The 4 Major Life Insurance Gaps You Should Direct Your Efforts

If you’re looking for new lead opportunities, look no further as a new Genoworth white paper has released the areas where there are huge gaps in life insurance.

Large Families:

The Genoworth study found that there is a major gap in coverage in adults who have children in their households. This is also a demographic that truly needs to invest in life insurance to ensure that their children are taken care of if the unthinkable occurs. The study noted that the gap could be caused by lower incomes and the cost of have a large family.

Unmarried Parents:

According to Genoworth’s 2012 LifeJacket Study, 59 percent of unmarried women do not have life insurance, compared with 43 percent of those who are married. In addition, 69 percent of unmarried fathers lacking insurance, compared with 34 percent of married fathers.


Women have less life insurance coverage than men, the study found. With women having bigger financial roles and are working and earning more than ever, they will also need to have coverage to support their loved ones if they suddenly pass.

Consumers With Common Health Concerns:

Believe it or not, but adorable life insurance is becoming more available for those who have been diagnosed with certain health conditions, like asthma and depression. These barriers keeping consumers from receiving preferred rates on life insurance are coming down and being replaced with more affordable options.

The U.S. is still filled with opportunity for life insurance sales, but it’s all where you look and direct your efforts. Now, hammer down and get to work!

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