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Email Silence? Why Prospects Aren’t Answering Your Emails

No email responses?Email has proven to be a popular communication channel for many people, primarily the working class. We use the tool extensively here at National Agents Alliance, and the ease of email is especially great for sales people, who are prospecting and trying to find new clients.

But with the great usability of email, there are also some downfalls. Email is typically not responded to immediately, sometimes not even in a timely manner. Emails are usually read and replied to when someone is sitting in front of a computer (if they don’t have a smartphone), or finds the time in their busy schedule to sort through their inbox.

According to eyesonsales.com, if you avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to emails, you will see your inbox fill up with replies and new leads:

  1. They never got your email in the first place: Technology glitches do happen and people sometimes genuinely did not receive your email. With the sheer number of unwanted email messages most of us receive; it’s no surprise that spam filters are becoming more and more aggressive. Messages with attachments (especially large ones), lots of links, extensive marketing graphics, and other gimmicks aren’t likely to make it to the recipient’s inbox in the first place. Keep your prospecting emails simple and image free, even in your email signature. They’ll have a lot easier time making it past SPAM traps and junk filters, eyesonsales.com advises.
  2. You didn’t give prospects a strong enough reason to take action: Hard as it is to believe, few people care that your company has a long track record of success. Prospects are too focused on their own problems and issues to bother with any of that. Keep this in mind and use your email message to emphasize common issues and triggering events you can solve that really matter to your customers and prospects. Make them want to engage with you! The point isn’t to tell them more about you. It’s to give them a strong enough reason to begin a sales conversation.
  3. It seemed like too much to deal with at the moment: In “The Glimpse Factor,” I pointed out that you have three seconds — or less — to convince a prospect that they want to read your email, and that it won’t take up more time than they’ve got at the moment. Your goal is to make your email not just sound compelling, but also look easy to act on. The easier it is, the more likely your prospect will read the first sentence, and then dive in to continue and respond to you.

In the end, just like you and the rest of the National Agents Alliance team, your contacts are busy. Tell them what you want them to do using a simple sentence and don’t ask them to do something that takes more than a few moments. Give them a clear specific call to action that you’d like them to take after they read your email.

Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do—And Be Happier!

Is that a challenge?Women have long maintained that “girls can do anything that boys can do, but better and in high heels,” and now they have more evidence to support their belief!

The Hartford Financial Services Group report found that more than 90 percent of the women entrepreneurs have vied their business as a success; while only 80 percent of men felt the same way, Entrepreneur Magazine reported.

The survey found some clues as to what may be contributing to women’s confidence in business:

  • Women are more risk-averse: The survey found that 55 percent of women viewed themselves as conservative in taking risks in their business, compared to 47 percent of men. Furthermore, 80 percent of women responded that they did not think taking more risks would make them more successful.
  • Women don’t blame the economy: Instead of focusing on the economy, women found that the increased cost of doing business was their top problem, followed by government red tape. Only 21 percent said lack of demand or customers was their top concern.
  • Women vote in favor to help their business: Eighty-nine percent of woman stated that they would vote for pro-business candidates in November, whereas only 79 percent of males would. This may be because of their increased level of empowerment at the ballot box, which makes them feel more confident they’ll have a business climate they like.

Entrepreneur Magazine also offered another suggestion as to why women are happier with their business: “Our expectations may be lower. Fewer women go into business with dreams of building an empire. Women I know consider their business a success if they can be their own boss and replace their former job income.”

Here at National Agents Alliance, we believe that in the end, its mind over matter—if you want to be successful, believe that you are!

Little by Little

Build Little by LittleAt National Agents Alliance our top people know that success does not happen overnight, although some agents do grow their business quite fast.  It has to be understood that a strong work ethic is a staple at NAA and everyone learns that we can have huge success if we put in the work over a period of time.

The key phrase is: “over a period of time.”  Doing the right things and doing things right, little-by-little, every day, even the smallest, seemingly insignificant tasks, is the absolute necessity for success.  Not overnight success, but enduring success.

Here are a couple of examples of the “little-by-little” approach that make it understandable.  Suppose you want to lose weight and start an aggressive running program, and you run a mile every morning for a week, but on day eight you skip.  The next day you skip again.  The day after that you skip too.  Do you think you will lose weight? If you don’t see big results after the first seven days it can be easy to say, “Why bother?”   You have to do a little every day, just a little, but it has to be consistent, then over time, the weight starts coming off.

It’s amazing that you can get huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.  It just takes time.  Here’s another example that you may have heard before that illustrates the concept well.  Suppose you were offered a choice of $3 Million dollars or a penny doubled every day for 31 days, what would you choose?  It’s easy to look real quick and take the $3 Million and run, but let’s dig a little deeper.  After 5 days the penny doubled would be 16 cents; after 10 days, $5.12; after 20 days $5,243, and with 11 days still to go in the month!  Now the compounding effect, the little-by-little, takes over in force.  After 31 days the penny doubled is worth $10,737,418.24, more than 3 times the $3 Million!

At National Agents Alliance we build our agencies over time, little-by-little, and pretty soon it compounds into a big business with those huge rewards that come with the small, consistent daily tasks that seem mundane and unimportant.  Looking at the amount of income being generated though, you will realize that all those little things paid off.  We can’t have the microwave mentality; we have to do it over time!

Building a List

You learn quickly that you can earn a great income doing everything yourself, but you’re limited to how many hours you can work.  The way to overcome this is to use some leverage and build your own agency.  The first step in building your National Agents Alliance business is to create a list.

Most folks will know at least 200 people, which is a great starting point to develop a huge list.  Start with your cell phone contacts, then go to your Facebook friends, and watch your list grow and grow.

listWhen you hire a new agent, in addition to gaining a new business partner, you also got another list of at least 200 new prospects!  Sort the list and help the new agent contact his/her top picks.  Remember not to pre-judge anyone; it’s hard to know who will be interested or which person could end up being a super-star in National Agents Alliance.  These “stars” come from all walks of life and we can’t tell from appearances what they have on the inside in terms of work ethic and desire.

Inevitably, you will hire someone who appears to be a great partner but later discover that, for whatever reason, they just aren’t the right fit.  Even so, there are still 200 other prospects from their list of names that could be potential superstars in your team!  That list might give you the one with the qualities that successful people share.

Here are some suggestions for adding to your list:

  • Ask everyone you meet for a business card.  They might not be your next business partner but they know 200 people.
  • Attend meetings of the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, etc.  All those businessmen know 200 people.
  • Be a great listener.  Ask open-ended questions, not questions that can be answered with a yes or a no.  Listen for phrases like “I want,” “I need,” “I wish I could…”
  • Don’t rush into telling someone everything about your business in 30 seconds as if you’re spraying them with a fire hose.  Focus on building a relationship first; later you can introduce your business to them.
  • Don’t rule out anyone because you “think” they’ll say no — you can’t make their decision for them.
  • When you get a negative response, ask for a referral.  Remember, they know 200 people!

To build a huge National Agents Alliance business, start with your list, then use other people’s lists, and finally keep adding to your list and you’ll have an endless supply of prospects.

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