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5 Easy Sales Tips from National Agents Alliance

There are many ways to approach sales, and each salesperson does it a little differently. Although each salesperson has their own unique style, there are some basic rules that apply to everyone. Check out this list of 5 easy ways to get sales 5 Easy Sales Tipsand keep customers coming.

  1. Don’t bring up issues the customer hasn’t thought of. It’s always wise to prepare for all the concerns that a customer may have, but you should NEVER bring up concerns before they do. You want to fill their heads with the benefits of insurance, not add to their apprehension.
  2. Listen to your customers. Although it’s tempting to unload all of the information you have about a product, your customers will become overwhelmed. Instead, give them little bits of information and then give them time to ask questions. If they’re quiet, ask them questions like, “What do you think your family would need if something happened to you or your spouse?”
  3. Keep in touch. Once you make the sale, the process doesn’t end there. After the sale you should contact your customers to make sure they’re happy with their policy and to see if they need anything else from you. If you show that you care about them, they’re more likely to recommend you to others. If you don’t have time to contact all of your customers, sign up for KIT Marketing, and we’ll do the hard part for you!
  4. Don’t fake it. As Andy says in his book, The 8 Steps to Success, you have to invest in your product before you can sell it to others. People can tell if you’re not genuinely thrilled with the product. Study up on all of the products and take advantage of all of the training materials available to you. Once you’ve learned all you can about the products and spent time with others who are passionate about them, the sale will come more naturally to you.
  5. Give the customer your full attention. It’s sometimes tempting to answer an email, text, or call while you’re with a customer, but it can blow your chances of making the sale. If your customer doesn’t have your full attention, they won’t believe that you care about them or that you’re really passionate about your products.

National Agents Alliance is dedicated to making sure that our agents have all of the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful insurance agents. If you have any questions or would like more information about training, feel free to contact us!

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