How to Juggle Work and Kids in the Home

Work Life BalanceOne of the many benefits of working for National Agents Alliance and yourself is that you can work from home. For many people having the ability to work from home means you can save on other things, like child care. Your job has a lot of demands on your time, but now your children are demanding your attention too—making it difficult to actually get any work done.

If you have to balance your children and work, Entrepreneur Magazine has offer tips in their article “5 ways to work around the kids” on how you can remain productive while juggling babysitting duties:


  1. Work on fringe hours of the day:  If your priority is to be home with your kids while they’re young, then you may want to adopt the habit of working extreme hours in the morning before the kids get up, or at night after they go to bed. This would be ideal for managing work requirements that don’t require you to do things during traditional business hours, like make phone calls or set up appointments.
  2. Take advantage of nap time: Nap time—it’s those cherished few hours when there’s peace and quiet in your household. You need to be no-nonsense about naps and diligent about making them happen. Not only is it a good opportunity to squeeze in some work, it’s good for your child to have healthy sleep habits.
  3. It takes a village: No matter how great of a parent you are, you will need help from time to time. Consider a baby-sitting co-op with a friend or another parent who works from home. If you’re already watching one child, what’s another one? You’ll be able to trade off babysitting duties, allowing for longer periods of uninterrupted work time.
  4. Supportive spouse: Your spouse has to value your being at home with the kids. They also have to realize that you’ll need some help. Maybe they can go to work later one day or come home earlier one evening so you can get some child-free work time.
  5. Kid space: Depending on the age of your kids, consider setting up some child-friendly office space. Maybe your youngster has his own computer with kid’s games, coloring, etc. Give him some projects and make the supplies special. For instance, he can only play with those toys during “work” time. Do not expect to get phone calls or schedule any meetings during this time, but it’s a good time to go through the mail, inbox, etc.

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