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NAA Success Tip: How to Make Time to Read

Stack of BooksHere at National Agents Alliance, we put a huge emphasis on reading. We believe in learning and absorbing the teachings of the great and successful leaders. In fact, the President and CEO of NAA, Andy Albright, said, “Those who access ideas by reading will succeed over those who do not.”

Between Albright’s Book Club, the NAA booklist, the “book of the month,” and the NAA Store which stocks every book on our suggested reading list, it’s obvious that reading is very important to our organization.

But, for some people just the simple act of sitting down to read just doesn’t come as easily to them as other people. The busy work schedule, the kids, and keeping up with life can leave you worn out and unmotivated to do anything at the end of the day. Instead of reading you head to bed or turn on the television to relax before calling it a night.

If that scenario sounds like you, here are some suggestions on how you can fit more reading time into your life:

  • Always carry a book with you
  • Read right before you got to bed every night
  • Buy audio books
  • Read while you’re on the “throne” (toilet)
  • Set a goal to finish a book once a week, every two weeks, or one a month
  • Keep a list of books to read
  • Get an e-reader to take advantage of their features and make the hassle of purchasing books easier
  • Read when you’re waiting in line, sitting at the doctor’s office, or whenever you’re waiting for something
  • Read during your lunch break
  • Read your book instead of the newspaper in the morning

Don’t let your lack of reading stand in between you and success. Unlock the secrets of leadership, success and wisdom through books written by some of the greatest leaders. To find out what NAA is reading, please visit the following links.

To join Andy Albright’s Book Club, click here:

To purchase an NAA-approved book, click here:

What Is ‘Success’ to You?

How Do You Define Success?What are the things that let you know that you’ve made it? Do you define success by the clothes that you wear, the house that you live in, the cars that you drive and the vacations you take? Or is it the power, recognition, and fame that scream success for you? Some may even say a happy and healthy family is true success for them. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different answers.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently posed that question in a nonscientific Facebook poll to their fans, in which they discovered that respect trumped power and money as the definition of success.

According to the 600 respondents, nearly 52 percent revealed that success is “being respected in business.” Twenty-two percent stated that “being powerful in business” is success, while 12 percent said “becoming a millionaire” and “making my family proud” is when they know they’ve made it.

But, the one thing that all successful people will say is that it took hard work, dedication and the desire in order to make their dreams to come true; and that rewarding feeling that you know you accomplished your goal was the sweetest reward of them all.

Don’t let that rewarding feeling elude you. Everyone can be successful and accomplish their goals when they set their mind to it.

As Andy Albright said in the Millionaire Maker Manual, “It takes WORK to make your DREAMS work.”

So go ahead, set your goals and get to work!

The Cost of a Earning a Gold Medal in Business

Gold MedalSince the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games, the world has been captivated by the world’s best athletes competing for the gold medal.  Inspirational athlete Gabby Douglas, who left her family at young age in order to achieve her dream, took the gold in the gymnastics’ all-around; and swimming legend Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all-time, as people around the world were left in awe of what hard work and dedication can achieve.

While we are not all Olympians, and most of us will never know what it feels like to win a gold medal and stand on the podium, everyone can achieve the “gold” in their own right.

The common factor that every Olympian had was that they set a goal and did everything  they could to work toward achieving their dream—even if that meant leaving their family behind to train with the world’s best trainers and invest immense amounts of money into making that dream come true.

That “Olympian factor” is the same factor that can help you earn a gold medal in business.

There has never been an athlete who became an overnight Olympian, there were years of hard work, dedication, setbacks, failures and triumphs before they made it to the Olympics. The same is true in the world of business.

If you want to make it to the top, you need to set a goal and do everything in your power to make that dream become reality.

According to National Agents Alliance, the following training schedule can help you become successful in the business arena:

  1. Set a goal: What are you trying to achieve and where do you want to go?
  2. Work: Attend all meetings, training seminars and actively work toward your goal.
  3. Associate:  Get around people that you want to be like, and lose the ones that hold you down. If you begin spending  time with people who are more successful and smarter than you are, it’s likely that over time you will begin to see your production and income begin to rise. . In fact, there is an economic theory that if you take the incomes of your five closest friends and average them, the resulting number will be pretty close to your own income.
  4. Read: You need to be a lifelong learner. When you stop learning is when you’ll begin to fail.
  5. Be Teachable: Don’t ever be so smart that you can’t learn something new. Let yourself be coached by people who are more successful than you are.
  6. Have a Positive Mental Attitude: A positive outlook will bring positive outcomes.
  7. Listen: Listen to those when are in the position you want to be in. “Many ideas are communicated only when the listener pays attention to more than just the words that are spoken,” said Andy Albright, the president and CEO of National Agents Alliance in his book, The 8 Steps to Success.
  8. Be Accountable:  Be accountable to someone, whether it is to your family, employees, or someone you shared your goal with.

If you follow this training schedule, work hard and keep your eye on the prize, you too can become a gold medal winner in your business.  Don’t give up, fight, and be all that you can be!

Motor Vehicle Records to be Used by Life Insurers?

Filing Cabinet of RecordsIf you tend to have a lead foot and have a passion for the “fast lane” it may be time that you slow down and play safe while behind the wheel, as a new study has found that your driving history can be used as a predictor of an individual’s lifespan, the Insurance Journal reports.

Just like car insurance companies, life insurance companies could begin using motor vehicle driving records to predict an individual’s life span, which could affect your life insurance policy premiums.

A LexisNexis study, “The Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Mortality Study,” found that motor vehicle driving records are a predictive data source of an individual’s all-cause mortality, which is an individual’s overall likelihood of dying in general.

“Our research shows that motor vehicle records can be a reliable indicator of lifestyle risk for insurance applicants,” explained Elliott Wallace, vice president, life insurance, LexisNexis. “For consumers, this study offers insight into how lifestyle impacts risk and the considerations they need to make for life insurance. By examining the severity and number of violations on an applicant’s MVRs, a life insurer can make more accurate pricing decisions, improve risk posture and improve underwriting efficiency.”

Alcohol-relation infractions and excessive speeding caused all-cause mortality rates to soar to 70 percent higher than individuals who don’t participate in such infractions; while six or more driving violations raised an individual’s all-cause mortality rate by 80 percent.

The study identified the trend across all age groups and genders, with women typically having lower incidences of adverse driving records.

For insurers, LexisNexis researchers note:

  • In cases where underwriters are striving to improve the customer experience by ordering fewer reports, MVRs offer excellent protective value because they offer insights into an applicant’s lifestyle risk.
  • MVRs are one of the more affordable data sources available for insurers and are non-intrusive for customers – a benefit when applicant retention is an issue for most carriers.
  • MVRs can help insurers improve efficiency – real-time availability of MVR data means that insurers can streamline their processes and reduce cycle times.

So what does this mean to you? Some life insurance companies could begin using your motor vehicle driving records to get a better look at your lifestyle, which can affect the cost of owning a life insurance policy.

In closing, it’s best to drive safe and to understand that bad choices on the road can end up affecting more than your driving privileges.  National Agents Alliance team members, another important tidbit to be aware of!

Catch the Success Wave

The Power of AssociationThe old saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” has more truth behind it than many people realize. In fact, there is an economic theory that if you take the incomes of your five closest friends and average them, the resulting number will be pretty close to your own income.

When was the last time you evaluated who you are spending your time or associating with? Determining whom you spend your time will actually make an impact on your bottom line. In fact, your reference group is more important in determining your success or failure than any other single factor,” according to Harvard professor David McClelland.

If you begin spending your time with people who are more successful and smarter than you are, it’s likely that over time you will begin to see your production and income begin to rise.

While you cannot change people, you can change your environment. Attend meetings, listen to audio, and make the effort to get around those who are in the position that you wish to be in. Catch their enthusiasm, drive and ambition; learn from them, study them and implement their advice in your life and you’ll begin to see your position in life elevate to unbelievable heights.

As Andy Albright said in the 8 Steps to Success, “if you do not believe that listening to the best people in the business telling you what they know will help you succeed, then you  have allowed your ego and arrogance to get the best of you.”

At National Agents Alliance we offer many avenues for you to associate with the right people and learn from the leaders of NAA. Through Rotational Meetings, Conferences and Conventions, Fall and Spring Forwards, you have the opportunity to associate with the right people—don’t pass up these opportunities. It may mean a six-figure income or heading back to being broke-ville.

The choice is yours—who will YOU be associating with?

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