A few tips to be happier in 2017

happy-new-yearRemove apps – social media – from your phone!

How many times have you been having a rough day – be it personal or in the field – and you turn to dear old Facebook for inspiration? You start scrolling and you get more depressed because you see people at a party, on a vacation, etc. That’s a bummer. Try getting rid of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Stop being negative!

Every time you catch yourself saying something negative STOP! Correct yourself and think about something positive. We are what we think about most, so it makes no sense to think about negative things and outcomes. Ask your closest friends to keep you accountable as you try to eliminate the negative stuff in your life.

Read, Think and Grow each morning

OK, nobody enjoys waking up to an alarm and exercising their body and their brains. OK, some special people do, but most do not. It’s more a habit than something people enjoy. Decide that you are going to read, write, listen to audio and exercise every morning and then start doing it consistently. You will feel better physically and mentally.

BONUS: Try to go to bed at the same time each night too!

Clean out your closet

If you have too many clothes, get rid of them. If you wear the item often, keep it. If you don’t wear the item, let it go! Find a person you know that will use the item and appreciate that you gifted it to them. We all probably have way too much stuff even if we don’t want to admit it. Consolidate your wardrobe.

Be a better friend and co-worker

People can always be nicer. Show them by being a good example of what a nice person is like. Encourage people. Talk to people. Show people that you are genuinely interested in what they are doing in life. Write letters of appreciation. Tell people what they mean to you. Be a better friend and person in general. It takes effort, but the reward will be far worth it. Make an investment in people.

Learn something new

We all make the mistake of not growing, so we need to learn something new. Do this as much as possible. Don’t spend hours on something that is useless, but learn new things. If you don’t know about something, but you want to find out more then find a person who can teach you about that topic. This helps you grow and it is fun!

We hope you have a great 2017 and our tips help you become happier than ever this year!

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