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In The Zone

If you’re an athlete you have surely experienced those times when everything you did worked; you were on, and you knew it. The golfer feels it when his swing is in the groove. The hitter feels super-focused when the pitcher winds up. The tennis player reacts and moves without thinking, practically gliding on auto-pilot.

In the Zone - Super SalesThe same thing happens to agents working the phones or sitting in a client’s home.  You know when you get locked in, and cross into the zone. You know when you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before. And you also know the opposite. You know when it’s not quite there yet, but you sometimes settle because it’s good enough. If you settle for “good enough” you might as well just pack it in and go home.

Most agents experience the “zone” if they allow themselves to, but most do not. It takes a lot of concentration and strong focus.  Most operate slightly below this consciousness, settling for the standards of the average and ordinary. But people who do amazing things, people who perform above the norm, top producers in National Agents Alliance – never settle for mediocrity.

You will never catch them doing less than their best because they won’t allow themselves to “settle” for anything less than the best. They set a higher standard for their performance and never compromise. They have developed the self-discipline to get to the point where they move into the zone at will, not occasionally but every time they work.  They allow no distractions; their focus is total.  Because of their intense concentration, their presentation is unfaltering, smooth and authoritative.  Objections roll off their back.

How about you?

Do you want that “feeling” every time? The top producers didn’t start out with the skills to operate in the “zone.”  They learned their products inside and out, and they practiced until their presentation would roll off their tongue with ease.  After each appointment they did a self-assessment, looking honestly at their performance.  They practiced some more, and over time became the confident, high-income earner you see on stage.

The magic comes with concentration and practice.  Do the work behind the scenes and your performance in front of the client will put money in your pocket; remember to use all of the resources that National Agents Alliance provides for you!

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