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Career Builder & NAA

The 2012 National Convention proved to be a great opportunity for Career Builder to share some face-to-face time, renewing friendship with veteran agents and introducing the National Agents Alliance-Career Builder partnership to newer agents.

Visiting from Career Builder’s Los Angeles office, Martin Farrell explained how this partnership works and how agents can get involved:  “We provide NAA agents access to candidates on our network and these are candidates actively searching for their next opportunity.  We facilitate both parties in finding a match, and it’s a win-win-win for all of us.”

Agents can search the Career Builder database to find those next key people who might become part of their growing agency.  Farrell expanded on how valuable this relationship is for our agents:  “All an agent has to do is contact me for help in placing ads with a focus on finding qualified applicants who will then contact the NAA agent.  Or, they can work with Hunter Tickle on using our resume search method.  Many agents use both methods.”

Posting an ad with Career Builder is just like placing an ad in a local newspaper except that the Career Builder ad can be seen nationally, while the resume function provides the agent with the contact information of qualified job-seekers.

The NAA agent can ask for resumes based on the key words they choose, like “sales experience,” “licensed agent,” or “college graduate,” etc.  By targeting such specific experience, an agent will be provided a large number of potential business partners, and can choose those in the geographic location desired.  Agents receive training from Career Builder on the resume function and can choose to receive 50, 100, 150, 300 or even 600 resumes per day from all across the country, providing a very large list of prospects who are expecting to hear from potential employers. This service has proven to be invaluable for National Agents Alliance.

Career Builder is headquartered in Chicago and has fourteen additional offices around the USA, including Boston, New York, San Francisco, L.A., and Miami.  In addition, Career Builder has already expanded its reach to Canada, India and China.

By partnering with Career Builder, an agent can have a steady stream of people to call for a reasonable expense.

Baltimore Life Joins NAA

On hand at a National Agents Alliance convention for the first time, Baltimore Life rep Mark Brandt described his company’s excitement saying, “I’ve already been hearing the music and the sub-woofers blaring.  This is going to be some event!”

NAA’s newest carrier is offering four products for our agents:

  • Silver Guard, a Final Expense product
  • Home Secure, a mortgage protection product
  • A Single-Premium Whole Life product
  • Generation Legacy

The last two products complement each other, and can use non-qualified funds or cash, money market funds, etc.

All of the products are simplified issue, which serve clients and agents well.  According to Brandt, Baltimore Life’s signature distinction, however, is in its application process known as In-Speed.  Perfected over the last ten years, In-Speed allows agents to enter an application over the telephone.  The Final Expense application can be completed in thirteen minutes and the mortgage protection product can be done in twenty-five minutes.  No wet signature is required and agents will have no paperwork to turn in, which means no chance for missing information.

Another benefit from Baltimore Life for agents lies in the call centers available for questions, including speaking directly from a client’s home to underwriters for advice on what would be best for the client.

Brandt described a great relationship with National Agents Alliance management, and predicts a long and profitable partnership.  He sees agents loving the products and systems in place to support their efforts, and is excited to report contracting agents moving rapidly allowing agents to start writing Baltimore Life products real soon.

Between visiting with various agents stopping by the Baltimore Life’s booth, Brandt added, “We are so happy to be joining the NAA team, and we can’t wait to certify as many winners as possible for the incentive trip to Aruba next year!”

Fidelity and Guaranty, One of the Originals

One of the first insurance carriers contracted by National Agents Alliance in 2002 was F&G, and today they still provide some of the best products for agents to offer in the marketplace.  The reason they’re still here, according to Dennis Sundac of F&G is, “because a relationship is a two-way street, and both NAA and F&G have great management teams, we were able to work together for what was best for both sides AND the client.”  Sundac went on, “I consider NAA one of the great success stories in the industry; they do great things for the people and the agents, and continue to grow and grow.  They are a force.  Together, we provide money when it’s needed most.  We sell a promise.  It’s not like selling a car that you can sit in and drive.  It’s not like selling a TV that you can watch.  We sell an idea; a promise.  The words on the paper are a promise to pay and to pay when it’s needed most.”

Sundac went on to explain why agents like F&G so much…their favorite product, Index Universal Life.  “It’s Tax-Free Retirement.  Instead of just selling mortgage protection, which has become more difficult because of new regulations, we help people plan for retirement.  NAA does a really good job with mortgage protection insurance by selling the highest face value for the least amount of premium, we come in and teach the agent how to go in and sell IUL.  The client has the protection they need, now we sell the least death benefit with the most premium to build the nest egg, and set up a tax-free retirement.  The products go great together.”

Further, according to Sundec, “the agents love the product for its simplicity.  Both client and agent can understand it, and without giving the client too many choices, they can actually make an informed decision.  Too many choices leads to confusion.  There is only one index, the S&P 500.  We have simply to understand guarantees and caps.  It’s win-win-win for agent, client and company.”

Sudac has loved the decade of conventions with National Agents Alliance, and is proud to be a sponsor of the incentive trip to Punta Cana this year and Aruba in 2013.

Presidential Life

For the last 7 years Mitch Anderson has represented Presidential Life at National Agents Alliance conventions and sees no reason to stop attending.  Anderson declared, “From the very start, we’ve worked well together.  I remember Andy Albright telling me, ‘We’re going to sell a lot of your insurance.’  Guess what?  Within a year or so, NAA became the No. 1 distributor of Guaranteed Life Insurance for Presidential Life.  And every year since, you have been Number 1, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.”

High praise, indeed!  Asked why agents sell so much Presidential, Anderson said, “Because our product is so simple.  When others say no, we say yes.  For people ages 39 and a half up to 80, we can provide a maximum face value of $50,000.  If you’re not in a hospital, nursing home, adult day care center or jail, we can get you covered.  We have heard NAA agents describe heart-warming scenarios where they hear from the client that they couldn’t get coverage anywhere until we came along.  And it comes at a crucial time in the life of that client.  When a few years later, an agent delivers a check to a family, and you realize just why you are in this business.”

Presidential is one of the last of the New York Life Insurance companies and is governed by the strict New York laws.  Presidential has just completed a purchase, which will close on Jan. 27th, of a non-New York company that will be re-named Presidential Life USA.  The new company will operate in 49 states, but not New York, and will allow Presidential to operate under the same laws as other companies not licensed in New York.  Presidential will be able to offer more products for National Agents Alliance representatives, and the first will be a very competitive Index UL.

Unencumbered by New York laws, Presidential plans to become an even bigger player with NAA in the future, and plans to take part in new incentives for our agents.

CFG Arrives in Raleigh

While just finishing seven years with CFG, Liza Serrano has recently moved from the home office in New York City to their office in Atlanta.  With a hectic travel schedule of late, Liza is looking forward to more direct flights in and out of Atlanta and, hopefully, more time at home.

Liza reports that CFG absolutely loves the relationship with National Agents Alliance mostly because of the family feeling and the great friendships with NAA’s leaders.

When asked about how business has been going with our agents, Liza praised NAA’s sales with the Simplified Issue Term Policy that was created just for NAA.  “Agents are doing a great job completing apps properly so we can pay them quickly, and agents are calling the home office to get questions answered.  We like that because that helps avoid mistakes.  We actually have a team of customer service agents dedicated to only NAA agents, who get them information quickly and provide great customer service.”

One of the really interesting things about the partnership with CFG and National Agents Alliance is that our agents have been given direct access to CFG’s chief underwriter, which is very unusual. This allows NAA agents to get definitive answers, and in turn serve our clients better and faster.

Saturday, Liza will be presenting qualified agents the prizes earned through the Punta Cana incentive including:

  • Jewelry
  • Lead Cash
  • Trophies
  • The Punta Cana Trip
  • 2 nights in New York right before the Punta Cana Trip for the top qualifiers

When asked what’s in the future, Liza stated, “We’re working on some new products that the agents will love, and, of course, we are involved with the next big incentive which will send CFG and NAA agents to Aruba.”  When pushed to reveal any information on the new products she said, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you!”

Summing up, Liza said, “We truly love working with NAA; everyone treats us like family.  We are looking forward to a long, long business relationship.”

The Latest From ING

The news from ING representative Marty Manning tells about a strong and growing relationship with National Agents Alliance.  Marty and Andy Albright have known each other since around 2004, and Marty loves the positive approach Andy brings to the business.

Marty plans to be on stage a couple times during the convention and is looking forward to presenting incentive awards to those agents winning the trip to Punta Cana.  “We are extremely excited to be here at the convention, with all this high energy.  We can’t wait to present the awards to the deserving agents, and we are going to announce our participation in the next incentive trip to Aruba.”

Marty also revealed that ING will be introducing a competitive Final Expense product that he says, “the agents will love.  It’s going to be easy to sell.”

While ING has, for most of its existence, been a company working at the higher end of the market, it has been working closely with National Agents Alliance for some time now developing a Mortgage Protection product aimed directly at the “middle” market.  “In fact,” says Marty, “our mortgage product is one of five that NAA uses, and our 30-year product is far and away the most competitive.”

Marty explained that many of the biggest insurers aren’t interested in this market; they only want the big, big cases…with premiums in the range of $2,000 to $20,000 annually versus the $800 to $1,000 annually for mortgage protection. Stating that 80% of the middle market is underinsured, with half of that group having no insurance at all, Marty explains, “Going after this market takes manpower and NAA has a great operation with its lead distribution system.  NAA does all the leg-work by its direct mail and the army of agents serve the millions and millions in middle America that need to be educated about what insurance products can do for their family.  We are happy to be part of their mission to serve the people.”


***UPDATED 11/21/2014***

Although we no longer have a partnership with ExamFX, we do have partnerships with several other organizations that can help you study for your insurance license.

We currently work with License Coach, TesTeachers, PreLicense.com, PMReview and A.D. Banker & Company. You can learn more about these companies and how to get started at http://naauniversity.com/get-licensed/.

Once you’ve gotten your license, you can start learning more about NAA, how to make a sale, how to manage your business and details about our products on www.naauniversity.com. We can’t wait to help you get started with The Alliance!


One of the important partners on whom National Agents Alliance relies in building a huge sales force is ExamFX.  ExamFX employs 45 people just on the insurance side of their business.  They employ over 700 more in Sports Medicine and Nursing training programs in five locations around the country.  The company, which started in a farm house, is now headquartered in a four-story office building in Overland Park, Kansas.

In their sixth year working with NAA, ExamFX profited from the explosive growth in the number agents during 2006-2007, and according to representative Craig Hart, they are starting to see an up-tick in enrollments in the last three or four months. The down economy was hurting enrollments for a while, and in the 3rd quarter of last year they were able to reduce the cost of their training program and intend to keep the price there for the foreseeable future.

Hart said, “I can’t believe the size of NAA and this amazing convention program.  My first NAA convention was in Dallas with 400 agents in attendance and the size of the company was 800 agents. We love this atmosphere, and we love working with NAA.  You guys really drove the growth of our company in 2006 and we see it coming again.”

That is the main reason ExamFX has participated with National Agents Alliance in an incentive program that treated leading enrollers to a trip to the Kansas Speedway for a NASCAR race, and has another incentive scheduled for this spring in Las Vegas.  Hart said, “Everybody loves to go to Vegas!”

All in all, it’s a great partnership!  NAA recruits new agents; ExamFX helps the new agent get licensed quickly and economically.

Convention Time!

National Agents Alliance 2012 National ConventionIt’s National Convention 2012 time here at National Agents Alliance!  Today we’re busy prepping the Raleigh Convention Center with all kinds of cool stuff and getting set to welcome all of our agents for a weekend full of all kinds of fun and information, food and networking, and an all around good time!!!

If you aren’t able to make it, we’re sorry that you can’t be there!  While nothing beats the event in-person, our onsite team members will be gathering all kinds of information, of both the informative and fun variety.  So keep an eye on our blog and social media outlets as we try to bring a bit of the NatCon experience to you while hoping that we get to see you at the next one!

For those attending, we look forward to seeing you there!  Remember that early registration runs from 6:00 – 10:00 PM in the main lobby of the Convention Center, and regular registration times run from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM on Friday the 27th.  Be sure to register early so you don’t miss out on any of the action!

Event Reminder Time

While we’ve been going over important topics like referrals, body language, social media, and all kinds of stuff, it would seem that the end of December is creeping in.  In addition to the coming of the new year and all that brings, there are also a couple of other important items you should have on your radar.

National Agents Alliance 2012 National ConventionRemember that the National Agents Alliance 2012 National Convention is coming up from January 26th-29th at the Raleigh Convention Center.  Keep in mind that after December 31st, the ticket price will be going up!  If you haven’t gotten your ticket already don’t put it off any longer, grab it before the price increase.

Another important booking date is also fast approaching.  Both the Sheraton and Marriott were running special rates for National Agents Alliance.  The Marriott rate expired on December 26th, but the Sheraton’s special is still available until January 2nd.  Be sure to book before they sell out so you can stay where the rest of the team is!  For further details and information, check out the hotel info on the 2012 NatCon site, near the bottom.

Also, if your December production month qualifies at Team Builder or above, you are invited to the Foresters pre-party before the convention starts.  With the month in its final days time is of the essence!  Make that final push right now!  Questions on qualification?  Check out this news release with all the information and a video breakdown.  A lot of this kind of information is included in our NAAtv videos that are done for you, so remember to check in on those frequently (especially the Rewind and Did You Know? segments).

Be sure to make use of all of our social media outlets on a regular basis too.  We’re on all of them, and put up all kinds of information on events, company happenings, and even just some questions so we can hear from you good folks.  Please feel free to comment on our posts, blogs, and videos – We like the attention and like you involved!  Click away below!

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National Agents Alliance NatCon 2012 – Be There!

Imagine a place you could find inspiration for your work.  Truly powerful statements coming from those that have been there, and not merely words of encouragement, but actual and tangible knowledge presented in a way that motivates and energizes you.  On top of that, this environment would offer some actual time with these individuals that will stimulate your personal growth and development in addition to giving you such extraordinary knowledge.  Perhaps it’s not just a simple place to get these things either, but an environment that is also exciting and fun, with music and multimedia to invigorate your mind in addition to strengthening its business expertise.  Even better, your peers can be there with you to also partake in this place, to absorb and discuss it all with you, generating more questions, ideas, and enjoyment to partake in.

What you have just imagined actually happens at National Agents Alliance National Convention!  This is a truly amazing event that can be an incredibly powerful tool for not only your business development, but also your personal growth.  Speakers at this event will give you information on both, they will motivate and energize you, show you that you can achieve the goals you set, and will do so with vivacity!  Fellow agents, managers, and top players for National Agents Alliance will all be there and ready to discuss everything and anything to empower you to accomplish, or even exceed, your goals.

Things are done in a fun and exciting environment, so not only will you hear a lot of valuable information, but you’ll also retain and actually enjoy learning it!  Applying these concepts to your business, self, and life in general will increase your potential dramatically and empower you to get results wherever you want them.  The National Convention is truly a powerful tool that you should make use of and explore to its fullest!

If you haven’t been considering attending, you should!  It’s coming up fast (January 26th-29th, 2012) so explore the National Agents Alliance National Convention site for some more details, and be sure to check out what other agents have said about their experiences!

Click here to see more awesome footage from past events!

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