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How To Achieve Your Dreams and Success in 2013

2013The champagne has been popped, the fireworks have exploded, the kisses have been smooched and the celebrating has ended, which means 2013 is officially here!

Now that the New Year is upon us, the question is, have you set new goals for your business in 2013?

You’ve got a clean slate, and now is the time to make new goals to conquer over the next 365 days. If you want 2013 to be the best year you’ve ever had personally and professionally, then you’ve got to set your sights on the next big thing.

It’s important that you set new goals to provide direction, facilitate growth and to cultivate success. Your business and team members depend on direction and the success of your business, and you can’t take your business anywhere unless you know where you want to go.

Make your commitment now to yourself, your business and your family—make the choice to commit to greater things in 2013.

Once you have set your goals, the next step is to become teachable, as Andy Albright advised in his best-selling book, “8 Steps to Success.”  Being teachable is all about being willing to learn from others who are smarter than you are and from those who are where you want to go.  By doing this you will speed up your growth, learn tips and tricks known only to those who have been there, and receive constant guidance along the way.

You can begin to be teachable and successfully achieve your goals in 2013. Andy Albright will work with you step-by-step through daily videos sent directly to your inbox to provide direction, guidance and support as you work toward your dreams. In fact, it’s like Albright pops into your life to personally coach you every day for 90 days.

To get started making 2013 your best year yet, sign up for the Albright Challenge at www.albrightchallenge.com.

We’ll even send you a free gift to help remind yourself of the commitment you have made.

Now get to work and make your dreams happen!

Motivation Burn Out? 8 Ways to You Can Stay Motivated to Reach Your Goals

imagesCAUAQV1PWhenever you first set out to accomplish a goal, you typically have the “pedal to the metal” and are in high gear. But after a few days, you often can notice yourself down shifting and slowing down as you begin to run out of gas.

Achieving a goal is not always easily accomplished. Sometimes it can take months or even years to reach, but not before you have overcome obstacles along the way.

Here at National Agents Alliance, we know that one of the keys in achieving any goal is to stay motivated. Often times, motivation begins to wear off to due to a “burn out” or a loss of focus. Soon you’ll think of excuses, let procrastination set in and before you know it, a year has passed by and you’re still standing in the same spot.

If you’re ready to tackle a goal you’ve had your sights set on, Dale Carnegie has a few tips on how to maintain motivation to work towards achieving your goal:

  • Talk: Talk to people you respect and trust to get their opinion and positive reinforcement. Also, just talking aloud about your concerns and obstacles can help you overcome them and move forward.
  • Train:  Fear of failure, especially when you feel unprepared or untrained for a certain task, can quickly overwhelm you. The easiest way to overcome this to obtain training, skills and the education you need. Plus, the added confidence will motivate you to work harder towards the end goal.
  • Visualize:  You should always visualize you goal, what needs to be done, and what you have to do to get there. By thinking it through step-by-step and imagining yourself completing it, you will be able to tackle even the most difficult task.
  • Understand what is at stake: Having a complete picture of what is at stake can keep you motivated. What you will lose if you do not reach your goal? Will you face disappointment? Will you miss out on something great?  Will you feel regretful?
  • Get Inspired: Get around people, places and things that inspire you to work towards your goal.  Keep yourself in an environment where you are happy and positive, and keep successful, self-motivated people around you. Remember, if you stay by the fire, you’ll stay warm.
  • Get engaged: Don’t get complacent with where you are after achieving some progress. Always be thinking about what needs to be done next, and set continuous deadlines and goals to ensure you stay on track.
  • Push yourself: You must learn to push yourself. Always remind yourself that the end result will be well worth the work, and challenge yourself to be better than you knew you could be.

Break Free From Your Rut and Build A Better Life

The Albright ChallengeWe’ve all hit a rut in our lives—it’s that holding place that we know we need to get out of, but you just don’t know how to go about it.

With the 2008 recession in the past and our country seemingly gaining momentum, it should serve as a sign that your days in the rut are over are there are new beginnings on the horizon. You can no longer use the “recession” as your excuse for building a better life and future for yourself.

Those goals of starting your own business, grabbing that coveted promotion or becoming successful in your endeavors, are no longer allowed to be placed on the back burner. Goals are never reached without VISION, MOTIVATION, and ACTION.

What is your vision do you see for yourself? Do you want to build a profitable business, reach the next level in your career, or create a product to change the world?

Next, what is your motivation? Do you want to provide a better life for your children, or do you want to take that vacation around the world that you always dreamt of?

Lastly, what steps are you taking in order to reach those goals and aspirations? Remember, nothing changes unless you begin to change your situation!

But, sometimes making plans doesn’t always make those plans happen! That’s where The Albright Challenge comes in.

The Albright Challenge is a 90-day comprehensive program that helps you make your tomorrow better than your today. With this program you can realize your dreams and work toward achieving them with daily videos and action steps from multi-millionaire and President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright.

This powerful program can transform your life both professional and personally, taking you to heights you never imagined in only 90-days. To get a taste of The Albright Challenge, just visit www.albrightchallenge.com to sign-up for a FREE trial!

Go ahead; make the decision to change your life today!


FocusAre you able to keep thoughts and actions directed on your goals?  Your focus keeps your attention from wandering off to unimportant things that only hinder your progress toward your ultimate destination.

There is no question that it’s more difficult today than at any time in our life to focus because of emails, cell phones, instant messages and 24-hour news.  Since these distractions hit us on a daily basis, it’s pretty easy to be pulled off course.  We all have the same 24 hours every day; the difference between the winners and losers is in how we look at and use those 24 hours.

At National Agents Alliance, the winners have found the way around all the new, mostly electronic, distractions by, instead of plugging in a headset, plugging into the proven success system developed by founder and CEO Andy Albright.

When you plug into the Rotation meetings in your area you receive powerful, weekly training from Agency Managers from all over the country who pour out the secrets to success in your NAA business.  You provide the “WHY” and the trainers will provide the “HOW.”  You’ll learn the step-by-step process to building a huge business.  You learn sales techniques, product knowledge and recruiting skills.  The leaders will give you the benefits of their experience so you can progress without having to commit the same errors that they did in their learning process.

Through all the hours upon hours of training the key point the leaders want to impart is how to effectively use those 24 hours we all have, and it always comes back to your “WHY.”  This puts the emphasis on your goal-setting.  Have you done a good enough job determining the real reason for your life?  Are your goals attainable?  Are they big enough? Or have you put an impossible task on your shoulders?

Having well-planned, definitive goals is the key to focus.  Losing one’s focus is never a conscious act, it just happens because of life around us.  The question is how to avoid the traps that surround us.

When your business is new it is easy to be excited but that often wanes over time.  The top producers at National Agents Alliance prove time and again that the simple secret to maintaining focus is to keep your goals front-and-center at all times and prioritize your actions.  Read your goals every day, visualize the end result every day.  When you do this there is less chance you’ll get distracted, you’ll get things done faster and you’ll actually find some free time in those 24 hours to do all the other things trying to drag you away from your business.

Goal Achieving

Goooooaaaaaallllll!At National Agents Alliance, when we teach goal-setting techniques, we often hear this question from the new and uninitiated agent:  “What do I need to do to accomplish this goal?” That, unfortunately, is not the right question to ask.

We know the goal should be specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-sensitive.  We also know the philosophy taught by the late Jim Rohn regarding achieving success and reaching all your goals: “Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue eludes you. Success is something you attract by the person you become. If you want to have more, you must become more.”

Let me give you an example.  Let’s say your goal is to earn extra $100,000 this year. Now we need to ask the question, ‘Who do you need to become to be an extra $100,000 valuable?’ Your answer might contain some attributes—stated in the positive, “I am”—such as:

  • I am a disciplined master of time efficiency.
  • I focus solely on high-payoff and high-productivity actions.
  • I wake up an hour earlier and review my priority objectives each morning.
  • I fuel my body properly and exercise four days a week.
  • I read positive books (found on CEO, Andy Albright’s Book of the Month list).
  • I surround myself with high achievers.
  • I am a smart, confident and effective leader.
  • I deliver excellence to my clients and continually find ways to ‘wow’ them, which brings repeat business and referrals.

Before you can have, you must do. And before you can do, you must become.

To achieve something you have never achieved before you must become someone you have never been.” —Les Brown

In order to achieve all that you desire, you need to determine the characteristics, behaviors and disciplines you need to adopt as well as the behaviors you need to expand on and maybe the ones you need to eliminate altogether. You will need to figure out how to become the person who would achieve your goals, and would deserve them.

Ask yourself:  “What are the top few ways I need to change or improve my behavior, habits or disciplines in order to achieve my goals?”  When you do these things, you will regularly find your name on the National Agents Alliance leader boards!

Get Your Head in the Game

As we’ve previously touched on, National Agents Alliance believes in the power of setting goals, both in a business and personal setting.  So let’s look at a little more specific example and application:  At some point in your life, you, or someone you know, have probably tried to lose weight. There would be a grand plan to shed those pounds, but temptation would get the upper hand, and a dessert would be stolen here and there as time went along.

While we are aware that it is cheating the diet and ourselves, we give in and do it anyway. This blows the diet off course and the end result is that the weight isn’t lost. Justifications are easy to come by, “Just this time it’s OK” and related excuses quickly spring to mind.  Then, that easily turns into once a day, and proceeds to fries and burgers and other diet killers. This is a classic case of letting one’s head hurt their body!

The long and short of it is this: To lose weight, you really need to have your mind right first. When you get your head straight, you can focus on the work and the diet.

Selling insurance is no different in that regard. If you have your mind right, you are going to have more success than the guy who isn’t ready to do it!

There is a roadmap to success with sales. You learn it from people above you or from teammates. You learn it from reading and watching others. You hear it on conference calls and webinars. You learn it from dialing, talking and meeting with people too.

Where do we encounter problems when we are selling? We don’t up sell, we don’t make enough calls and we don’t follow the script. We focus on the wrong aspects of the product we offer. We convince ourselves our clients don’t want to hear what we have to say or just won’t like the cost involved.

In doing this, we basically void any sales we could make if our mind was right. We become our own worst enemy instead of being our best supporter and fan. We move back two steps instead of jumping forward three steps.

What you have to decide before selling …

Will you greet the next prospect or client with a sincere gusto or with a look of dread?

Will you be able to sell a policy when you think the people don’t want it?

Will you learn the script until you know it without even blinking when asked?

Will you work past 5 p.m. if that is what it takes? Will you meet people at night?

Will you make the extra effort instead of taking the easy way out?

Will you not judge your client or prospect based on appearance?

Will you keep learning, get better and get energized or will you just not bother to try?

Remember, sales really are in your head first! Whatever is in there determines how successful you can be!  Don’t forget to utilize all of the resources that National Agents Alliance provides for you in order to help with this.  From live and recorded information on NAAtv to the CDs and books available in the store, we’ve got whatever media form that you prefer.  Or if in person is more your speed, don’t forget to check out HotSpots for meetings and training opportunities from our top folks!

Resolutions and Plain Old Solutions

With the new year nigh, it is once again that time to assess and reassess, to plan and prioritize, and to make extraordinary resolutions for the future.  In reality, resolutions are simply goals.  So in the spirit of this period of goal setting insanity, let’s delve a little bit into how to set feasible goals (for the purposes of business of course, fantastic and incredible journeys may still be applied to your personal resolutions 😉 ).

If you have read about or attended a seminar or class on goal setting, the SMART mnemonic will most likely have been encountered.  Generally, as applied to goal setting, this stands for: S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Attainable, R – Relevant, T – Time-Bound.  The objective of applying this concept is to apply focus and constraints to a goal, rather than having it be very open ended and vague.

Goals, Resolutions, and SolutionsAs an example, let’s say the goal is to attend NAA University to increase your skills, knowledge, and earning potential.  Instead of setting your goal as “To attend NAA University,” employing SMART allows a more compelling goal, such as “To have passed the NAA University exam by June 1, 2012.”  It’s a small change, but it has a specific objective that is measurable and attainable, relevant to your career, and bound by time limits. Making this adjustment allows objectives to be set to achieve the goal via proper planning and time management, whereas being ambiguous leaves open multiple opportunities to let the goal slip through your fingers or be left until the last moment, where things would need to be rushed.

When establishing your goals use positive expression.  Doing so will aid in making the work involved with achieving it a positive experience, and each time you reference that goal will leave a constructive impression on you.  Using the above example, “To have passed the NAA University exam by June 1, 2012” will have a more encouraging bearing than “Don’t fail the NAA University exam when you’re taking it this spring.”  Be aware that sometimes you may need stronger language to help give the motivation you need to achieve a goal.  By strong language, think of altering our example to “I will pass the NAA University exam by June 1, 2012.”  Altering the wording in this manner can help to eliminate potential escape loopholes and excuses.

Record your goals somewhere and place them in a visible spot.  Putting them in ink, so to speak, will help to cement and hold you accountable for them.  Remember your time management techniques and don’t be afraid to prioritize multiple goals and make an actionable plan to achieve them.  This is frequently overlooked, but leaving out this step is sabotaging your efforts.  Have your plan together and stick with it!

While it’s important that your goals are realistic and attainable, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with stretch goals.  These are excellent for developing skills and your character.  Remember that it is okay not to meet a goal too.  Strive to meet or exceed them, but realize it isn’t always possible, and simply take what you can learn from the experience and use it to further empower your efforts on the next one.

From all of us here at National Agents Alliance headquarters, Happy New Year!  We all look forward to continued fun and success in 2012!

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