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How to Work with both Older and Younger Clients

Today’s clients are separated by the digital divide; the baby boomer generation isn’t always caught up with the latest technology, while the younger generations are using devices, apps, and social media platforms you may not have even heard of yet. So how do you cater to both of these audiences when selling life insurance? We’ve got a few tips to help you out.

Contact baby boomers via phone and use print materials to help them better understand how you can help them. The baby boomer generation is less likely to use emails or text messages, so it may be wise to stick with phone calls and door knocking to contact them. When you’re in the home, look for clues that may tell you whether or not your client is tech savvy. If you see smart phones, tablets, or computers around, they might be comfortable viewing your ATM presentation on a tablet or laptop. Otherwise, it may be best to let them flip through your hard copy binder to gain a better connection with you.

It’s important to make the younger generations feel comfortable having you in their home. Generation Y is all about texting, social media, blogging, video chatting, and other digital communications. These clients are much more used to doing business online, so having you in their home may be a little out of their comfort zone. For these clients, it’s important to make them feel as comfortable as possible; get to know them and show that you genuinely care about their family’s needs and financial future. Younger clients probably won’t be surprised at all if you take out a tablet to show them your presentation or use an e-application.

The best way to prepare for an appointment is to have every material you could possibly need with you. Have both print materials and digital materials ready (with batteries charged) so that you can decide once you get to the home what you think the client would prefer.

One thing that both generations want from you is to know that you care about them and their best interests. If your clients can see that you are doing your best to find affordable coverage to protect their family, the appointment should be smooth.

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