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Make the Most of Your Alliance Leads

Here at National Agents Alliance, we strive to provide quality leads to help you get more families covered and more money in your bank account. Our leads are customers who are currently seeking life insurance or have contacted us for services in the past. Our speed leads even go through a Fraud Checker system to ensure that you’re getting the best quality leads. Even though we do our best to give you perfect leads, people sometimes make mistakes when writing in their information, they may get new phone numbers or addresses, and some may even change their name.

If you find yourself with a lead that has a disconnected phone number or an address that doesn’t seem correct, try using the following tips to locate the correct address or phone number.

  1. Check www.whitepages.com. White Pages allows you to look up information by phone number, address, or by name. If you can find the person on the lead, you may be able to find a second phone number for them or a second address.
  2. Try www.spokeo.com. With Spokeo, you can search for a person by name, email, phone, or address.
  3. Search on social media. Plug in the person’s email address into Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You may be able to find more information that way.
  4. Knock on their door. If you have an address for the person without a valid phone number, you can always knock on their door and ask if they’re still interested in life insurance.

If none of those steps help you find the customer, you can contact the Lead Performance Team for support. Just remember that each lead is a valuable customer that needs help protecting their family. It’s worth a few extra steps to get that person covered, and possibly coverage for their friends and family.

If you have questions about your leads, contact the Lead Performance Team at corporate headquarters or visit www.leadperformanceteam.com.

Do you know what the Alliance books of the month are?

Success! The Glenn Bland MethodPresident and CEO of the National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright released on The Wednesday Call that the books of the month for October are “The Retirement Miracle” by Patrick Kelly and “Success! The Glenn Bland Method.”

Andy chooses one or two books each month for the National Agents Alliance staff and agents to read. He insists that these books will help you grow and improve in your business and personal life. Andy does not care where you get the books from, but he offers a service called Andy’s Book Club that will have the books of the month delivered right to your door every month at a discounted price. With Andy’s book club, you won’t have to wonder what the top agents are reading; you’ll have the books in your hands. You won’t have to worry about figuring out where to buy the books and you won’t have to worry about the price because they will already be discounted for you.

September’s books of the month were “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey and “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. Other books in Andy’s book club have included “Skill with People” by Les Giblin and “Winning with People” by John C. Maxwell.

If you’d like to stay up to date on what Andy and other top producers are reading, watch The Wednesday Call every week or join Andy’s Book Club at https://www.shopatnaa.com/andysbookclub.

These are the books that keep Andy fired up, and they can motivate you too!

National Agents Alliance October Updates

There is a lot going on at the Alliance in October! We like to keep our agents up to date on the latest Alliance news, and this month we’ve got a lot to tell you!

Fall Forward events begin this week. We’re kicking off the Los Angeles Fall Forward this week on October 4-6. You can still register, but tickets are running out! Fall Forward will feature LPT classes, free annuity training, new NAActivity books, video releases and more! The Burlington Fall Forward will take place on October 18-20 at NAA headquarters. You can register at www.allianceeventures.com.

The Instagram Pirate Contest is ending soon! The winners of the Instagram contest will be announced at the Burlington Fall Forward, so you have until October 18 to post your pirate photos to Instagram with the hashtag #NAAPirates. The contest will be judged based on two categories: Best Individual Photo and Best Family Photo. You could win 2 of the best seats in the house at NatCon14, reserved seats with Andy for a meal at NatCon14, a $50 NAA Store gift card, and your photo in the NatCon14 program!

We’ve released a new cruise theme song that you can get for FREE! As you may have heard from Matt Taflan in the latest PULSE episode, you can download the song for free! You could be singing this song on the Oasis of the Seas in 2014! Click on the following link to listen or download it: http://www.naa-tv.com/cruise-theme-song-for-the-alliance/

We’re getting MORE staff at the Alliance headquarters. As NAA gains more agents and sales, we’re hiring more staff to keep things running smoothly. To make room for more employees, we’re moving some desks around, so the Alliance office may look a bit different the next time you visit!

The staff at National Agents Alliance headquarters has been busy, and we hope you have been too! Subscribe to this blog to get more news, sales tips, and motivation delivered right to your email.

Facts for Life Insurance Awareness Month from the Alliance

This month LIMRA is celebrating its 10th Life Insurance Awareness Month to raise awareness of the importance of life insurance among consumers and producers. Every September LIMRA releases a fact sheet on American life insurance statistics and reasons why people do and do not buy life insurance. We believe that this research is important, so we’ve made a list of facts from LIMRA that you should know.

Fifty percent of American households, 58 million, believe that they need more life insurance coverage. Whether they already have a policy or not, half of the households in the nation recognize that they do not have enough coverage. It’s our job at National Agents Alliance to try to get those families the coverage they need at a price that they can afford.

Of the people who believe they need life insurance, 86% say they haven’t gotten a policy because they believe it’s too expensive. Americans believe that life insurance costs three times as much as it actually does. These are great facts to pull out when you’re on the phone with a possible client who is concerned about the cost of insurance. You can assure your client that insurance doesn’t cost as much as they think it does and that there are plans available for all different budget sizes.

One fourth of shoppers said they had not considered life insurance until a producer initiated the conversation. There are a lot of people who know little to nothing about life insurance, and would not even think about it if someone didn’t explain to them the importance of getting coverage. Make sure you talk to everyone you know about life insurance; many people would be more willing to buy life insurance if someone would just tell them what it is and why they need it.

Sixty seven percent of those surveyed on financial issues said that “money for a comfortable retirement” was their top concern. Because this is such a big concern for people, it gives you the opportunity to make customers aware of how annuities and indexed universal life insurance can help them during their retirement years.

Hopefully these facts will remind you that there is a great need for life insurance coverage in this country and that you have the opportunity to help real families. People need your help and National Agents Alliance has given you all of the tools you need to protect these families. So get out there, have fun, make money, and make a difference!

Be More Efficient with National Agents Alliance

Hopefully you’ve attended a War Party this week, or you’re planning to attend one. But once you get back home, how are you going to “get your ship together”? The following tips may help you become more efficient and get your on your way to winning your spot on the 2014 cruise with Andy Albright!

Upgrade Your HardwareLaptop
If you rely on a computer, phone, or tablet to answer emails, complete e-apps, or show your ATM presentation, you need to make sure that your hardware is as efficient as it can be. If you’re working with older devices, it may be time to upgrade. If you’re using these devices in front of customers, you want to make sure that they’re not running slow; this wastes your time, your client’s time, and it’s embarrassing if your device takes forever to load.

Utilize Every Moment
Use every moment you can to improve yourself. Read while you’re working out or in the bathroom. Listen to audio books while you’re in the car. If you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, think about how you’re achieving your goals, or come up with new goals and write it down or save it in your phone. Think about other ways that you can make the most of the time you have. Remember, time is something you can’t get back, so use it wisely!

Get Organized
Many people waste a lot of time just looking for things. If you organize your home and workspace and get into the habit of putting things in a specific place, you’ll spend less time searching for things you need and more time working. The initial cleaning and organizing may take some time, but once you get in the habit, you will save time and become organized without even thinking about it. Another key to organizing may include organizing your thoughts. If you frequently forget ideas you had or things you need to do, get in the habit of making lists. This can help you get your thoughts out in physical form, so you can make sure that you get things done and don’t forget any of great ideas. There are many apps available for tablets and smartphones to help you with this if you prefer not to use paper.

These tips are little adjustments that can make a HUGE difference in your life. If you will be traveling for War Parties, Fall Forward or other trips in the near future, take a look at our blog on how to “Make the Most of Travel Time with National Agents Alliance.”

What Do People See in You?

Leadership Principle: People Want to Duplicate Your Actions

When your team looks at you or watch what you do each day, what do they see? It is important to keep in mind that people do what people see.  Make sure that you are conscious of the fact that others are watching you and constantly following your lead.
What you do affects what your team will do. How you work shapes how your team will work. What you value will influence what your team will value. Take the time to ask yourself, “What kinds of traits do I want to my team to duplicate?”

1. Strive for Personal Growth

Many people identify a certain career position, personal, or financial goal they want to reach. They work day in and day out to achieve that goal, and eventually reach it. But once they get there, they stop working hard and stop growing. Your team will stop improving the moment you lose the motivation to take your business to the next level. If you’re resting on your laurels, your team will assume you are doing what you’ve always done, and follow suit.

Avoid this slump…If you feel yourself slowing down, it’s time for a self-assessment. If you continue to strive, your people will do the same—it is highly contagious. Set new, higher goals for yourself and make sure your team is there to see you pursue them.

2. Genuinely Care for People

Show that you care—Shake hands, say hello, and shoot out smiles. People want to follow and trust you. They want to know that their leader cares about them as people, not just as business assets. Take the time to associate yourself and show compassion for people; your team will help you understand what people want and need.

3. Have the Desire and Ability to Coach Others

“The only difference between a rich person and a poor person,” says Rich Dad Poor Dadcid:image005.gif@01CEAA56.998B36B0author Robert Kiyosaki, “is how they use their time.” Model this for your team. Keep yourself from idling and make the most out of every day. Talk to your team about their priorities.

If you can learn to coach people, you’ll help your organization and yourself as well. By coaching, you will not only train and guide, but also develop long-term and impactful relationships.

What to Look For When Hiring a New NAA Agent

You want to bring more people to your National Agents Alliance team, but maybe you’re not sure what qualities you should look for in a new recruit. We can help you identify what qualities are most important for new agents to possess when they’re joining your team. If you find people with the following characteristics, you better hire them because they’ll make great agents!

Willing to Learn

You want your new recruit to be willing to learn everything there is to know about the business and to be excited about selling insurance and helping others. Many people who are new to the business have this quality because they’re excited try something new where they know they can earn a good living and be happy. Other people who may be willing to learn are people who have worked for an agency that they weren’t happy with. Agents who couldn’t make the income they dreamed of at other agencies are happy to learn about our lead system and team of supportive agents who will help them achieve the success they’ve dreamed of.

Knows What They Want

You want a person who knows where they want to be in five years, or who has clear expectations about what they want to gain by being a part of your team. People who have clear goals for their future are likely to work hard and do whatever they need to do to achieve those goals. These are exactly the type of people who can find great success in this business.

Positive Attitude

Andy always says that a person’s mindset determines the outcome. If a person comes to the Alliance believing that they aren’t going to do well selling insurance, then they won’t do well. If a person comes in to your business thinking that they can make $250,000 in their first year, then they can because their attitude and mindset is positive.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, get out there and start looking for recruits! If you would like to see our advice on how to keep your new agents happy and working hard, see our blog post “Keys to Recruiting and Keeping Your Recruits with National Agents Alliance.”

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