NAA Success Tip: How to Make Time to Read

Stack of BooksHere at National Agents Alliance, we put a huge emphasis on reading. We believe in learning and absorbing the teachings of the great and successful leaders. In fact, the President and CEO of NAA, Andy Albright, said, “Those who access ideas by reading will succeed over those who do not.”

Between Albright’s Book Club, the NAA booklist, the “book of the month,” and the NAA Store which stocks every book on our suggested reading list, it’s obvious that reading is very important to our organization.

But, for some people just the simple act of sitting down to read just doesn’t come as easily to them as other people. The busy work schedule, the kids, and keeping up with life can leave you worn out and unmotivated to do anything at the end of the day. Instead of reading you head to bed or turn on the television to relax before calling it a night.

If that scenario sounds like you, here are some suggestions on how you can fit more reading time into your life:

  • Always carry a book with you
  • Read right before you got to bed every night
  • Buy audio books
  • Read while you’re on the “throne” (toilet)
  • Set a goal to finish a book once a week, every two weeks, or one a month
  • Keep a list of books to read
  • Get an e-reader to take advantage of their features and make the hassle of purchasing books easier
  • Read when you’re waiting in line, sitting at the doctor’s office, or whenever you’re waiting for something
  • Read during your lunch break
  • Read your book instead of the newspaper in the morning

Don’t let your lack of reading stand in between you and success. Unlock the secrets of leadership, success and wisdom through books written by some of the greatest leaders. To find out what NAA is reading, please visit the following links.

To join Andy Albright’s Book Club, click here:

To purchase an NAA-approved book, click here:

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