4 Gifts NAA University Has to Offer Insurance Agents

December is often thought of as a time of giving. However, the NAA University team believes in giving all year round! The Alliance provides you with the opportunity to succeed and NAA University offers the education and tools you need to achieve it!

If you or your agents haven’t checked out NAA University, read the list below of many gifts that www.naauniversity.com has to offer you!

  1. Quality Education
    With over 45 courses, you can easily access quality training from Top Alliance Leaders like Andy Albright, Gina Hawks, Eric Lardie, Jason Carey, Debbie Benn and many more.
  2. Helpful Tools and Resources
    With NAAU, you can access quoting tools, underwriting grids, the ATM and over 20 other helpful documents.
  3. Flexibility
    Because NAAU is online, you can access it from almost any place, any time on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  4. Great Value
    While Universities charge thousands of dollars, we provide the training you need at a price you can afford. Courses range from FREE to just $7 and you can earn more free courses through our Scholarship Program.

If you’re unsure of what courses start with, try course 121 – Carrier Placement. If you’ve already completed this course, check out our list of 10 courses you should take first!

Millennials Need Life Insurance Too!

Many insurance agents are overlooking or even dismissing the potential of a major client market based on the fact that this demographic was born between 1978 and 1995.

Ah, yes … millennials.young woman millenial

Research shows that agents feel like this group is too young and are in too much debt to even begin talking about life insurance.

Reality, however, is much different.

Millennials are making more than most people realize and they are doing a pretty good job of socking money away. But, most millennials are not even considering life insurance, which means they are not properly covered.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so why not reach out to this group to increase your client base? The industry has long ignored millennials and this is the perfect time for you, as an agent, to change that. This group is the future of the industry and there’s no better time than now to address their needs.

Consider the following …

Millennials are poised for more financial success in the future. They are financial savvy and they are building relationships with people in that area. They might be less likely to be married or have children, but many are heading in that direction. A large portion of millennials are making $100,000 annually and many of them save at least 20 percent of that income.

Offering them an even stronger financial plan is a great opportunity to feed their desire to be financially solid down the road and you can build a relationship that can span decades to come. You can teach them how life insurance provides protection and can also provide cash value.

Many millennials are poised to experience life events in the next month or year. Marriage, a new child or a new home are all coming down the pike for this group. This means they have a HUGE need for protection even if they don’t realize it yet. The best time to take care of this is now, while they are still very healthy and very young.

Another characteristic of millennials is that they tend to plan things out. With that said, why wouldn’t they plan for their family’s well-being should something happen to them? Many of them have coverage through work but it’s not enough. They lack the proper coverage and need to be educated about what is available to them. Your job is to show them they are not properly covered and help them be prepared.

Remember, helping millennials could open up an entire new market for you that you didn’t think about previously. Don’t discredit any potential client because you think they are too young to need our products and services.

Do you need a college degree to become a life insurance agent?

There are many community colleges and universities across the U.S. that offer courses on life insurance and annuities, but they also cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and don’t always work with your schedule. Is it really necessary to spend that much money and sacrifice quality time with you family for the education you need to be a successful agent?

The short answer is no. Here’s why:

Here at The Alliance, we understand that knowledge and learning is a valuable and necessary part of becoming an agent, but we also know that it isn’t necessary to take out loans and apply for tons of scholarships to get the education you need. That’s why National Agents Alliance offers so many training opportunities at affordable prices that suit your busy schedule.

NAAUProduct Specialist Gina Hawks and Alliance Motivator “Coach” run a training program for insurance agents called NAA University. This program offers courses on sales, products, management, company values and concepts and building a team. NAAU also offers resources and tools to make selling quick and easy. About half of the courses are free, while the other courses cost just $7 each.

Don’t want to have to sit through a long, boring class each week while missing out on time with you family and friends? No worries. NAA University’s courses are all online video courses where you can watch the videos on your own time, and even pause to take a break. Most of the courses are less than forty minutes long, so you could knock out all of them in about two weeks! But, if you’re busy running business, you can take the courses you need now and wait to take some later in your career.NAAPres

And if NAA University isn’t enough education for you, The Alliance also offers 4 conference calls and one live show EVERY week. We also have program called President’s Club which offers personal mentoring, your own website, additional training tools and more. We also have weekly meetings all over the country and a few conventions each year to give you a chance to associate with top leaders in the industry.

So the answer is no, you don’t need a college degree to become a life insurance agent. All you need is to sign up with NAA to get the training and career that’s right for you. If you’re already an agent, head over to www.naauniversity.com to start your training. If you’d like to get started with The Alliance and access the best training possible, visit www.nationalagentsalliance.com and sign up today.

More Ways NAA Agents Can Help than ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

By now you’ve probably seen tons of videos on the internet of people dumping ice water on their heads as a “challenge” for charity. The hashtags #ALSicebucketchallenge and #icebucketchallenge have taken social media by storm. The challenge has raised tens of millions of dollars for research on ALS so far. While raising money for charity is a great thing to do, there are other things we (agents of National Agents Alliance) can do directly for these families. But first, we need to look further into what ALS patients go through and what they and their families need.

What is ALS?

ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease that currently has no cure. Patients lose the ability to voluntarily move muscles and can eventually become fully paralyzed. The disease ultimately causes the patient’s death. It’s also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

What do the patients and their families need?

For most families dealing with ALS, they need emotional support and financial help. An ALS diagnosis can be extremely stressful as the patient and their family deals with the sadness that a life will come to an end soon along with the financial stress of medical bills and final arrangements. While they turn to family, friends and doctors for support, most families have nowhere to turn to for extra finances.

How can NAA agents help?

Some fortunate families have planned ahead and already have a life insurance policy in place that can help with immediate medical bills and cover final expenses. For those who don’t have life insurance, it’s almost impossible to find a company who will insure them after their diagnosis.

That’s where we can help. The Alliance currently offers two Guaranteed Issue Whole Life products from Kemper Senior Solutions and National Guardian Life. Everyone who is between the ages of 40 and 80 can qualify for these products, regardless of their health. Because ALS is most commonly diagnosed in people ages 40-70, most ALS patients will automatically qualify. Although Kemper isn’t available in all states, NGL’s policy is available in every state except New York, so most ALS patients in the U.S. can get coverage. The policy can ensure that the patient’s loved ones won’t have to face the burden of outstanding medical bills, funeral costs and other final expenses.

While the ice bucket challenge has been successful in raising money for future treatments and cures, there are other things we can do to help the families who are suffering right now. If you’re an agent and would like to learn more about these products, visit the carrier pages on www.naaleads.com or take a look at the free product courses on www.naauniversity.com.

If you or a friend or family member has ALS and are interested in life insurance coverage, please fill out your information on www.naalife.com. Our agents will be happy to help you through this difficult time.

Alliance Leadership Conference in July 2014

In just a few weeks agents will be flocking to The Alliance Headquarters in Burlington, NC for the annual Leadership Conference (LeadCon). The event takes place from Thursday, July 17th- Sunday, July 20th, 2014. The Alliance Eventures team is working non-stop to make sure this conference has everything you’re looking for. The conference will feature top leaders, guest speakers, representatives from our insurance carriers, and more! You can meet NAA staff, like the members of the Lead Performance Team, President’s Club Liaisons, our KIT Marketing Director, NAA University Advisors, and the media team from AMP Studios. You’ll also be able to purchase supplies and apparel from the NAA Store. Andy Albright and Product Specialist Gina Hawks will be offering training as well!

If you’ve been to one of our conferences before, you’re probably wondering, “What’s so different about this one?” The answer is simple: Breakout Sessions! Instead of having only general sessions, this conference will have both general sessions that everyone can attend and smaller breakout sessions with more specific topics. You’ll get to pick which sessions you want to attend. Some breakout session topics include The Basics of OASys and How to Take Advantage of the NAA Leads System, How to set up your ATM, and Leadership TEAM Building with Jeff Bright – and those are just a few!

So how much does this awesome opportunity cost? The “Ticket to Your Future” costs just $99! If you’d like a chance sit down and have a few meals with the top leaders, you can get the “All-Inclusive Upgraded Ticket” for just $369! This ticket includes 5 meals right at the Alliance Headquarters, so you won’t have to leave the area and you’ll get to spend quality time with people who can help you succeed. PLUS you’ll get a free audio recording of the entire weekend, which won’t be available for sale!

Not from the area? We’ve got special group rates at local hotels. These locations include Ramada on 2703 Ramada Road, Hampton Inn on 2935 Saconn Drive, and Quality Inn on 2444 Maple Avenue. We had a group rate at Best Western, but they’ve already sold out! There will be shuttles running from these hotels to NAA headquarters from Friday, July 18th to Sunday, July 20th.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Ticket prices go up at the door and there are a limited number of All-Inclusive Tickets so go to www.allianceeventures.com and register now!

How Do You Achieve Success? Just Ask!

What if Andy never asked Fitz to join the Alliance? What if no one ever asked you to join The Alliance?

Many people miss out on opportunities for success simply because they were afraid to ask someone a simple question. You’ve probably thought about asking your neighbor if they needed life insurance or if they need a job, but never asked because you were afraid they wouldn’t be interested. You can’t succeed if you don’t ask! Below are some questions you can ask to help others and become more successful.Don't be afraid to ask questions

Ask friends, family, and acquaintances
Whether you’re in a conversation with a good friend, your sister-in-law, or someone you just met, you can always slip a question into any conversation. Have you ever thought about life insurance? Do you have a retirement plan at work? Have you ever thought about trying a different career? Of course, you won’t ask all of those questions at once, but you if you politely slip them into your conversations you can show the other person that you care about them and their future. There’s always a chance that they could use your help or advice. If not, they might come to you if they think of someone else you could help.

Ask your manager
Some people feel like they’re bothering their manager if they ask questions, but that’s what your manager is there for – to help you succeed! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. How am I doing? What could I do to improve in this area? Do you have any advice about this? Your manager should be more than willing to answer your questions, or point you in a direction of someone else who can help you. If you find that your manager is unwilling to respond to you, don’t take that as a sign to stop asking – you need those answers! Ask other agents or our staff at headquarters where you can find answers to all of your questions.

Ask your team
Just as you are sometimes afraid to ask questions, your teammates might have the same fear. If you haven’t heard from some of your teammates in a while, don’t be afraid to make a quick phone call or email to ask how they’re doing or if there is anything you can do to help them. If they see that you’re willing to help them out, they’ll be happier to work with you and more likely to help you out when you need it.

By asking questions of others you can build relationships, help others, make more sales, build up your team and achieve the success you’ve always wanted. Don’t miss out on an opportunity just because you’re afraid to ask one little question. The answer you get may change your life and theirs!

Five Reasons to Work with National Agents Alliance

When people hear about our career opportunities with National Agents Alliance they often ask, “Why should I choose NAA? What makes them different from other insurance companies?” Well, we’ve come up with a list of 5 reasons that you should join our team. We could have come up with 50, 100, or even a million, but we figured 5 would save you some time – you can talk to one of our agents at our HotSpot meetings to learn about the rest!

  1. We give you freedom. National Agents Alliance isn’t for people who want a 9 to 5 job where managers are constantly hovering over you, telling you what to do. The Alliance allows people to work on their own schedule; you decide what days and times you want to call clients, when you want to run appointments, and even how many days a week you want to work. You also get to choose which leads work best for you, and what areas of the country you like to work in. You won’t be stuck at a boring job doing the same thing every day; you’ll be meeting and helping people all the time while earning money doing it.
  2. We offer training. We’ve got tons of training resources including webinars, videos, online courses, mentoring programs, blogs, books, conference calls, live shows, meetings, and more. We’ve got training for people at all levels in their career, whether they’ve never sold insurance before or have been selling it for 20 years. Just check out our blog that highlights many of our training materials: Training Materials for Agents
  3. We work as a team. Although you do have the freedom to work independently, you’ll still have the support of a team. Our agents are willing to help each other out to improve strengths and work on weaknesses. If you’re ever struggling, or feel like you need help, just pick up the phone and call your manager or another top agent, and they’ll help you out. We encourage an environment of caring and support, because that’s how people grow, both individually and as a team.
  4. We make a difference. Other companies view customers as just another sale. National Agents Alliance doesn’t see it that way. Our customers are people just like us, who need protection for their family’s financial future. We care about our customers just like we care about our own families. They need help, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to find an affordable solution. This is a win-win because our customers get the protection they need and our agents get the reward of knowing that they’ve impacted the lives of others.
  5. It’s a win-win-win. With NAA, you have the opportunity to build your own agency. So you’ll not only be protecting families with insurance, but you’ll also be helping others learn to sell insurance so they can earn a good income for their family, just like you. It’s a win for the customer, your agents, and your family. The only thing better than a win-win situation is a win-win-win situation!

If you’d like to learn more about National Agents Alliance and our great career opportunities, please visit www.nationalagentsalliance.com. If you’d like to attend one of our meetings, please visit www.naahotspots.com to find a meeting near you! We can’t wait to help you start achieving your dreams!

How to Work with both Older and Younger Clients

Today’s clients are separated by the digital divide; the baby boomer generation isn’t always caught up with the latest technology, while the younger generations are using devices, apps, and social media platforms you may not have even heard of yet. So how do you cater to both of these audiences when selling life insurance? We’ve got a few tips to help you out.

Contact baby boomers via phone and use print materials to help them better understand how you can help them. The baby boomer generation is less likely to use emails or text messages, so it may be wise to stick with phone calls and door knocking to contact them. When you’re in the home, look for clues that may tell you whether or not your client is tech savvy. If you see smart phones, tablets, or computers around, they might be comfortable viewing your ATM presentation on a tablet or laptop. Otherwise, it may be best to let them flip through your hard copy binder to gain a better connection with you.

It’s important to make the younger generations feel comfortable having you in their home. Generation Y is all about texting, social media, blogging, video chatting, and other digital communications. These clients are much more used to doing business online, so having you in their home may be a little out of their comfort zone. For these clients, it’s important to make them feel as comfortable as possible; get to know them and show that you genuinely care about their family’s needs and financial future. Younger clients probably won’t be surprised at all if you take out a tablet to show them your presentation or use an e-application.

The best way to prepare for an appointment is to have every material you could possibly need with you. Have both print materials and digital materials ready (with batteries charged) so that you can decide once you get to the home what you think the client would prefer.

One thing that both generations want from you is to know that you care about them and their best interests. If your clients can see that you are doing your best to find affordable coverage to protect their family, the appointment should be smooth.

A National Agents Alliance Christmas Story

What in the world is an agent to do
When it’s just before Christmas and he hasn’t a clue
What to do with a license and a handful of leads?
How can he cover everyone’s needs?Santa Claus

At Alliance Headquarters, we are here to help you!
Chat with Support or take NAAU!
The team in Eventures can give you some tips
for NatCon hotels or a carrier trip.

President’s Club has training galore,
and there are product calls if you still need more.
A conference call with the team from Leads
Will answer your questions with amazing speed.

Meanwhile, get to your local HotSpot
and invite all your friends to see what we’ve got!
Then Keep In Touch with the families you’ve helped
And a Merry Christmas is under your belt!

The Alliance wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! Don’t forget that NatCon14 is just a few weeks away, and tickets are going fast! Prices also go up at the door, so make sure you get yours early at www.allianceeventures.com.  You could even get extra tickets to give to your fellow agents for the holidays!

*Please be aware that there will be no lead distribution on Tuesday, December 24th or Wednesday, December 25th due to the Christmas holiday, so plan ahead. Instant Purchase will still be available and all predestined leads will go out on schedule. Please check your email for a holiday email blast that was send out last week and today, December 23, 2013.*

National Agents Alliance is Kicking Off the New Year with NatCon14

National Convention is our biggest annual event and we’re getting fired up about seeing all of you there next month! Although we can’t give away all of our plans for NatCon14, we can give you a few ideas of what you have to look forward to.2014 National Convention

For those of you who haven’t been to our previous National Conventions, there will be plenty of training and motivation to help you get committed and focused in the New Year. We’re here to help you reach your full potential and see the success you’ve always dreamed of. This means that you’ll get a chance to associate with the most successful agents and you’ll hear from Andy and Jane Albright, Coach, Gina Hawks, Barry Clarkson and so many more! During NatCon14, we’ll also be releasing our new catch phrase to replace the 2013 “Get Your Ship Together” theme and contest.

The Lead Performance Team (LPT) will also be offering their Lead Certification Class on Thursday, January 9th before the event begins. You’ll definitely want to take this class if you want to learn more about leads and get your Lead Certification – AND it’s only $29!

You may know that Jane Albright hosts a Women’s Seminar each year, but you probably didn’t know that this year Andy Albright will host the first ever Men’s Seminar! They will take place on Friday, January 10th at 8:30 a.m. in two separate ballrooms. We know the ladies love hearing what Jane has to say, and we can’t wait to hear what Andy’s message will be for the men of the Alliance!

On Saturday there will be an awards banquet and presentation which will honor the agents who have been successful in 2013. Be sure to bring your best suits and dresses because this is an elegant black tie event!

We can’t spoil all of the details, so you’ll just have to register at www.allianceeventures.com to find out more! The event will take place on January 10-12, 2014 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC. Base tickets are $179 and All-Inclusive Meal Tickets are $399. The Alliance Eventures website also has information on special hotel rates near the convention center. Also, prices will go up at the door so get your tickets early!

P.S. One of our key speakers will be introduced on next week’s TWC (The Wednesday Call), so be sure to watch on Wednesday, December 11th!

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