Someone Holding You Back from Success? The Alliance Can Help.

You’ve probably heard Andy Albright and other people in National Agents Alliance talk about “association.” They’re talking about spending more time with successful people who can help and encourage you to reach your goals. But part of association is also spending less time with people who aren’t helping you achieve success. Who are these people? Make a list of all of the people who fall into the categories below and you’ll have a complete list of people who are holding you back.

People Who Don’t Follow Their Own Advice or Offer Terrible Advice

We’ve all had a friend who told you that an idea was “great,” and you should “go for it!” but you later found out they didn’t follow their own advice. Either your idea really was good and your friend was just too lazy or too scared to follow the advice, or the idea was really terrible and they knew it. No matter what the situation, the person is obviously not serious about your goals or their own.

Self-Centered People

People who are only concerned with themselves are not willing to help anyone else achieve their goals; therefore it’s a complete waste of time trying to get them to care about your needs and goals. They’re too busy talking about their own achievements to worry about yours.

People Who Don’t Have Your BackHolding You Back

Many people will say that they’ll support you, but only a few actually will when things get tough. Anyone who isn’t willing to push through difficult times with you or offer encouragement when you need it is someone you should avoid. Don’t waste your time and energy with people who are all talk and no action; they’re only holding you back.


People who call, text, email or come to you in person just to tell you what’s going on in everyone else’s personal lives is wasting your valuable time and money. You’re not going to be more productive or successful if you get the full story of why Bob and Sally broke up, but you will be more successful if you make five calls during the time you would have been gossiping. Also, if that person is willing to talk about others, they’re probably willing to talk about you too.

People Who Refuse to Improve

Everyone has come across a person who complains about their life or the way things are, but are completely unwilling to do anything to produce change. Unless they decide to “get their ship together,” they’ll only hold you back from the things you want in your life.

By spending less time with people who wear you down and hold you back, you can become unstoppable. Now that you’ve made a list of people to avoid, start working on your list of people to spend more time with!

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