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The 4 Major Life Insurance Gaps You Should Direct Your Efforts

If you’re looking for new lead opportunities, look no further as a new Genoworth white paper has released the areas where there are huge gaps in life insurance.

Large Families:

The Genoworth study found that there is a major gap in coverage in adults who have children in their households. This is also a demographic that truly needs to invest in life insurance to ensure that their children are taken care of if the unthinkable occurs. The study noted that the gap could be caused by lower incomes and the cost of have a large family.

Unmarried Parents:

According to Genoworth’s 2012 LifeJacket Study, 59 percent of unmarried women do not have life insurance, compared with 43 percent of those who are married. In addition, 69 percent of unmarried fathers lacking insurance, compared with 34 percent of married fathers.


Women have less life insurance coverage than men, the study found. With women having bigger financial roles and are working and earning more than ever, they will also need to have coverage to support their loved ones if they suddenly pass.

Consumers With Common Health Concerns:

Believe it or not, but adorable life insurance is becoming more available for those who have been diagnosed with certain health conditions, like asthma and depression. These barriers keeping consumers from receiving preferred rates on life insurance are coming down and being replaced with more affordable options.

The U.S. is still filled with opportunity for life insurance sales, but it’s all where you look and direct your efforts. Now, hammer down and get to work!

How to Kick Up Your Referrals Up a Notch

Sometimes doing what you’re supposed to do isn’t enough, especially when you’re hoping your client will refer you to their friends, family and co-workers.

If you’ve been doing exactly what you’re supposed to do and meeting your clients’ needs, but still aren’t getting the influx of referrals you’d hoped for doing a job well done, then you need to kick your customer service up a notch.

While there is nothing wrong with doing everything that you promised your client, it may not be enough to inspire them to share your contact information with their loved ones.

It’s the above and beyond things that you do for your clients that makes you stand out from the rest and prompt your clients to share their experience with you to others, who are looking for the services that you’re providing.  There is still something to be said about handwritten notes, asking about their loved ones are doing and knowing a little bit about their life that you can chat with them about; calling to wish them a happy birthday, and just calling to check in with them from time to time.

In the end if you go above and beyond, and establish a good relationship you will begin to see more referrals coming your way!

Persevering Through a Sales Plummet

Persevering Through a Sales Plummet

When you have a career in sales, hitting a few sales slumps every now and then is an unavoidable fact of life. These slumps occur because of a variety of factors, from the economy to your sales pitch, making it difficult at times to climb out of the rut and start selling again.

When you’re going through a rough patch with sales, it’s easy to get discouraged and worried that you won’t get back to a place where you are selling consistently and feeling successful. While getting discouraged seems like the natural reaction, it’s vital – for your sales career, at least – that you remain positive and continue on, making it your mission to succeed.

That said, staying positive and persevering through the rough patches is easier said than done. When you hit that low point, you will be tempted to let the negativity get the best of you. At National Agents Alliance, we are convinced that staying positive, being motivated, and surrounding yourself with people who will encourage you are essential parts of being successful. We’ve got some tips to keep you pushing forward when sales aren’t so hot.

  1. Stay positive– We’ve already touched on this a little, but we want to go a little more in-depth about this tip. So, you’ve been at the top of your game for a while, but lately your sales are hit-and-miss and people who used to produce less than you seem to be lapping you. You’re feeling kind of discouraged, wondering why you’re not selling like you used to. As hard as it may be, try to constantly remind yourself that “this too shall pass.” The more aware you are that this is just a “phase” of the salesman’s career, the easier it will be to work through. If you let yourself get down and discouraged, you will be so worried about your sales performance that you may blow the sales calls you do go on. Stay positive and remember your prior success – making room for negativity will only extend the life of your sales slump.
  2. Stay calm– In order to successfully stay positive, you have to master the task of staying calm, as well. When your sales plummet, it’s easy to instantly think of all the things that could go wrong as a result. Your mind may scroll through a list of expenses and responsibilities, or you may worry about your rank or a contest you are working toward. While these things are important, remaining calm is a surefire way to “get your ship together” and work toward climbing out of your sales rut. If sales aren’t great, freaking out will not help. The best way to get out is to keep booking appointments and going on sales calls, remaining calm and continuing to serve your clients. Your confidence and genuine care for your clients will show, and your sales will pick up. Step back – don’t overanalyze or constantly compare yourself to others. Keep working toward your goals and you will achieve them.
  3. Stay alert– If you have remained calm and positive and booking calls but still not selling, take a look at a few factors that may be determining your success or failure. Some things to evaluate are: your sales pitch and sales style, your clientele and the products you are pushing. Have you recently changed your sales pitch or style? Are you being too pushy, or not pushy enough? Are you trying to sell final expense to a 20-year-old? If you are not pitching the appropriate coverage to the appropriate age group, you may be experiencing sales issues because of that. Did you formerly take a personal approach to your sales pitch, and now you’re taking a more salesy approach? You may be trying a new trick that simply isn’t working for you. Or maybe your sales style is outdated. Try switching things up if you’ve used the same style for a while, or try reverting back to your old style if you’ve changed recently. Stay alert and aware of the things you do and you will be able to see what changes you have made that may or may not be working.

Reminding yourself to stay positive and calm will make the process of getting back into your sales groove easier and less stressful. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and give you advice, and you will be moving forward in no-time. Persevere and keep succeeding – that’s The Alliance way!

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