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Are you the Christopher Columbus of insurance?

The second Monday of every October, the United States celebrates Columbus Day in honor of the explorer credited with colonizing the New World.

The first Columbus Day celebration was held in 1792. Christopher Columbus’ goal was to find Asia so he could easily get spices for trading, but he never did.

Columbus set sail on Aug. 3, 1492 and found land on October 12 of that year. He found the Bahamas, Cuba and Hispaniola. He left men behind to colonize the land. Depending on what you read, Columbus wasn’t the nicest person in the world.

Columbus Day has been a national holiday in the U.S. since the 1930s.

A lot of times when it comes to selling life insurance, you have to be willing to talk to people you don’t know in order to be successful. For many people this is tough to learn.

What if Christopher Columbus had been afraid to discover new lands? What if he stayed home and was afraid to talk to people or lead a team of men on his journeys?

When it comes to your business, are you exploring all your earning potential with clients and your team? Are you as adventurous as Columbus when it comes to finding ways to find annuities? Are you surveying your surroundings and making sure you get referrals? Are you so focused that you don’t listen to those who tell you something is not possible?

The best insurance agents know that asking questions is the best way to provide the best coverage for a client. When your client knows that you are doing everything in your power to help them get the best product to fit their needs and budget, then they are going to want to help you do the same for people they care about – including friends and family.

When you meet with a new client, make sure to be nice and smile. Ask questions that help you learn more about them and their family. Making a connection early will go a long way in helping you build the trust that comes with being their insurance agent. The Alliance believes in practicing the “Golden Rule” with people. The faster you can make a positive connection with your clients, the sooner they will trust you to help them with their insurance needs.

Columbus wasn’t always very nice to native people during his travels. In fact, many historians think he was mean and mistreated locals during his voyages. Don’t be Christopher Columbus when you meet with potential clients.

Be respectful when you enter a home, take off your shoes and smile. You want to make a strong first impression.

One thing Columbus was great at was believing in himself and selling other people on his talents and skills as a sailor. YOU are selling yourself when you meet with clients so be confident in your ability to help each and every client regardless of any preconceived notions you might have going in the home.

Find common ground and use it to your advantage. It might be sports or music, but you can find it if you ask enough questions. Learn about their family, be enthusiastic about what they are saying and show genuine interest in them. People don’t buy life insurance because it is cool. They buy life insurance because they need it and they prefer to buy it from a person that they like. Make sure the client knows you care and that you are trying to help them as much as possible.

Be crazy like Columbus, but be smart too! Smile. Laugh. Have fun. It all makes a difference when it comes to selling insurance to a new client.

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