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Jeff Bright shares advice at National Convention

Jeff BrightRALEIGH, N.C. – Jeff Bright, Assistant to the President for Business and Industry Training at Alamance Community College, spoke at National Agents Alliance’s National Convention on Saturday, Feb. 2 at the Raleigh Convention Center.

In his speech, Bright discussed the three main types of love, how to establish self-worth in others, and how to solve problems with empathy instead of criticism.

Bright outlined the three types of love as emotional love, motivational love and cognitive love. Each of these forms of love is an important element of marriage, he said, as the marriage advances to different stages.

Bright tied these forms of love to self-worth, expressing the need for sense-of-self in any successful relationship.

“The reason these three loves are not universally connected in relationships is because we don’t have a sense of who we are,” Bright said.

Rather than building each other up through empty words of affection and praise, Bright suggested spouses encourage each other with truth to build and maintain self-worth.

Bright offered advice for couples attempting to solve problems, and said that it is better to empathize with someone than to evaluate or criticize. Empathy involves understanding, he said, whereas criticism creates an environment of defense and competition. Bright said when spouses empathize, they are truly able to listen to and understand the other spouse’s feelings.

“So, when you listen to somebody, listen with suspense,” Bright said. “Listen like your life depends on it. That shows respect.”

Bright encouraged the audience to apply this service-oriented mindset to their work, as well.

“You are agents to make a difference in people’s lives,” Bright said. “That’s what differentiates you from other jobs out there. You’re in the service industry.”

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