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Credibility as a Priority

Making credibility a priority in your life is one of the most important practices you can pursue when it comes to sales. For you, gaining others’ trust is more than flattery – it’s your livelihood.

You can make sales pitches all day long every day, but if your clients don’t find you credible, they won’t trust you. You won’t make any sales if you lack credibility.

So, how can you establish credibility with your clients? There are simple steps you can take to make your clients feel more comfortable with you and with investing money in National Agents Alliance.

Credibility as a Priority

  1. Be genuine and personable.

Be authentic about what you are selling clients, what they need and who you are. If clients ask what you would do in their situation, answer honestly and show that you – and National Agents Alliance – are working to do what is best for them. Clients will sense your authenticity – or lack of – and will more than likely trust their instincts. As you build credibility with your clients, they will become more likely to trust you, invest with you and consider your suggestions. Credibility leads to sales and success, and word-of-mouth is the best advertisement.

  1. Know the true value of what you offer.

Make sure that you truly understand what products and services National Agents Alliance offers. If you have a proper understanding of what you are selling, you will appear more confident and reliable. If clients ask questions about the products you’re selling, you should be able to answer them confidently and accurately – period. If you are unable to answer basic and important questions about what you are selling, your client will not view you as a credible source and will likely not invest with you. If you are accurate and confident, however, you will express credibility that will make you and your client feel more comfortable.

  1. Don’t use sales jargon.

Be clear, direct and honest. Don’t use any corny sales terms that will make your clients question your credibility. Make it your goal to avoid sounding like a cheesy infomercial by avoiding lines like “this product is the best in the country” or “30-day money back guarantee.” Corny sayings like these will make your clients question your credibility – you don’t want clients to feel like they are watching a commercial, you want them to feel like you are a real person helping them protect their family. Be serious, be real and be effective in how you relate to people.

These tips are vital to establishing and improving credibility in your sales call behavior. Remember that you are representing National Agents Alliance and Andy Albright, and that you are there to make a difference, not just make money. You are there to help these people, and they don’t owe you anything until you prove your credibility to them. Apply these tips to your sales behavior and mentality and the difference will astound you!

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