“Like” Your Way into Referrals and Leads with Facebook!

FacebookSocial media is a great way to advertise and market your life insurance sales business. National Agents Alliance Agency Managers can use Facebook as a means of creating new leads, boosting your agency’s visibility, and to get people talking about your business.

Facebook currently has more than 901 million users on its network, with 854 million monthly active users. The social media giant also produces 125 million impressions and 2.7 billion “Likes” by users every day.

With numbers like these, it’s foolish not to actively market your life insurance sales business on Facebook.   Building a Facebook business page and getting people to “Like” it is the basic method to doing this. If you have people who “Like” your Facebook business page, it will lend credibility to your company and provide an outlet for marketing and interacting with them. In fact, your “likes” are similar to a testimonial, an endorsement and a referral.

Think about it this way, if someone thought highly enough of you to “Like” your business page and connect with you, then they likely will think of you when they need to purchase life insurance products, or refer someone they know to you.

The task is in persuading people to “Like” your agency Facebook page. This can be accomplished through several different means. Certainly providing exceptional service with integrity is the foundation, but beyond that, online there are extra tactics. Posting articles and content about your products, what you do and how you can help people, and you can also post thought-provoking and question-related statuses—you want people to interact with your business and get people talking and sharing your posts.

The more content and information you provide your followers, the more they will engage with your business. This all builds credibility and positions you as an expert in the life insurance industry.  While it can be a great business booster, keep in mind that Facebook is a tool and a publicly facing outlet, and must be managed properly in terms of content, interaction and time!

So, NAA Agency Mangers it’s time jump on the Facebook bandwagon and get people talking about you!

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