3 Struggles Life Insurance Agents Face (and How The Alliance Can Help)

Selling life insurance and other similar products can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools or support. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most common issues life insurance agents face and how we can help you overcome them.

  1. Leads – A lot of agents complain that they don’t have enough leads, or the leads they do get seem to be random ChangeSamepeople pulled out of the phone book who have no interest in their products. Some companies even encourage agents to go door to door, but many people believe that they can’t afford life insurance or think they don’t need it.

    Fortunately, The Alliance receives tons of requests from potential clients each day who want life insurance, so agents don’t have to worry about bad leads or trying to find clients on their own. We even have a department called the Lead Performance Team who can help you with your leads.

  2. Regulations – Life insurance agents are often frustrated by the insurance laws, as they vary from state to state. New York is one state that’s known to have a lot of restrictions, but there are many others. There are even restrictions that change based on what city you live in, not just what state. All of these regulations are difficult to keep track of and can limit what you can sell.

    Although The Alliance can’t change the laws in your area, we do offer at least one policy in all of the 50 states and D.C., which ensures that you have something to offer clients in your area and it’s fairly easy to sell insurance in other states. Many agents at The Alliance get licensed in their home state and a state where they have friends or family so that they can run business while visiting loved ones. We also have a knowledgeable staff that can help you keep track of what policies are available in your state.

  3. Objections to Annuities – Annuities sometimes get a bad reputation, specifically variable annuities which do have the potential to lose money if the market decreases. Once an annuity is associated with losing money, clients want nothing to do with it.

    The Alliance only offers indexed annuities, which DO NOT have any market risk, so your client’s money will only remain the same or increase over time – never decrease. We know that it can be difficult to get clients to see annuities as a good retirement income option, so we provide tons of information and training from some of the top annuity salespeople in the country. You’ll learn how to talk to clients about annuities, social security and other retirement plans.

If you’re a life insurance agent looking for a company that will help you overcome the struggles associated with selling life and disability insurance and annuities, call National Agents Alliance today at 336-227-3319 or apply online. We help agents reach their full potential while helping clients get the coverage they need – and we’ll be happy to help you too!

Industry seeing what Alliance has known

Elite Ladies of The AllianceMembers of The Alliance know that women are more than welcome in our company, and we celebrate their successes via the Elite Ladies of The Alliance for those who produce more than $100,000 annually. In fact, many of our top producers are female agents who are consistently recognized on stage at our national events because they are among our top leaders.

We have always believed in offering a level playing field for any person who wants to be successful. Now, many women in the industry believe this trend is finally happening across the board.

A recent study released from a poll by the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation found that almost 75 percent of female agents attending the IICF Women in Insurance Global Conference in New York in June think the industry is on the road to reaching gender equality. The poll included a sample of more than 300 women at the conference.

The survey found that 72 percent of women occupying leadership in insurance roles believe the field is “making progress” in regards to gender equality. The study also had 68 percent of the women polled, stating that their organization is working to promote gender diversity.

Other findings from the poll included the following:

When asked about the greatest challenge women face in ascending to leadership, 39 percent of responses pointed to limited opportunities for upward mobility within their company.

Another 30 percent of respondents said the greatest challenge is women not promoting themselves effectively.

37 percent believe that the industry’s biggest improvement toward gender diversity is seen through shifts in corporate culture.

The benefit for networking opportunities was seen as the most important step toward gender equality by 24 percent of the women polled, up from 9 percent in 2014.

The best news for women in The Alliance is that there are no limits with our company. The bar is as high as you want to set it. We’re proud that we’ve been ahead of the industry in terms of advancement opportunities for all people, and we are glad to see the trend is catching on industry wide.

What’s Happening at The Alliance’s NatCon15?

The Alliance’s 2015 National Convention is less than three weeks away and excitement is in the air. The Convention will take place from January 22 – 25 at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Many people are thinking about New Year’s resolutions, but we have the same goals each year: Think bigger and do better than the year before. NatCon15 is huge part of kicking off the New Year right, so our staff members are doing all they can to make this event even better than the rest.

Our speakers are top agents and experts in various aspects of the business, so you’ll come home with plenty of knowledge and training. In addition to selling and recruiting gurus, we’ll also have speakers who can help you achieve success in all aspects of your life.National Agents Alliance Convention 2015

Our keynote speaker, Bishop Trevor Manhanga has helped mediate and create peace during some of the most turbulent times in Zimbabwe. He has overcome great obstacles to spread the gospel, bring peace to troubled areas of Africa, spread awareness of AIDs and HIV and fight for human rights and democracy. Andy Albright decided to bring Bishop Trevor into the U.S. all the way from Africa so that he could speak to members of The Alliance on how to overcome difficulties in life to grow and succeed.

And if you’re interested in learning more about a specific topic, like Lead Tips and Tricks, Leadership Team Building or even How to be a Better Spouse, you can sign up for breakout sessions! Breakout sessions are seminars that last 50 minutes to an hour and there are more than 20 different sessions to choose from! You can also use the breakout session time slots to meet and greet vendors or other agents in the main convention areas.

In addition to seeing speakers on stage and in breakout sessions, you can hang out with them at meal times if you purchase the All-Inclusive Upgraded Ticket. You can even stay in the same hotels as the top leaders: the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel or the Raleigh Marriott City Center!

All of that is just the beginning, and although there is so much more we could tell you, it’s better if you just come! If you haven’t purchased your ticket or signed up for breakout sessions, visit www.allianceeventures.com today before we sell out!

4 Gifts NAA University Has to Offer Insurance Agents

December is often thought of as a time of giving. However, the NAA University team believes in giving all year round! The Alliance provides you with the opportunity to succeed and NAA University offers the education and tools you need to achieve it!

If you or your agents haven’t checked out NAA University, read the list below of many gifts that www.naauniversity.com has to offer you!

  1. Quality Education
    With over 45 courses, you can easily access quality training from Top Alliance Leaders like Andy Albright, Gina Hawks, Eric Lardie, Jason Carey, Debbie Benn and many more.
  2. Helpful Tools and Resources
    With NAAU, you can access quoting tools, underwriting grids, the ATM and over 20 other helpful documents.
  3. Flexibility
    Because NAAU is online, you can access it from almost any place, any time on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  4. Great Value
    While Universities charge thousands of dollars, we provide the training you need at a price you can afford. Courses range from FREE to just $7 and you can earn more free courses through our Scholarship Program.

If you’re unsure of what courses start with, try course 121 – Carrier Placement. If you’ve already completed this course, check out our list of 10 courses you should take first!

Millennials Need Life Insurance Too!

Many insurance agents are overlooking or even dismissing the potential of a major client market based on the fact that this demographic was born between 1978 and 1995.

Ah, yes … millennials.young woman millenial

Research shows that agents feel like this group is too young and are in too much debt to even begin talking about life insurance.

Reality, however, is much different.

Millennials are making more than most people realize and they are doing a pretty good job of socking money away. But, most millennials are not even considering life insurance, which means they are not properly covered.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so why not reach out to this group to increase your client base? The industry has long ignored millennials and this is the perfect time for you, as an agent, to change that. This group is the future of the industry and there’s no better time than now to address their needs.

Consider the following …

Millennials are poised for more financial success in the future. They are financial savvy and they are building relationships with people in that area. They might be less likely to be married or have children, but many are heading in that direction. A large portion of millennials are making $100,000 annually and many of them save at least 20 percent of that income.

Offering them an even stronger financial plan is a great opportunity to feed their desire to be financially solid down the road and you can build a relationship that can span decades to come. You can teach them how life insurance provides protection and can also provide cash value.

Many millennials are poised to experience life events in the next month or year. Marriage, a new child or a new home are all coming down the pike for this group. This means they have a HUGE need for protection even if they don’t realize it yet. The best time to take care of this is now, while they are still very healthy and very young.

Another characteristic of millennials is that they tend to plan things out. With that said, why wouldn’t they plan for their family’s well-being should something happen to them? Many of them have coverage through work but it’s not enough. They lack the proper coverage and need to be educated about what is available to them. Your job is to show them they are not properly covered and help them be prepared.

Remember, helping millennials could open up an entire new market for you that you didn’t think about previously. Don’t discredit any potential client because you think they are too young to need our products and services.

Do you need a college degree to become a life insurance agent?

There are many community colleges and universities across the U.S. that offer courses on life insurance and annuities, but they also cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and don’t always work with your schedule. Is it really necessary to spend that much money and sacrifice quality time with you family for the education you need to be a successful agent?

The short answer is no. Here’s why:

Here at The Alliance, we understand that knowledge and learning is a valuable and necessary part of becoming an agent, but we also know that it isn’t necessary to take out loans and apply for tons of scholarships to get the education you need. That’s why National Agents Alliance offers so many training opportunities at affordable prices that suit your busy schedule.

NAAUProduct Specialist Gina Hawks and Alliance Motivator “Coach” run a training program for insurance agents called NAA University. This program offers courses on sales, products, management, company values and concepts and building a team. NAAU also offers resources and tools to make selling quick and easy. About half of the courses are free, while the other courses cost just $7 each.

Don’t want to have to sit through a long, boring class each week while missing out on time with you family and friends? No worries. NAA University’s courses are all online video courses where you can watch the videos on your own time, and even pause to take a break. Most of the courses are less than forty minutes long, so you could knock out all of them in about two weeks! But, if you’re busy running business, you can take the courses you need now and wait to take some later in your career.NAAPres

And if NAA University isn’t enough education for you, The Alliance also offers 4 conference calls and one live show EVERY week. We also have program called President’s Club which offers personal mentoring, your own website, additional training tools and more. We also have weekly meetings all over the country and a few conventions each year to give you a chance to associate with top leaders in the industry.

So the answer is no, you don’t need a college degree to become a life insurance agent. All you need is to sign up with NAA to get the training and career that’s right for you. If you’re already an agent, head over to www.naauniversity.com to start your training. If you’d like to get started with The Alliance and access the best training possible, visit www.nationalagentsalliance.com and sign up today.

More Ways NAA Agents Can Help than ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

By now you’ve probably seen tons of videos on the internet of people dumping ice water on their heads as a “challenge” for charity. The hashtags #ALSicebucketchallenge and #icebucketchallenge have taken social media by storm. The challenge has raised tens of millions of dollars for research on ALS so far. While raising money for charity is a great thing to do, there are other things we (agents of National Agents Alliance) can do directly for these families. But first, we need to look further into what ALS patients go through and what they and their families need.

What is ALS?

ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease that currently has no cure. Patients lose the ability to voluntarily move muscles and can eventually become fully paralyzed. The disease ultimately causes the patient’s death. It’s also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

What do the patients and their families need?

For most families dealing with ALS, they need emotional support and financial help. An ALS diagnosis can be extremely stressful as the patient and their family deals with the sadness that a life will come to an end soon along with the financial stress of medical bills and final arrangements. While they turn to family, friends and doctors for support, most families have nowhere to turn to for extra finances.

How can NAA agents help?

Some fortunate families have planned ahead and already have a life insurance policy in place that can help with immediate medical bills and cover final expenses. For those who don’t have life insurance, it’s almost impossible to find a company who will insure them after their diagnosis.

That’s where we can help. The Alliance currently offers two Guaranteed Issue Whole Life products from Kemper Senior Solutions and National Guardian Life. Everyone who is between the ages of 40 and 80 can qualify for these products, regardless of their health. Because ALS is most commonly diagnosed in people ages 40-70, most ALS patients will automatically qualify. Although Kemper isn’t available in all states, NGL’s policy is available in every state except New York, so most ALS patients in the U.S. can get coverage. The policy can ensure that the patient’s loved ones won’t have to face the burden of outstanding medical bills, funeral costs and other final expenses.

While the ice bucket challenge has been successful in raising money for future treatments and cures, there are other things we can do to help the families who are suffering right now. If you’re an agent and would like to learn more about these products, visit the carrier pages on www.naaleads.com or take a look at the free product courses on www.naauniversity.com.

If you or a friend or family member has ALS and are interested in life insurance coverage, please fill out your information on www.naalife.com. Our agents will be happy to help you through this difficult time.

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