Catch the Success Wave

The Power of AssociationThe old saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” has more truth behind it than many people realize. In fact, there is an economic theory that if you take the incomes of your five closest friends and average them, the resulting number will be pretty close to your own income.

When was the last time you evaluated who you are spending your time or associating with? Determining whom you spend your time will actually make an impact on your bottom line. In fact, your reference group is more important in determining your success or failure than any other single factor,” according to Harvard professor David McClelland.

If you begin spending your time with people who are more successful and smarter than you are, it’s likely that over time you will begin to see your production and income begin to rise.

While you cannot change people, you can change your environment. Attend meetings, listen to audio, and make the effort to get around those who are in the position that you wish to be in. Catch their enthusiasm, drive and ambition; learn from them, study them and implement their advice in your life and you’ll begin to see your position in life elevate to unbelievable heights.

As Andy Albright said in the 8 Steps to Success, “if you do not believe that listening to the best people in the business telling you what they know will help you succeed, then you  have allowed your ego and arrogance to get the best of you.”

At National Agents Alliance we offer many avenues for you to associate with the right people and learn from the leaders of NAA. Through Rotational Meetings, Conferences and Conventions, Fall and Spring Forwards, you have the opportunity to associate with the right people—don’t pass up these opportunities. It may mean a six-figure income or heading back to being broke-ville.

The choice is yours—who will YOU be associating with?

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