Retaining Your Clients

Retain ClientsNational Agents Alliance is committed to making a difference in people’s lives through the services we provide. When you help your clients, retaining them is very important and is built on some key factors. Below are some tips to help you along the way!

Retain your clients with National Agents Alliance by following the 3C’s: Consistency, Commitment, and Communication.

Consistency: Never oversell your services; it will easily push your client away before you’ve even finished your pitch. Deliver realistically, and deliver more than expected. By keeping your work consistent, you are adding value to your business that will make you hard to be replaced.

Commitment: Don’t be shy about letting your clients know how valued they are. Train your employees to extend sincere thanks for even the smallest transaction. Spend time on a phone call, email, mail a personalized letter, whatever avenue you choose, will make your customer feel important.

Communication, communication, communication. You can’t hear this enough. By keeping the lines of communication open to your clients, it creates a great relationship built on trust and depth. Keep your customers involved. Get feedback and implement them where needed. Also remember, the better relationship you establish, the better you can anticipate their needs before they even request it. Be on top of the next step!

Doing the basics like using the 3 C’s will help you improve your client retention.

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