Why the holidays are a great time to be in sales and recruiting

Thanksgiving is over and the turkey has all been gobbled up. You’ve made it through one of the three end-of-year holidays.

Many people consider this time of year to be a period when sales and recruiting experience a low point. Why do people think that way? Many assume that people are not looking for a new job because the season is so busy with gatherings and functions. This is just not the case.

People are always looking for a better opportunity. It doesn’t matter if Santa Claus is coming to town or not!

Smart sales people and recruiters flourish at this time of year. They know this is the time of year when you can separate yourself from being good to being great at what you do.

People are home more often during the holidays, which means you can get them on the phone or in person. People are out shopping and running errands all the time too. Just go to a local mall and start talking to people because they are out there. You will find people who are interested in what The Alliance does through insurance.

Don’t get sucked into the “go to every party” trap! But, if you do go to a party then talk to people about what you do and see if they are interested. If you are going to be at the party, you might as well make it productive.

The holidays are about spending time with those you care about, but that doesn’t mean you should take the month of December off from work. In sales and recruiting, you have to do it for 12 months a year to be truly successful. When you see other people wasting time, let that be a reminder to you that you need to get back on the phone and talk to people.

If you have to set a goal for each day or week, then do it. Make it fun. Make it like a game. Incentivize yourself to keep selling and recruiting. You can go from having a good year to a great year if you are committed to closing out the year strong. There are 365 days in a calendar year NOT 334! Make the most of all your days. It is OK to be merry and bright, but you will look a lot better if you have a “cash-flow glow” about you because you kept working to close out the year strong.

If you really need to be motivated, find an accountability partner who will help cheer you on. Maybe you even compete against them. Whatever it takes, do that!

Don’t underestimate the potential to hire a bunch of people at this time of year. Keep your activity on pace with what you did up to this point. It’s OK to take time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you don’t need to stop working all together.

Don’t let the holidays be the excuse for why you didn’t have the kind of year you wanted to have. You can enjoy family and friends and still keep your business on track. Somebody is waiting to hear from you, so stop postponing action and pick up the phone. Keep chopping wood and the tree will eventually fall down for you. Stay focused and consistent.

Think about the rewards you will enjoy down the road for the work you are doing now. If somebody is going to do the job, it might as well be you?

Be thankful for all your blessings at this time of year, show gratitude and appreciation to other people and keep doing the tasks that helped you become as successful as you are right now.

Once the year ends and you look back on the work you put in, you will be thankful you finished out the year with a bang!

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