Andy Albright and Success

Andy Albright is a small-town boy from Union Ridge, North Carolina, who achieved financial and personal success through a company called National Agents Alliance. While building National Agents Alliance, Albright and his wife, partners and friends have been blessed to see other people become financially successful as well. Albright’s journey really started before National Agents Alliance even started, so let’s back up about 40 years.

Andy Albrght of National Agents AllianceGrowing up, Albright’s parents worked hard, but they had limited resources that probably kept them from knowing what the “good life” really is. Albright knew this from a young age and was determined not to live his life that way. Don’t get things wrong, his parents took care of him. He had food, clothing, a roof over my head, etc …, but Andy Albright wanted more than that. Albright’s parents did teach him to believe he could do whatever he wanted in life, and he has carried that mindset with him since an early age.

When Andy Albright was young, he worked a lot of different jobs. He worked long hours in tobacco fields when it was well above 90 degrees outside, he raked pine needles and raised goats. He always used his money to reinvest in whatever business he was in. Albright did that with the hope of increasing his production capacity. More productivity would equal more money. That’s about all he knew back then.

While Andy Albright always worked hard at whatever job he had, he was always asking questions with the hope of finding ways to get ahead.

Andy Albright worked hard and made good enough grades to attend North Carolina State University, where he earned a degree in Textile Science in 1986. He chose N.C. State because it was an agricultural and mechanical school, and his parents loved N.C. State athletics. The Carolinas were rich in textile manufacturing back then, and Albright knew with his degree and work ethic he would get a good job with a good company.

Andy Albright made a decent living, but he was miserable at work. He was working for somebody else and knew he would never run the company, and that bothered him. To really be happy, he knew he had to take back control, and that would mean leaving his J-O-B!

The turning point came in January of 1990 when Albright’s wife, Jane was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease (a form of cancer). The Albrights quickly found out what they needed to do to find her the best medical care, so that’s what they did. It was during this time that Albright totally committed to achieving an income level where Jane would never have to work again.

Andy Albright kept working at his textile job. All the while he was feverishly working on side jobs that he hoped would lead to finding financial freedom and would let him quit his textile job (that would soon be headed overseas anyway).

When his wife’s cancer went into remission, the Albrights were in better shape financially, and had their first child Haleigh in 1994. In 1997, Albright decided to quit his job and move back into the home where he grew up.

The Albrights were determined to find a business that would set them up to be financially free and allow them unlimited opportunity. Andy Albright tried all kinds of things, and finally his cousin, Russ Everett told him how much money a person could make in financial services.

Albright started looking at life insurance. He looked at the statistics and realized that the “Baby Boomers” were incredibly deficient in owning life insurance. There were millions and millions of people who needed it and did not have it. Albright says that is still true today.

Andy had his answer and started putting together a team to create National Agents Alliance. Through the opportunity of selling life insurance, Albright and his team are helping people, making money, and making a difference. It’s been 10 years since National Agents Alliance started and Albright couldn’t be happier.

Jane Albright is still healthy, the Albrights have two wonderful children – Haleigh and Spencer, and Andy Albright has achieved financial freedom. It’s what he dreamt about as a young boy. Now, that doesn’t mean Albright is satisfied. He will always strive for a better future. Work is too much fun for him now. It is fun for the company and the agents. What National Agents Alliance does is too rewarding to stop. Albright wakes up glad to be alive, and he is ready to get going!

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