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Melody and Nathan Thomas Explain Why You Should Do the Albright Challenge

Nathan & Melody ThomasMelody and Nathan Thomas from Port St. Lucie, Florida are part of the National Agents Alliance team and they recently completed the Albright Challenge, Andy Albright’s 90 day program to help agents become more productive and successful. They were so enthusiastic about the challenge that they wanted to us to do an interview! Here’s what they had to say.

What are some things that the Albright Challenge really helped you with?

Nathan: “White sheeting… I think a week or so ago the subject of white sheeting came up on the Albright Challenge and my topic was association. We talked about it and we were like, ‘We need to get around Andy!’ So, once Andy got off the cruise, we texted him and said, ‘Hey when can we come see you? Can we come see you this week?’ And that’s why we’re here today. That’s one, and we do a daily goal setting, a daily meeting now and we evaluate what we did the day before and what we can do better. Those are definitely things we picked up from the Albright Challenge.

What do you think Andy is teaching; is it more than just for business?

“Andy’s teaching success principles and those don’t only apply to business, those apply to relationships, spiritual life, physical life, emotional life, financial life; so not only would I recommend it to people who are part of our organization, I would also recommend it to friends and family who aren’t even part of NAA. It could help anybody.”

What would you say to others who haven’t taken the challenge?

Nathan: “Just do it. If you want 90 days of pretty much guaranteed growth, the only way this won’t work is if you don’t use the product. If you’ll do it every day, once you get in to it, it just takes a couple minutes a day, you will see growth, you’ll see changes, and you’ll get your money’s worth plus more. I think the unlimited income is then you can promote it to other people in your group and you’re basically allowing Andy to come in and work for you, just like he does on the TWC every Wednesday, now he’s in there working every day.”

Melody: “Everyone can be personally mentored by Andy every single day. You don’t have to be direct to Andy to get his personal mentorship every day.”

Nathan: “I would recommend it to everybody whether you’ve been around for years or you’re brand new, Andy’s giving you 90 different lessons, I’m sure there’s something out of those 90 areas that you need to work on or that you can do better, so I would recommend it to everybody. What we’re committed to doing is going back through right away, we’ve creating a habit of doing it, and we’re not going to break that habit. We’re just going to continue doing the challenge over and over.”

So don’t just take our word for it, these agents are telling you that the Albright Challenge works and that it can help you improve, just like they did! Go to www.albrightchallenge.com to start today!

How to Become More Successful

Everyone wants success, but not everyone has the organization or determination to get there. Although the concept of success is simple enough, there is a lot of work that goes into succeeding. At a basic level, it’s important to do things like actually setting a goal – you cannot achieve a goal unless you set it. At a more complex level, it’s important to do things like become more efficient at what you do.

How to Become More Successful

These actions sounds easy enough, but when put to the test are harder than many expect. Because of this, we’ve outlined a list of steps you can take to become more successful in whatever you do.

  1. Prioritize – this is the first and simplest step. Choose your goal, then set your priorities. Include personal and professional elements in your list so that your priorities will be accurate and try to your lifestyle. With your priorities in place, it will be easier for you to gauge what is important and what is not important on a day-to-day basis. Having priorities will ensure that important things get done, and will hopefully keep your sights set on your success.
  2. Be efficient – efficiency is a vital part of success. In order to be successful, it’s important to prioritize your tasks and goals, and even more important to accomplish as much as you can on a daily basis. Learning to do things fast – and well – will strengthen your work ethic and your value. Learning to manage your time is a key part of reaching goals and succeeding.
  3. Keep learning – there is no such thing as knowing everything. Most successful people make it a priority to never stop learning. By constantly learning and growing through reading books and listening to successful people, you will find that you will grow professionally and personally, simply because of the knowledge you seek. Your growth will shine through in all areas of your life as your surround yourself with people and ideas that you believe in.
  4. Don’t waste time – when you waste time, you waste your life. Every minute counts and it’s important to make the most of each moment. Time that you spend watching TV or playing video games is time you could be spending reading books or being around people who inspire growth in your life. It’s important to spend your time in a way that helps you reach your goal of success. Successful people aren’t couch potatoes – they are constantly going – meeting people, reading works and finding ways to work harder and be better.

Once you are aware of these steps, soak them in and apply them to your life. These steps are basic, but can make a huge difference in your life on a daily basis and long-term. Actively pursue success by molding your habits into the habits of successful people you admire. Successful people achieve success by working hard, and following their methods can only make you better.

The Power of Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Setting goals is a fairly easy task. There are things we all want in life, and saying that we want them is just plain simple. So how do you take the desire for something and turn it into a reality? There are a few simple steps that will help you achieve your goal.

The steps are simple, but it takes perseverance to work toward and arrive at your goal. Whether you have a weight loss goal, a relationship goal or a business goal, the process for achieving each goal is the same. Dedication is the largest element in achieving success, and without it, true success is nearly impossible.

While dedication is key to achieving your newly-set goals, it is not the only thing required to get you to your destination. Here is our list of steps it takes to reach your goals:

Goal Setting

  1. Set your goal(s): The first step to achieving your goals is setting them. This may seem like one of those “duh” steps, but it is very important. Be specific when you set your goals. Don’t set a goal to simply “lose some weight.” Set a goal to lose 40 pounds in four months. Give yourself a definite goal with a definite deadline. Be as specific as you can, so that you are working toward a specific number. Break it down week by week – to lose 40 pounds in four months, you would need to lose 10 pounds per month. Ten pounds over four weeks equals about 2 and 1/2 pounds per week. If you want to be promoted at work, what do you need to do to do that? Close 10 sales per week? That means you need to close an average of at least two sales per week day. Be specific, setting short-term goals within your long-term goals.
  2. Make a plan: Now that you have set your goal(s), it’s time to make a plan. Sticking with the weight loss example, if you have set a goal to lose 2 and 1/2 pounds per week, you have to make a plan for how you will do that. Will you substitute sugary snacks for fruits and vegetables? Will you vow to exercise three times per week? If your goal is to close 10 sales per week, figure out how many appointments you need to go on to do that. You have to make a plan that will make you achieve your goals. Continuing to eat Twinkies while watching TV will not make you lose 2 and 1/2 pounds per week or close 10 sales, for that matter, so be realistic with your plan! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!
  3.  Get to work: Now that you’ve made a plan, make it work! You’ve set your goals and made a plan, now you have to start working toward your goal. You’ve already taken two huge steps toward achieving your goal. If your plan is to start working out, start today! If you want to trade an unhealthy snack for a healthy one, start that today too! If your goal is to close 10 appointments for the week, schedule as many as you can each day, starting today! Your biggest enemy in this battle will be putting things off until “tomorrow.” The longer you put things off, the longer it will be until you achieve your goals. Get started today and make it happen!
  4.  Stick to it: This is probably the toughest step in the process. Attempting to stick to your goals can be challenging. After the first week or so, you will find yourself wanting to fall back into old habits. If you’ve been eating healthier or exercising, it will be even more tempting to eat that piece of cake or “take today off” from the gym. If you have been going on a lot of appointments this week and your favorite TV shows come on between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. tonight (your prime appointment times), staying in and taking the night off will sound incredibly appealing. At this point, you have to stick to your goal. If your goal is be promoted at work, you have to work toward it and be dedicated to your goal. You can’t afford to take nights off when you are working toward your goal. You have to stick to it. The longer and more consistently you stick to your plan, the quicker you will reach your goal!

Reach Your Goal: If you follow the previous four steps and really work toward your goal(s), you will achieve them. Staying focused and dedicated will ultimately lead you to your destination. Even though the journey may be a struggle and may require a lot of hard work, when you reach your goal, it will all be worth it. If you create a solid plan and stick to it, you will get there! Once you have reached your goal, you can relish in the satisfaction of having reached it… and then, you can set a new a goal!

Challenging Yourself to Reach New Goals

The Albright ChallengeNow that the New Year has come and we’re closing in on the third week of the year, most people have already forgotten their New Year’s resolutions. The hope for change has been discouraged by the absence of immediacy, so people have abandoned their goals to take the easier route.

Many people set goals and begin working toward them without establishing an outside source of encouragement. As with most things in life, people attempt to set and achieve goals without the help of others.

It is important to have others around you who will teach you, encourage you and hold you accountable. In school, you learned because you had a teacher coaching, inspiring and correcting you. Without that steady, reliable source of support, it would have been very difficult to remain determined to finish each school year, yet alone high school or college.

Setting goals and staying dedicated to achieving them requires a constant source of encouragement and challenge. Whether your source of encouragement is a mentor, a book or a workout video, it is important to make that encouragement a daily part of your life.

Ready to set goals, but aren’t sure where to look for your source of encouragement? Look no further. Andy Albright provides you with daily encouragement, leadership and inspiration to set goals, work toward them, and ultimately achieve them with the Albright Challenge. The Albright Challenge is a 90-day program designed to help you set goals and consistently work toward them. In this program, Albright offers advice, poses challenges and encourages you to keep working toward your goal.

Over the course of 90 days, you will see yourself change in a variety of ways. From self-image to personal and professional growth, the changes in your life will be impossible to ignore.

It’s amazing what a little encouragement can do for your goals and your life. It’s time to take charge of your life and commit to the encouragement you need to achieve your dreams. For more information about the Albright Challenge and to start today, visit www.albrightchallenge.com.

How To Achieve Your Dreams and Success in 2013

2013The champagne has been popped, the fireworks have exploded, the kisses have been smooched and the celebrating has ended, which means 2013 is officially here!

Now that the New Year is upon us, the question is, have you set new goals for your business in 2013?

You’ve got a clean slate, and now is the time to make new goals to conquer over the next 365 days. If you want 2013 to be the best year you’ve ever had personally and professionally, then you’ve got to set your sights on the next big thing.

It’s important that you set new goals to provide direction, facilitate growth and to cultivate success. Your business and team members depend on direction and the success of your business, and you can’t take your business anywhere unless you know where you want to go.

Make your commitment now to yourself, your business and your family—make the choice to commit to greater things in 2013.

Once you have set your goals, the next step is to become teachable, as Andy Albright advised in his best-selling book, “8 Steps to Success.”  Being teachable is all about being willing to learn from others who are smarter than you are and from those who are where you want to go.  By doing this you will speed up your growth, learn tips and tricks known only to those who have been there, and receive constant guidance along the way.

You can begin to be teachable and successfully achieve your goals in 2013. Andy Albright will work with you step-by-step through daily videos sent directly to your inbox to provide direction, guidance and support as you work toward your dreams. In fact, it’s like Albright pops into your life to personally coach you every day for 90 days.

To get started making 2013 your best year yet, sign up for the Albright Challenge at www.albrightchallenge.com.

We’ll even send you a free gift to help remind yourself of the commitment you have made.

Now get to work and make your dreams happen!

How To Kick Your Business Into High Gear in 2013

The Albright ChallengeFor many the New Year will mark a new beginning. It’s a time to make new resolutions, goals and plans for the year ahead. While many are setting weight loss goals or promising to take a new direction in life, others are setting their sights on much bigger things in 2013.­

If you want to shake things up in 2013 and take control of your business and your life, it’s time to get to work! The end of the year is the best time to get reflect on your future goals and better position yourself to tackle your new hurdles during the upcoming year.

As we are approaching the New Year, INC. Magazine has released tips to help you put your business in a better position to experience growth in 2013 right now:

1. Finalize your 2013 goals: It’s better to have a clear vision of your goals and where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. If you don’t, you could end up starting the year off to a slow start, leaving you less time to achieve your goals.

2. Choose your key priorities for the first quarter: Figure out what are the most important and most urgent tasks that need to be done first. If you tried to focus on more than a few things at once, you can become overwhelmed. Also, make a plan to delegate or shift lower-tier priorities accordingly.

3. Make an action plan to get to know your customers better: Make a commitment in 2013 to learn more about your customers’ needs, goals, and objectives. This will help you during the sales process and in maintaining client relationships.

4. Visualize your 3 to 5-year goal: What will you have to accomplish in 2013 to ensure that you meet your longer-term objectives?

5. Pick one item that is a distraction and create a plan to eliminate it: Focus creates success.

10. Get some rest and reward yourself. It’s going to be a long and fun ride in 2013, mixed in with a lot of hard work. Get ready to kick some butt!

Check out Andy Albright’s goal setting and self-growth program called The Albright Challenge.  Participating in this program and following the steps will kick your business into high gear in 2013.

Break Free From Your Rut and Build A Better Life

The Albright ChallengeWe’ve all hit a rut in our lives—it’s that holding place that we know we need to get out of, but you just don’t know how to go about it.

With the 2008 recession in the past and our country seemingly gaining momentum, it should serve as a sign that your days in the rut are over are there are new beginnings on the horizon. You can no longer use the “recession” as your excuse for building a better life and future for yourself.

Those goals of starting your own business, grabbing that coveted promotion or becoming successful in your endeavors, are no longer allowed to be placed on the back burner. Goals are never reached without VISION, MOTIVATION, and ACTION.

What is your vision do you see for yourself? Do you want to build a profitable business, reach the next level in your career, or create a product to change the world?

Next, what is your motivation? Do you want to provide a better life for your children, or do you want to take that vacation around the world that you always dreamt of?

Lastly, what steps are you taking in order to reach those goals and aspirations? Remember, nothing changes unless you begin to change your situation!

But, sometimes making plans doesn’t always make those plans happen! That’s where The Albright Challenge comes in.

The Albright Challenge is a 90-day comprehensive program that helps you make your tomorrow better than your today. With this program you can realize your dreams and work toward achieving them with daily videos and action steps from multi-millionaire and President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright.

This powerful program can transform your life both professional and personally, taking you to heights you never imagined in only 90-days. To get a taste of The Albright Challenge, just visit www.albrightchallenge.com to sign-up for a FREE trial!

Go ahead; make the decision to change your life today!

Resolutions and Plain Old Solutions

With the new year nigh, it is once again that time to assess and reassess, to plan and prioritize, and to make extraordinary resolutions for the future.  In reality, resolutions are simply goals.  So in the spirit of this period of goal setting insanity, let’s delve a little bit into how to set feasible goals (for the purposes of business of course, fantastic and incredible journeys may still be applied to your personal resolutions 😉 ).

If you have read about or attended a seminar or class on goal setting, the SMART mnemonic will most likely have been encountered.  Generally, as applied to goal setting, this stands for: S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Attainable, R – Relevant, T – Time-Bound.  The objective of applying this concept is to apply focus and constraints to a goal, rather than having it be very open ended and vague.

Goals, Resolutions, and SolutionsAs an example, let’s say the goal is to attend NAA University to increase your skills, knowledge, and earning potential.  Instead of setting your goal as “To attend NAA University,” employing SMART allows a more compelling goal, such as “To have passed the NAA University exam by June 1, 2012.”  It’s a small change, but it has a specific objective that is measurable and attainable, relevant to your career, and bound by time limits. Making this adjustment allows objectives to be set to achieve the goal via proper planning and time management, whereas being ambiguous leaves open multiple opportunities to let the goal slip through your fingers or be left until the last moment, where things would need to be rushed.

When establishing your goals use positive expression.  Doing so will aid in making the work involved with achieving it a positive experience, and each time you reference that goal will leave a constructive impression on you.  Using the above example, “To have passed the NAA University exam by June 1, 2012” will have a more encouraging bearing than “Don’t fail the NAA University exam when you’re taking it this spring.”  Be aware that sometimes you may need stronger language to help give the motivation you need to achieve a goal.  By strong language, think of altering our example to “I will pass the NAA University exam by June 1, 2012.”  Altering the wording in this manner can help to eliminate potential escape loopholes and excuses.

Record your goals somewhere and place them in a visible spot.  Putting them in ink, so to speak, will help to cement and hold you accountable for them.  Remember your time management techniques and don’t be afraid to prioritize multiple goals and make an actionable plan to achieve them.  This is frequently overlooked, but leaving out this step is sabotaging your efforts.  Have your plan together and stick with it!

While it’s important that your goals are realistic and attainable, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with stretch goals.  These are excellent for developing skills and your character.  Remember that it is okay not to meet a goal too.  Strive to meet or exceed them, but realize it isn’t always possible, and simply take what you can learn from the experience and use it to further empower your efforts on the next one.

From all of us here at National Agents Alliance headquarters, Happy New Year!  We all look forward to continued fun and success in 2012!

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