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Being Progressive at Work and Home

Being Progressive at Work and Home

Being Progressive at Work and Home

If you’re hoping to move forward at work, it’s important to analyze your life as it stands and take steps toward a more positive future. Being progressive at work has a lot to do with how hard you work, how efficient you are and how well do you what you do, but it also has a lot to do with simple things like your character and your attitude.

A positive attitude is one of the most important factors of success and moving forward. With National Agents Alliance, your sales are partly dependent on your attitude and your ability to relate to your clients. Clients can sense your authenticity and your attitude, and will likely use those factors in making their decision to buy life insurance from you or someone else. Working hard to maintain a positive outlook will show, and people will see that you are more pleasant and trustworthy than other agents they have met.

Adopting this positive mindset will change your personal and professional life. You will find that a positive attitude makes minor inconveniences more bearable and bad days a little better. You will find it easier to succeed – moving forward will come naturally to you and you will experience more growth than you had initially thought possible.

You will notice positive changes in your personal live, too, when you are happy with your growth and success at work. As you work harder and progress at work, you will move up and make more money, ultimately making your home life more comfortable. As you progress at work, you will gain more self-confidence and your positive outlook will strengthen your value in your personal life.

Take the time to change your mindset to a positive one. Work hard and seek the motivation and advice you need. Remember to learn and to continue growing and striving to be the best you can be. Association is key, and the Alliance family is willing to help. Follow this guidance and you will continue to progress as you become the person you want to be. You will find that this attitude will increase you sales success and you will be of better use to your clients, and you will also become an inspiration to other agents.

Have fun, make money and make a difference with National Agents Alliance!

The Cost of a Earning a Gold Medal in Business

Gold MedalSince the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games, the world has been captivated by the world’s best athletes competing for the gold medal.  Inspirational athlete Gabby Douglas, who left her family at young age in order to achieve her dream, took the gold in the gymnastics’ all-around; and swimming legend Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all-time, as people around the world were left in awe of what hard work and dedication can achieve.

While we are not all Olympians, and most of us will never know what it feels like to win a gold medal and stand on the podium, everyone can achieve the “gold” in their own right.

The common factor that every Olympian had was that they set a goal and did everything  they could to work toward achieving their dream—even if that meant leaving their family behind to train with the world’s best trainers and invest immense amounts of money into making that dream come true.

That “Olympian factor” is the same factor that can help you earn a gold medal in business.

There has never been an athlete who became an overnight Olympian, there were years of hard work, dedication, setbacks, failures and triumphs before they made it to the Olympics. The same is true in the world of business.

If you want to make it to the top, you need to set a goal and do everything in your power to make that dream become reality.

According to National Agents Alliance, the following training schedule can help you become successful in the business arena:

  1. Set a goal: What are you trying to achieve and where do you want to go?
  2. Work: Attend all meetings, training seminars and actively work toward your goal.
  3. Associate:  Get around people that you want to be like, and lose the ones that hold you down. If you begin spending  time with people who are more successful and smarter than you are, it’s likely that over time you will begin to see your production and income begin to rise. . In fact, there is an economic theory that if you take the incomes of your five closest friends and average them, the resulting number will be pretty close to your own income.
  4. Read: You need to be a lifelong learner. When you stop learning is when you’ll begin to fail.
  5. Be Teachable: Don’t ever be so smart that you can’t learn something new. Let yourself be coached by people who are more successful than you are.
  6. Have a Positive Mental Attitude: A positive outlook will bring positive outcomes.
  7. Listen: Listen to those when are in the position you want to be in. “Many ideas are communicated only when the listener pays attention to more than just the words that are spoken,” said Andy Albright, the president and CEO of National Agents Alliance in his book, The 8 Steps to Success.
  8. Be Accountable:  Be accountable to someone, whether it is to your family, employees, or someone you shared your goal with.

If you follow this training schedule, work hard and keep your eye on the prize, you too can become a gold medal winner in your business.  Don’t give up, fight, and be all that you can be!

Dig Yourself Out of that Rut!

Get Yourself Out Of That Rut!Have you been stuck in a rut? Do you have all these great plans for what you would like to do, but don’t know how to go about it, which has left you in between a rock and a hard place? The ties to your current situation can make you feel like you’re stuck where you’re at, and make it seem impossible to reach the next level.

While many people want to place blame of their current situation on others, the ugly truth is that your life is your own responsibility. It’s up to you to break out of that rut and break free from the comfort zone of your current situation – Here at National Agents Alliance, we’ve seen so many individuals do this that we know you can too!

If you want to break from the mundane, author and leadership coach John C. Maxwell has some tips that can help you climb out of your rut:

  • Accept responsibility for your own life: It’s easier to blames others or outside factors for your current situation, but at the end of the day you are only responsible for yourself. Yes, things do happen to good people, but it is your choice on how you handle and rise above them.

Take time to examine your life and how you’re spending it. Where can you take responsibility to make changes—even if your past choices haven’t led to your present predicaments? Getting out of a rut begins with the acknowledgement you must make the choices to do so,” Maxwell suggests.

  • Know where you want to be: Knowing where you want to go is the first step.  You need to have a specific vision of where you would like to be, not just something broad like, “being successful.”

You’re going to spend your life doing something. It might as well be what you really want to do. Have you given yourself a target? Have you written out your goals and described your dreams? If not, you need to,” Maxwell suggests.

  • Divide your dream into manageable parts: As Andy Albright says, “Inch by inch, anything is a cinch.” The same concept applies here.

“One thing that often paralyzes people is having a dream or even a big goal with no realistic way of achieving it. How do you solve that? By breaking it down into bite-sized pieces that you accomplish with focused effort,” Maxwell says.

  • Take action today: Nothing great is ever accomplished by sitting idly. Get up, and make some moves toward your goal and the position you want to be in.

What kind of action can you take today that will start moving you out of your rut and take you one small step closer to your dream? It doesn’t have to be a big step. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a significant step. It just needs to be a step in the right direction,” Maxwell explains.


“My one final piece of advice is to tell you to get help. Too often we are so embarrassed about where we are that we become afraid of admitting to someone else that we’re stuck. That shouldn’t be. There’s no shame in getting stuck—only in staying that way when you have a choice to change,” Maxwell urges.

6 Ways to Increase Your Energy

Pure Energy!Do you remember when you were younger you felt like you could do things forever?  You could stay out late and jump up and be to work on time?  And do it over and over again?  Then, when you started getting a little older, you found out that plan doesn’t work like it used to.

Here are a few things some top producers at National Agents Alliance do to re-charge the batteries and increase their energy.

  1. Garbage in, garbage out:  You probably can’t eat the way you used to, and you’ve realized that when you eat crummy food, you feel crummy.  When you eat better…healthy lean meats, veggies, fruits, more natural foods…you’ll look and feel much better.  Most people who rush through the drive-thru actually feel bad later in the day and get tired in the middle of the afternoon.  What you put in your body will determine how you feel!
  2. Get some exercise:  Just moving your body gives you energy.  It doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon; just get some light, regular exercise.  Cardio activities that get the blood flowing create endorphins and you’ll feel great.  This can really carry you through the lulls in the work day that once upon a time would make the day seem like it would never end.  Lots of options…walk, jog, bike, lift weights, play tennis…get a plan and be regular with it.
  3. Recharge with rest:  Not getting enough sleep can really throw you off…your body temperature is off, you tend to eat more than you need, and you tend to lose focus easily.  Mature adults need 7 or more hours of sleep to function optimally, and it too needs to be regular.  Four hours one night and nine the next does not work as well as a consistent sleep pattern.  Give your body a chance to regenerate.
  4. Control your thoughts, control your mood:  If you find yourself in a bad mood stop and check your thoughts.  You’ll soon see why your mood is bad.  Remember, thoughts are things, so you need to put good, positive thoughts into play.  You control your thoughts; you’re in charge, so replace negative thoughts with empowering and energy-creating positive thoughts.
  5. Make a to-do list:  Prioritize your list and tackle the most important items first.  Keeping track of all that needs to be done will keep the stress away.  Don’t make the list too long, but a little bit every day whittles the list down, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting something important.
  6. Reach out and touch someone:  Like the old telephone commercial says, give someone a call, especially someone you have not spoken with for a long time.  Association is big in NAA, very important, and Andy Albright teaches this all the time.  Try to hang around with successful people, and remember it works both ways…so make the effort to keep in touch from your end.  You’ll get a charge out of it, just like when someone calls you out of the blue.

To reach the highest levels with National Agents Alliance, you need to be at your best all the time.  Use these tips to keep your energy at a high level and watch your business soar!

Don’t Let Bad Energy Destroy Your Sale!

It’s time to pucker up buttercup, because your lack of energy is killing your game! Your attitude, energy level and enthusiasm are integral factors in determining if you’re going to make that sale!

As Andy Albright stated in Step Eight: Communicate with a Positive Mental Attitude of 8 Steps to Success, “Communication can be destructive or constructive…A successful business is a contagious attraction. Either you bring individuals toward you, or you push them away.”

Think Lovely ThoughtsA positive attitude coupled with enthusiasm and passion for what you do sends the message to the customer that you believe in your product, and you’re excited about what your product has to offer your customer. At National Agents Alliance, we are helping to protect millions of people nationwide in the unfortunate event of an untimely death, potentially saving a family from losing everything they own—that alone is enough to get excited about everyday!

Don’t believe me? Look at any top seller in National Agents Alliance; they are pro-active in our organization. Their high energy and positive attitude combined with their drive to make things happen is what has helped drive them to the top. Energy equals motivation and motivation equals success. People are drawn to positive people; no one wants to do business with the “doom and gloom” guy.

If you want to boost your energy level and attitude, try these tips:

  • Resolve to look at the glass not half empty, not half full, but full. Half of the glass is filled with water and the rest is filled with air.
  • Appreciate the good in your life. You woke up today, you’re breathing and you have a job; you’re doing better than a lot of people.
  • Exercise! When you exercise you release endorphins, the feel good chemical in your body.
  • Dress for success. When you’re dressed at your best you tend to feel better and exude more confidence.
  • Fish for compliments! When you need an extra boost of confidence call some of your satisfied customers to hear their positive comments about their experience. This not only gives you the confidence boost, it helps to keep the relationship strong by staying in touch.

Having the right outlook and high energy not only will benefit you professionally, but you’ll begin to see a positive change in your life altogether!

How to Become the Next Million Dollar Agent

Are you being teachable?

Have you learned something new today?

Did you resolve to change your life in order to reach success?

Teach, and be taughtAs Andy Albright asserts in the 8 Steps to Success, “learning something new should be a part of your daily life.” No one gets ahead in life by sitting idly, riding off their out-dated knowledge. Successful people continually work to perfect their craft, which comes in the form of ongoing education about their products, sales techniques and how to become better agents. Success is not accidental; it’s earned.

At National Agents Alliance we offer an array of opportunities for our agents to learn and become more “teachable.” Our agents have the option of taking advantage of educational programs like NAA University and President’s Club; as well as weekly rotation meetings take place all across the United States. National Agents Alliance also holds semi-annual conferences and Spring and Fall Forwards to further educate and inspire our agents.

Our most successful agents did not reach the top by not taking advantage of our educational programs and meetings—in fact, it was integral to their success. Look at our agent Stephen Davies, who became the youngest agent to earn more than $1 million in one year, doing so by the age of 25 – the direct result of becoming teachable.

In order to become the next million dollar agent you should be asking yourself:

  • Am I associating with the right people?
  • Am I reading?
  • Am I avoiding negativity and negative people like the plague in order to keep my focus?

At National Agents Alliance we promise that if you become more teachable, and follow Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success, you will reach heights of success that you never thought was possible.

Just keep Andy’s advice in mind: “Be teachable. Don’t think you are too smart to learn, and don’t think you’re too dumb to achieve.”

Optimism Equals Sales

Don't Worry, Be Happy!Viewing the glass half full, rather than half empty may actually boost your sales performance.

According to The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work, “…testing revealed that the agents with more optimistic styles sold 37 percent more insurance than those with pessimistic ones, and that the most optimistic agents actually sold fully 88 percent more than the most pessimistic ones. Furthermore, agents who were more optimistic were half as likely to quit as were the pessimists.”

Our agents at National Agents Alliance can not only benefit from increased sales and performance, but in it can enhance your overall well-being when dealing with work-related struggles. For example:

  • Optimism reduces your stress levels.
  • Promotes happiness.
  • Optimism forges persistence, which is an essential trait needed for achieving success.
  • Increases productivity levels.
  • Helps you deal with failure constructively.
  • Makes you proactive.
  • Increases the likelihood of effective problem solving.
  • Ensures that you believe in your dream.
  • Increases your level of motivation.
  • Helps build successful careers by promoting productivity.
  • Optimism ensures that you are focused.
  • Promotes bonding between people.
  • Promotes effective communication.
  • Promotes confidence and self-esteem.

At National Agents Alliance we agree with Sir Winston Churchill, who once said,  “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

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