are people who have worked for an agency that they weren’t happy with. Agents who couldn’t make the income they dreamed of at other agencies are happy to learn about our lead system and team of supportive agents who will help them achieve the success they’ve dreamed of.

Knows What They Want

You want a person who knows where they want to be in five years, or who has clear expectations about what they want to gain by being a part of your team. People who have clear goals for their future are likely to work hard and do whatever they need to do to achieve those goals. These are exactly the type of people who can find great success in this business.

Positive Attitude

Andy always says that a person’s mindset determines the outcome. If a person comes to the Alliance believing that they aren’t going to do well selling insurance, then they won’t do well. If a person comes in to your business thinking that they can make $250,000 in their first year, then they can because their attitude and mindset is positive.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, get out there and start looking for recruits! If you would like to see our advice on how to keep your new agents happy and working hard, see our blog post “Keys to Recruiting and Keeping Your Recruits with National Agents Alliance.”

Recruiting Tips: How To Find Top Performing Agents

Finding Good RecruitsIf you’re ready to kick your recruiting into high gear, especially as National Agents Alliance reaches the end of its November Recruiting Contest, we have some tips that will help you find new, quality agents.

As you know, finding good people to help you with your business isn’t as easy you’d think. For every five people you hire, one or two may be worth the time to spend shaping them into a leader in their own right.

But INC. Magazine has released four cheap and effective ways you can find good salespeople:

  1. Referrals from friends and colleagues: The recommendations from people you love and trust are the best way to finding high performers. Your friends and colleagues won’t recommend someone who is unqualified, because it would reflect poorly on them.
  2. Ask your customers: Good salespeople bond with their clients, and in turn, it builds a relationship. Because of this relationship, your clients will want the best for you. These clients will often know when their rep is hiring people to join their team, and because they only want to deal with good salespeople, they’ll recommend quality people.
  3. Use social media: LinkedIn is a powerful recruiting tool because you can directly advertise for salespeople, and browse a candidate’s qualifications, specialties, and recommendations. Plus, sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have groups in which you can join to meet and talk to top salespeople in your field.
  4. Be sociable: In the grocery store, the doctor’s office waiting room, or standing in line at the bank, are all opportunities to fine quality prospects. “A leader should always be looking for great salespeople, especially outside of the work environment. Wherever you go, keep a lookout for people who look like they might fit your business, and when you see them, engage them in a discussion. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain,” INC. Magazine advises.

The hunt is always on for top performing people, who could become an asset for your business. So keep your eyes peeled and employ these techniques and you can build a powerhouse team before you know it.

Email Silence? Why Prospects Aren’t Answering Your Emails

No email responses?Email has proven to be a popular communication channel for many people, primarily the working class. We use the tool extensively here at National Agents Alliance, and the ease of email is especially great for sales people, who are prospecting and trying to find new clients.

But with the great usability of email, there are also some downfalls. Email is typically not responded to immediately, sometimes not even in a timely manner. Emails are usually read and replied to when someone is sitting in front of a computer (if they don’t have a smartphone), or finds the time in their busy schedule to sort through their inbox.

According to eyesonsales.com, if you avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to emails, you will see your inbox fill up with replies and new leads:

  1. They never got your email in the first place: Technology glitches do happen and people sometimes genuinely did not receive your email. With the sheer number of unwanted email messages most of us receive; it’s no surprise that spam filters are becoming more and more aggressive. Messages with attachments (especially large ones), lots of links, extensive marketing graphics, and other gimmicks aren’t likely to make it to the recipient’s inbox in the first place. Keep your prospecting emails simple and image free, even in your email signature. They’ll have a lot easier time making it past SPAM traps and junk filters, eyesonsales.com advises.
  2. You didn’t give prospects a strong enough reason to take action: Hard as it is to believe, few people care that your company has a long track record of success. Prospects are too focused on their own problems and issues to bother with any of that. Keep this in mind and use your email message to emphasize common issues and triggering events you can solve that really matter to your customers and prospects. Make them want to engage with you! The point isn’t to tell them more about you. It’s to give them a strong enough reason to begin a sales conversation.
  3. It seemed like too much to deal with at the moment: In “The Glimpse Factor,” I pointed out that you have three seconds — or less — to convince a prospect that they want to read your email, and that it won’t take up more time than they’ve got at the moment. Your goal is to make your email not just sound compelling, but also look easy to act on. The easier it is, the more likely your prospect will read the first sentence, and then dive in to continue and respond to you.

In the end, just like you and the rest of the National Agents Alliance team, your contacts are busy. Tell them what you want them to do using a simple sentence and don’t ask them to do something that takes more than a few moments. Give them a clear specific call to action that you’d like them to take after they read your email.

Recruiting Young Agents

Recruiting Young AgentsAt National Agents Alliance we recruit a lot of different age groups and we find successful people in all the different age levels.  However, there is a terrific target group that should not be overlooked.  I am talking about a group named Millennials, also known as Gen Y-ers (80 million, born between 1980 and 1995).  They were raised by overly doting parents who coddled their self-esteem like fragile eggs. They played in soccer leagues where the score wasn’t kept and where everyone was a winner and everyone got a trophy for just showing up.

Some companies have found this group to be lazy, undisciplined, unmotivated, over-entitled, with a short attention span.  However, when vetted properly, this group, ages 18 to 32, is found to be highly educated, caring and engaged in today’s high tech world – all qualities we love in our agents.

Having seen the talent, passion and capabilities of the millennials up-close, it is clear that they pose one of the greatest strategic opportunities for our company today… all we need to do is properly select and train them.

The millennials are the largest generation to hit the workforce since the baby boomers. They are taking over whether you like it or not, and we need to hire the best of the bunch.  They fit right into the motto espoused by CEO, Andy Albright which states that we like to “Have fun, make money and make a difference.”

Millennials like to be part of a team and be active members of a community, yet they still want to be valued as an individual. They probably have hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook, and are comfortable with an iPhone and iPad.  They exhibit the individuality and leadership traits essential for success as an NAA agent.  They are not afraid to tackle the impossible; they think really big and like to get involved in “causes,” and love the way we help protect families with our products.

This group is so far ahead in the area of technology it embarrasses older agents, and they excel when presenting our products to our target market.  To grow a big, vibrant and growing organization in National Agents Alliance, it makes a lot of sense to specifically recruit this age group.  They will train quickly, get in the field fast, and make you look like a genius!

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