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National Agents Alliance Can Protect People with Illnesses

Agents know that it can be difficult to find affordable coverage for customers who have had illnesses like cancer, but with National Agents Alliance it doesn’t have to be impossible. Kemper Senior Solutions offers a policy that almost anyone can qualify for; it’s called Kemper Guaranteed Issue Whole Life.

KemperWith Kemper Guaranteed Issue, the customer won’t have to answer ANY health questions at all and smokers and non-smokers pay the same rates! This makes it a great policy for people who have illnesses or lifestyles that exclude them from other coverage options. The benefit amounts range between $5,000 and $25,000. The customer does have to be between the ages of 40 and 80. Annual and monthly premium modes are available and the premiums will never increase.

If you have a customer who doesn’t need more than $25,000 worth of coverage and may not be able to qualify for other life insurance options due to their health or lifestyle, Kemper Guaranteed Issue Whole Life would be a perfect option for them!

To get contracted with Kemper or to get more information on Guaranteed Issue Whole Life visit Click on Kemper from the carrier menu on the left side of the page. Please note that Kemper is currently only available in 35 states. Kemper is pending approval in MD and MT and is NOT available in AK, CA, CT, DC, DE, HI, MA, MN, ND, NH, NY, RI, and VT.

Get Your Ship Together for Fall Forward

The Burlington Fall Forward event is coming up at the end of the week, and we want to make sure that you’re prepared! You don’t have to do a lot to get ready, but we do have a few tips for you.

  1. Set some goals. It’s okay to attend the event to see what you can learn, but you’ll get even more out of it if you set a goal for yourself. Do you need more training on annuities? Do you have questions to ask the Lead Performance Team or Director of KIT Marketing? Who do you want to associate with? Make it a goal to get your questions answered or learn as much as possible on a certain topic. Find out who might be attending and make it a goal to associate with some of them. If you know what you want to get from the event, you’re one step closer to achieving it!
  2. Get here early! Get directions ahead of time to make sure you know how to get here. Due to limited parking on the main campus, we’re asking that you park at our Maple Avenue office (1206 Maple Avenue) and take our shuttles to NAA headquarters. The shuttles will make continuous trips all day. Get here and park early so you can catch the first shuttle! If you’re a Black Card member of President’s club, you will get a parking pass on Friday for reserved parking on the main NAA campus for the entire weekend.2013 Fall Forward
  3. Get fired up! Events at NAA are not like ordinary corporation events – they’re much more fun! We want you to learn as much as you can, but have fun doing it! Andy always says he doesn’t understand why people yell, scream and dance at sporting events, but barely cheer for their own success. We want you to be excited about having fun, making money, and making a difference. Your enthusiasm is appreciated, so get excited about the opportunity to meet Andy Albright, the National Agents Alliance staff, and other agents!

This all sounds wonderful, but you can’t take our advice if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet! Visit to purchase your ticket now. If you’re traveling a good distance to be here this weekend, check out our post on how to make the most of your travel time!

Do You Know What Women Want With Life Insurance?

In today’s day and age, it is common for women to hold leadership roles. However, it is becoming even more common for women to be the ultimate decision maker and chief financial officer of her household. What does this mean for you? This means that it is time to get more women protected with life insurance. How do you do that? Simple. Below are key points to know how to sell to your female population:5 Easy Sales Tips

  1. There are many characteristics that prove women should be the ultimate decision maker—Know them! These characteristics will help you to know how a woman thinks and acts. Women tend to think more long-term and holistically than men. Women are caregivers; they tend to care more about what will happen in the future. They are emotional and more inquisitive. Women tend to be more methodical and thorough. Lastly, they are inclined to want to develop a relationship of trust.
  2. Take a softer approach. Be patient when it comes to women because they do not like to feel pressured into making a decision, especially important life decisions. It is important to not be too pushy. Doing so will only result in you losing a customer. In the long run, it could very well pay off in referrals. Women are excellent at talking about great experiences when it comes to big decisions and purchases. Patience is a virtue, and one that many lack, but it is crucial when it comes to selling to women.
  3. Focus on the big picture—that’s all women really want! Women are concerned about the value of a product. What’s in it for them and their family in the long run? Don’t be analytical; just put your pitches and recommendations into the big picture and save the little details for later.
  4. The three things that women want most from insurance are certainty, safety, and protection. Help them understand how life insurance can provide certainty, safety, and protection for their family’s future, and they’ll be more willing to make the purchase.

Why is it important to provide coverage for the female population? Well, aside from the fact that they are the key financial decision makers now, if you only develop a relationship with the man and lack a relationship with the wife, you stand a high risk of losing a customer if the man dies. Don’t let that happen! Use these key points to improve your relationship with potential female clients and watch your sales increase.

Get Your Ship Together at the Alliance’s Burlington Fall Forward

Lead Performance TeamAre you attending the Burlington Fall Forward? If so, don’t forget to attend the following special training classes to get the most out of your Fall Forward experience!

The Lead Performance Team will be offering an Introductory Lead Class on Friday, Oct. 18th from 7:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. Registration opens at 7 a.m. The cost of this class is $29 with discounts to President’s Club members. The Introductory Lead Class will offer a concrete understanding of each lead and what the lead system entails, as well as educate new agents on how leads are created, how they roll, and how best to maneuver the website so that you can be even more successful with NAA! You will also be provided with a textbook manual packed with valuable information to use as a constant reference. This is one class you do not want to miss! If you have not registered, please contact the Lead Performance Team to reserve your spot by emailing or calling 336-227-3319.

The Alliance’s product specialist, Gina Hawks will be offering FREE annuity training on Friday, Oct. 18th from 10 a.m. until Noon. Clear the fear of annuities and attend this special training to increase your profitability by learning from the best! No registration is necessary, so don’t forget to add this event to your Fall Forward schedule!

Fall Forward will take place on October 18-20th at NAA Headquarters located at 1214 Turrentine Street, Burlington, NC 27215. We can’t wait to see you there!

For more information about the LPT please visit

Do you know what the Alliance books of the month are?

Success! The Glenn Bland MethodPresident and CEO of the National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright released on The Wednesday Call that the books of the month for October are “The Retirement Miracle” by Patrick Kelly and “Success! The Glenn Bland Method.”

Andy chooses one or two books each month for the National Agents Alliance staff and agents to read. He insists that these books will help you grow and improve in your business and personal life. Andy does not care where you get the books from, but he offers a service called Andy’s Book Club that will have the books of the month delivered right to your door every month at a discounted price. With Andy’s book club, you won’t have to wonder what the top agents are reading; you’ll have the books in your hands. You won’t have to worry about figuring out where to buy the books and you won’t have to worry about the price because they will already be discounted for you.

September’s books of the month were “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey and “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. Other books in Andy’s book club have included “Skill with People” by Les Giblin and “Winning with People” by John C. Maxwell.

If you’d like to stay up to date on what Andy and other top producers are reading, watch The Wednesday Call every week or join Andy’s Book Club at

These are the books that keep Andy fired up, and they can motivate you too!

National Agents Alliance October Updates

There is a lot going on at the Alliance in October! We like to keep our agents up to date on the latest Alliance news, and this month we’ve got a lot to tell you!

Fall Forward events begin this week. We’re kicking off the Los Angeles Fall Forward this week on October 4-6. You can still register, but tickets are running out! Fall Forward will feature LPT classes, free annuity training, new NAActivity books, video releases and more! The Burlington Fall Forward will take place on October 18-20 at NAA headquarters. You can register at

The Instagram Pirate Contest is ending soon! The winners of the Instagram contest will be announced at the Burlington Fall Forward, so you have until October 18 to post your pirate photos to Instagram with the hashtag #NAAPirates. The contest will be judged based on two categories: Best Individual Photo and Best Family Photo. You could win 2 of the best seats in the house at NatCon14, reserved seats with Andy for a meal at NatCon14, a $50 NAA Store gift card, and your photo in the NatCon14 program!

We’ve released a new cruise theme song that you can get for FREE! As you may have heard from Matt Taflan in the latest PULSE episode, you can download the song for free! You could be singing this song on the Oasis of the Seas in 2014! Click on the following link to listen or download it:

We’re getting MORE staff at the Alliance headquarters. As NAA gains more agents and sales, we’re hiring more staff to keep things running smoothly. To make room for more employees, we’re moving some desks around, so the Alliance office may look a bit different the next time you visit!

The staff at National Agents Alliance headquarters has been busy, and we hope you have been too! Subscribe to this blog to get more news, sales tips, and motivation delivered right to your email.

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