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Giving Back

One of the greatest time investments that you can make is in performing community service.  Not only is this something that can increase awareness of you and your business, enhance your reputation, and fill you with positive energy, but it is also something that can make a lasting difference in the lives of people in your neighborhood and surrounding areas.

There are a tremendous amount of organizations that attempt to make a difference in peoples’ lives every day, and chances are high that they could all use some help with skills that you have to offer.  From youth coaching to soup kitchens, the difficult economic times of late have impacted nearly every one of them.  Many of these programs could use any kind of support that can be offered, especially around this time of year when the need for them becomes even more obvious.

The returns of doing this kind of work are generally obvious, but consider what helping your community can do for you:  The positive energy will translate directly to your work, impacting everything in good ways.  The associations you can build with so many people by dishing out soup for those in need.  Teaching positive life lessons to children who are learning to play basketball under your coaching tutelage.  The extra one on one time with your son or daughter while building a habitat house that would otherwise be spent in front of a TV.  Plenty of other community members will be out there with you, helping you to positively influence the future of your community, and gaining respect for you.

In providing aid to your community, everyone benefits.  Our lives are busy, but consider donating some of your time to a cause that is near to your heart—Contemplate making it a resolution for the upcoming new-year.  If you have trouble finding a good local cause, check your local public schools.  Many state cutbacks have left them lacking in a lot of programs, and they could use a volunteer or two also.

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