Developing an Exceptional Character

Developing an exceptional character

Exceptional Character

Not everyone is simply born with an exceptional character- when people are, it is truly a gift. Most need to learn how to develop an exceptional attitude to possess it. A few outstanding traits that can be harnessed to develop an exceptional character are learning to be more personable, knowing and exemplifying the true meaning of being hardworking, and becoming the most dependable agent you can be.

When going on sales calls, it’s important to be personable with your prospective clients. If you know more about your clients and understand their needs, you won’t be selling them insurance they don’t need. You can start by sharing a story about your own family, or even how you started working with National Agents Alliance and how long you have been there. When you are building common ground with your clients, their needs will come more easily. Because life insurance is such a personal purchase, taking time to get to know your client will make you both feel more comfortable.

Now, even if you have the most personable demeanor, you’ll have to pair your ability to relate with clients with being hardworking. Think of all the times back in school when you were forced to do an entire project by yourself. Thinking of that, who ended up benefiting from it? You were the one who really got something out of it. If you are not motivated and working hard, how can you expect anything to happen? Here at National Agents Alliance, we challenge our agents to keep working, reading, and putting themselves around people who encourage them so that they are able to grow as a person and as an agent. To help with working towards success, you can set daily, monthly, or even yearly goals to help finish your tasks. Start simple, like booking three or more calls per week. Then, work your way up to selling more and more insurance policies each week. Your goals can be as easy or as challenging as you prefer, just continue working hard, keeping your goals for success in mind.

Dependability is another important trait of our most valuable and successful agents at National Agents Alliance.  People love to be able to depend on others, and they often don’t trust people who are inconsistent. Put yourself in your clients’ position– they are not buying Girl Scouts Cookies. No, life insurance isn’t a spur-of-the-moment purchase. You need to be dependable and honest to be successful and to make a difference. Would you want to buy something as important as life insurance from someone who was dishonest with you? That’s an example of how dependability, or lack of, can affect a company, an agent or a client. A good thing to do is ask yourself: “If I can’t depend on myself, who will be able to depend on me?”

Those three traits are attainable for anyone who wants to grow and is willing to work hard. Once you have gotten the hang of one trait, the other two will come more easily. Always keep the Alliance’s motto, “Have fun, make money, and make a difference” at the heart of everything you do.

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