Recruiting Tips: How To Find Top Performing Agents

Finding Good RecruitsIf you’re ready to kick your recruiting into high gear, especially as National Agents Alliance reaches the end of its November Recruiting Contest, we have some tips that will help you find new, quality agents.

As you know, finding good people to help you with your business isn’t as easy you’d think. For every five people you hire, one or two may be worth the time to spend shaping them into a leader in their own right.

But INC. Magazine has released four cheap and effective ways you can find good salespeople:

  1. Referrals from friends and colleagues: The recommendations from people you love and trust are the best way to finding high performers. Your friends and colleagues won’t recommend someone who is unqualified, because it would reflect poorly on them.
  2. Ask your customers: Good salespeople bond with their clients, and in turn, it builds a relationship. Because of this relationship, your clients will want the best for you. These clients will often know when their rep is hiring people to join their team, and because they only want to deal with good salespeople, they’ll recommend quality people.
  3. Use social media: LinkedIn is a powerful recruiting tool because you can directly advertise for salespeople, and browse a candidate’s qualifications, specialties, and recommendations. Plus, sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have groups in which you can join to meet and talk to top salespeople in your field.
  4. Be sociable: In the grocery store, the doctor’s office waiting room, or standing in line at the bank, are all opportunities to fine quality prospects. “A leader should always be looking for great salespeople, especially outside of the work environment. Wherever you go, keep a lookout for people who look like they might fit your business, and when you see them, engage them in a discussion. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain,” INC. Magazine advises.

The hunt is always on for top performing people, who could become an asset for your business. So keep your eyes peeled and employ these techniques and you can build a powerhouse team before you know it.

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