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Event Reminder Time

While we’ve been going over important topics like referrals, body language, social media, and all kinds of stuff, it would seem that the end of December is creeping in.  In addition to the coming of the new year and all that brings, there are also a couple of other important items you should have on your radar.

National Agents Alliance 2012 National ConventionRemember that the National Agents Alliance 2012 National Convention is coming up from January 26th-29th at the Raleigh Convention Center.  Keep in mind that after December 31st, the ticket price will be going up!  If you haven’t gotten your ticket already don’t put it off any longer, grab it before the price increase.

Another important booking date is also fast approaching.  Both the Sheraton and Marriott were running special rates for National Agents Alliance.  The Marriott rate expired on December 26th, but the Sheraton’s special is still available until January 2nd.  Be sure to book before they sell out so you can stay where the rest of the team is!  For further details and information, check out the hotel info on the 2012 NatCon site, near the bottom.

Also, if your December production month qualifies at Team Builder or above, you are invited to the Foresters pre-party before the convention starts.  With the month in its final days time is of the essence!  Make that final push right now!  Questions on qualification?  Check out this news release with all the information and a video breakdown.  A lot of this kind of information is included in our NAAtv videos that are done for you, so remember to check in on those frequently (especially the Rewind and Did You Know? segments).

Be sure to make use of all of our social media outlets on a regular basis too.  We’re on all of them, and put up all kinds of information on events, company happenings, and even just some questions so we can hear from you good folks.  Please feel free to comment on our posts, blogs, and videos – We like the attention and like you involved!  Click away below!

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Making Negative Energy Work for You

Since negativity is something that is a normal part of life, how can you make sure that it doesn’t impact your work and influence things detrimentally?  Remember that the best method for dealing with an issue is to address the root cause of the problem with a healthy and holistic approach.  This will give you a long term and beneficial solution.  Of course, this is usually a process that takes some time.  So what do you do while you are addressing the larger picture?

Think PositiveAs we touched upon in a previous post, the first step is to acknowledge the negativity.  Doing so will allow you to open up to many different possibilities and keep you from being affected in ways that you may not notice.  The next thing to work on is harnessing that negative energy with a positive twist.  Here are a couple tactics that may help you get that energy to work for you rather than against you.

You will need to identify exactly what the negative drain is making you feel.  Here we mean to determine if it is causing anger or sadness, apathy or anxiety, or perhaps even nothing.  If you are having trouble identifying how you are being affected, tap your resources:  Ask a spouse or significant other, a close friend or relative, or work with your National Agents Alliance peers and see how your presentation comes off to an observer.

If you are truly not being impacted at all, then you are in luck!  You should focus on the big picture solution.  Should you be looking for some more inspiration sources, though, check out the NAA Shop for some of the excellent and informational books that National Agents Alliance has to help energize you even further and keep you running well.

When it comes to emotions in the realm of anger, frustration or anxiety, they are potentially very powerful motivators that are often employed in situations in athletics.  These may be negative, but they actually do produce energy in you and are highly accessible sources.  The trick will be to invoke that resource, grab onto it and then temper it with an activity that you enjoy a lot.  In doing so, you should find that you approach that activity with extra energy and vigor, quite possibly too much, and here is where the tempering comes into play.  Try and focus on controlling how much extra energy you have and direct it into improving what you are doing.  The things to avoid are getting out of control or pushing too hard too quickly and burning out.  By practicing on an activity you enjoy and are familiar with, it should be easy and fun to determine how to hone this skill.  Mastering this will be a tremendous asset whose methods can then be applied to your sales proficiencies, turning this formerly negative source to your advantage.  It may not be easy, grasshopper, but remember, practice and you will be well prepared should the need arise!

Now, negative energy in forms similar to apathy or sadness can be much more difficult to deal with.  As touched on, types similar to anger will actually produce substantial energy on their own, so most of the work is a conscious effort to bend it to your will and control it, instead of allowing it to do those things to you.  These others are the energy sappers, leaving you with very little to harness to your advantage.

In these cases, the consuming source needs to be altered and changed into a production source.  In a time when you may have little drive, you will have to make a conscious effort to push forward.  Enough energy of another emotion will need to be generated to overcome the deconstructive flow that is being experienced.   Try writing down what the issue is and what about it is frustrating you.  Make the list as big as you need to, and once you begin to feel that little spark of frustration or anger latch onto it right away!  Take it immediately, and use the things that give you positive and healthy energy to mold it to your will and help you in keeping control of it.  A good idea is to have an activity that you enjoy all set to go before you attempt this process.  This way there is minimal time between finding the spark and applying it, lessening the chance of losing it.  At that point, it is a matter of keeping your drive going.  Continuing to do activities you enjoy will greatly help here, and keeping your mind active and engaged is also a tremendous asset (reading, playing cards or games, etc).  Should you find the draining sensation coming back though, go back to your list and read through it again, add to it if necessary, and get yourself rolling again.

Always remember to not lose focus of your big picture of healthily fixing your negative drain though.  Temporary solutions are great, but the permanent ones are the end goal.  Also remember your assets, and don’t forget to make use of them.  National Agents Alliance has lots of goodies at NAAtv, Hotspots, and the NAA Shop to help keep your mind engaged, and remember that your peers have dealt with many issues too.  Talk to them and make use of their knowledge!

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