The Top Sales Tactics You Should Avoid

Working SmarterIn the world of sales, there are many things that you could do that would lead to disaster when speaking to a client. Just one simple—or dumb—move can cause you to fail to close the deal, and leave a bad taste in your client’s mouth.

In order to prevent the loss a valuable client, Inc. Magazine has unveiled the top dumb and shockingly common sales tactics to you should avoid:

  1. Answering Objections the Customer Hasn’t Surfaced: While it is good to prepare yourself with reasonable answers to objections your customer may have, it isn’t a good idea to bring them up yourself.  Brining up and explaining objections only make you appear to be defensive and unsure of the real value of your product that you are offering them.
  2.  Leaving the ‘Next Step’ to the Customer: Don’t ask your client to do your job for you. Prompting your client to contact you “if you’re interested” or “in order to learn more” in your sales letters or emails leaves the ball in their court. You want to maintain control by using these closing statements: “I will call you next week to discuss whether it makes sense to discuss this matter further.”
  3.  Selling Features Rather Than Results:  Many salespeople incorrectly believe that their customers buy a particular product because of its desirable features. But, customers are only trying to find out the impact the product would have on their lives. Instead of rambling off the features hoping to entice the client to buy a product, instead focus on the bottom line of how it’s going to benefit and affect their lives.
  4.  Faking Intimacy: People are always on guard that you are trying to sell them something, so if they can sense your being less than genuine. Trying to “suck up” to your client will only turn them off and find ways to end your meeting. Just try to remain professional, personable, and genuine and a relationship will bloom over time.
  5.  Talking More Than Listening:  It’s easy to get overly excited and nervous and began rambling. You not only fail to find out what your customer is truly seeking, but you aggravate them as well. Rule of thumb: If you’re talking more than they are you’re probably losing the game
  6. Failing to Follow Through:  Building relationships with your customers are the key to success, repeat business and referrals.After you have met with a client or made a sale, it is important to follow up with your client and to answer any questions they may still have. Keeping in touch with your clients is integral in building relationships that will you will continue to benefit from well into the future.
  7. Treating a “Close” as the End of the Process: Unfortunately many salespeople take “closing the deal” to mean that the sales activity has ended. The real work begins after you close the deal because you must continue to build a relationship with your client by continuing to follow up with them. If you can successful build a relationship, you will see repeat business and referrals from your clients.
  8. Asking for a Referral Too Soon: You should only ask for referrals if your client is happy with your service and the products that you’ve sold them, because they are not going to risk their reputation by recommending someone whose ability to perform is unknown to them.

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