Meeting Your Clients’ Needs at National Agents Alliance

Shaking HandsWhen you have a sales jobs, it’s important to remember to put your clients’ needs first, even before your need for a paycheck. While agents have needs of their own, the clients are depending on their agents to provide them with the best life insurance coverage possible at rates that meet their budgets. A great agent is an agent who truly works for the good of others – someone who seeks to make a difference in peoples’ lives through a service-oriented career.

In order to be a great agent, this idea must be captured and applied to a person’s life. It’s vital for agents to show clients that they are dependable, professional and available – these are the qualities that make agents trustworthy and capable in clients’ eyes.

There are three simple qualities of a great agent that all agents should maintain. Evaluate your traits and see if these are included. If not, work toward them and apply them to your personal and professional life.

  1. Be prepared: In order for agents to be a useful resource for their clients at National Agents Alliance, agents must be prepared – in all ways – to get their clients the coverage they need. From knowledge of products to proper sales call etiquette, agents are responsible for being prepared for it all. Agents are to act professional and should know as much as possible about what they are selling. Knowing your stuff will show the confidence you have in yourself, your company and what you are selling. Displaying this confidence will make your clients more likely to trust you, buy from you and tell their friends about you.
  2. Be consistent: In order to gain trust from your clients and a good reputation for you and your company, it’s essential to be consistent in your behavior and actions. If you tell a client you will be at their home at 7 p.m., be there then. If you arrive early on one visit and late on another, you will show inconsistency in your behavior. This also shows a lack of professionalism, making you a less trustworthy source in your client’s eyes. In addition to being consistent in your timing, be consistent in your behavior. If you are kind for the entirety of a sales call, until your client says he would like to meet with you again before deciding to buy his coverage from you, you will show inconsistency in your behavior. Acting differently or getting visibly frustrated will make clients think that your kind behavior was just a front, and they will likely not buy coverage from you. Be dependable and consistent – these are things clients look for in their insurance agents.
  3. Be reachable: In order to keep clients, keep them happy and keep a good reputation, it’s important to be available for your clients when they need you. If a client has a question or concern, it’s important for them to know they can contact you, and also important for you to answer or call them back fairly promptly. If a client tries to call you once a day for a week and you don’t respond or call back, for instance, you are showing your client that he is not a priority for you. Being reachable, however, shows clients that you are ready and willing to help them. This will build credibility for you and your company, and your clients raving about you will be your best form of advertising.

The combination of these traits makes a great agent, as they put the emphasis on the clients’ wants and needs rather than the agent’s. It’s important to develop a trustworthy and reliable reputation to grow your clientele and succeed with National Agents Alliance.

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