First Things First

Good Morning SunshineWhat is the very first thing you do every day?  Successful agents with National Agents Alliance lead busy lives and each day brings a full schedule of appointments, phone calls, and follow-ups.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of building your own NAA business is that no two days are alike.  Instead of following a “boss,” you get to design your own life!

If you study the top producers in NAA, you will learn that almost all of them have a pre-game warm-up routine.  What does that mean?  Most of them take time at the start of each day, before the phone starts ringing, before the emails pile up, before getting pulled in all directions, to be still and connect with their gratitude and to plan their day.

Many agents come from work backgrounds where chaos is the order of the day, with people jumping from task to task, responding to the crisis of the moment.  At the end of the day everyone is exhausted, stressed out and very little has been accomplished.

With National Agents Alliance, we learn from reading books like The 8 Step to Success that we have to operate differently.  Andy Albright teaches us goal-setting techniques that include seeing the results before they actually happen.  This keeps us focused on the right things and keeps our day from becoming the chaotic drill we remember from the corporate world.

So, start your day quietly.  Give thanks for all that you already have.  Take some time to organize your day inside your mind so that it will all come together.  Make a short list of the most important tasks to accomplish today, and stick to your list so your day is less likely to get hijacked by everyone else’s priorities.

One of the great reads for morning time is Max Lucado’s Each Day.  You can easily find this book on the web, and it is a short and wonderful way to get your mind focused on the things that truly matter.  Starting you day by thinking about who you really are at the deepest level helps you become a better person.  Once you become a better person, better results seem to show up in everything you do.

So, start your day right; first things first!

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