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Gun Shy? 5 Tips on How to Make Better Decisions and Pull the Trigger

Decision makingOne of the requirements of being a leader and successful business owner at National Agents Alliance is being able to make decisions—some loathe this, others find it empowering and some just simply decide not to decide. No matter how you look at it you will have to make decisions at some point in order to become a leader and reach success.

While many decisions take time in order to come to an answer, but you won’t be allowed that luxury every time you need to come to a decision. Being able to make a decision at the drop of a dime is key to staying on top of your game.

Entrepreneur Magazine has released five tips on how to make quicker, more calculated decisions:

  1. Stop seeking perfection. Many great leaders would prefer a project or report be delivered only 80% complete a few hours early than 100% complete five minutes late. Moral of the story: Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Instead of seeking the impossible, efficient decision makers tend to leap without all the answers and trust that they’ll be able to build their wings on the way down.
  2. Be independent. Good decision makers are “collaboratively independent.” They tend to surround themselves with the best and brightest and ask pointed questions. For instance, in a discussion with subject-matter experts, they don’t ask: “What should I do?” Rather, their query is: “What’s your thinking on this?” Waiting for committees or an expansive chain of command to make decisions could take longer. Get your information from credible sources and then act, swiftly.
  3. Turn your brain off. Insight comes when you least expect it. Similar to suddenly remembering the name of an actor that you think you’d just plumb forgotten. The same happens when you’re trying to make a decision. By simply turning your mind off for a while or even switching to a different dilemma, you’ll give your brain the opportunity to scan its data bank for information that is already stored and waiting to be retrieved.
  4. Don’t problem solve, decide. A decision can solve a problem, but not every problem can be solved by making a decision. Instead, decision making often relies more on intuition than analysis. Deciding between vendors, for instance, requires examining historical data, references and prices. But the tipping point often rests with your gut. Which feels like the right choice?
  5. Admit your mistakes. If your feelings have steered you wrong, correct the error and fess up. Even making the wrong decision will garner more respect and loyalty when you admit you’ve made a mistake and resolve it than if you are habitually indecisive.

Decisions, Decisions

The Choice is YoursWe often see relatively new agents with National Agents Alliance who join the business with big goals and dreams but take a while to really start realizing the results they expected.  They want big things to happen but they begin a bit timidly, kind of feeling their way.  They pass NAA University, they attend all the rotation meetings, the boot camps and even the regional and national events and still their business is just treading water.

What they finally learn is that real success is a decision.  Wanting it isn’t enough.  The decision has to be made.  You may have heard the saying, “In the moment of decision your destiny is shaped.”

The top income earners here at National Agents Alliance confirm that this is true.  They went through the same learning process, knowing that success was out there where they thought it was, but they just couldn’t quite grab on to it.  Then, one day it was like a light bulb was blinking and pointing the way. They “got it.”  They had the vision of huge success, but on this day they made a decision that the lifestyle of their dreams was absolutely, without doubt, going to be theirs.  They made a decision to take the action steps that would lead to that success.  All this time they knew what to do, watched the most successful agents do it, but hesitated themselves.  Once the decision was made to take action, their work days became more organized and productive, and suddenly had clear direction and results became astounding.

New agents can speed up this process when they make the decision to apply the teachings of CEO, Andy Albright that are laid out in his 8 Steps to Success.  The new agent learns that the principles in this book are not theory, they are all about action.  Each of the eight steps requires action and action leads you step-by-step closer to your dreams.  So don’t wait around for something to happen; make a decision today.

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