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3 Leadership Skills for Insurance Sales

leadersWith the numerous training materials available to sales representatives these days, it’s easy to lose focus and stretch yourself too thin trying to meet abstract objectives and achieve concrete metric goals in an extremely dynamic environment.  It’s important to keep in mind that though the world is ever-changing, there is always one factor which we are able to control: ourselves.  Inspiring yourself and those around you is one of the simplest ways to gain success and establish yourself as a leader at National Agents Alliance, and possessing the three characteristics below will aid in garnering the respect and attention of those around you.


One of the most glaringly obvious traits of any successful salesperson is the ability to maintain a positive attitude, no matter the circumstance.  Rejection is a difficult fact of life to accept and overcome, but the ability to keep their chins up and power through the “no’s” while motivating themselves and others is what truly sets the successful salesman apart from the rest.


This quality ties directly into the above point that the only true control we possess is over ourselves.  Conduct a SWOT analysis of yourself and your situation – in terms of internal factors, what are your Strengths and Weaknesses?  Where do you feel you have the natural ability to excel, and what areas could use some work?  For external factors, can you identify any Threats, such as competition, which you perceive to be keeping you from closing a sale?  What can you do to overcome these obstacles?  Or are there Opportunities, such as new markets, which you have yet to explore?  Be honest with yourself and with others.  Leading by example is the most effective way to establish trust and credibility with your team.

Ability to Listen

Often overlooked, the ability to listen is one of the most crucial components of any job.  Without it, learning is impossible and growth in every area will certainly be stunted.  Remembering to always be a student and to continuously absorb information from associates as well as experiences is what keeps a good employee from becoming stuck in a rut and inevitably obsolete.

Though this is far from being an exhaustive list of the traits of a successful sales leader at National Agents Alliance, these are stand-out qualities of those who have proven themselves capable of making the sale time and time again.  If you’re stuck in a rut and are waiting for your situation to improve, just remember that there is a common denominator that you have control over – and it’s you.

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