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10 Traits of a Successful Salesperson

10 Successful TraitsThere are certain characteristics that make up every successful and top-earning salesperson, and the same holds true for the top performers here at National Agents Alliance. Not everyone possesses all these traits, but you may want to consider adopting and strengthening yourself in them in order to make more sales, and reach success faster.

According to the following were found to be the most common traits of a successful salesperson:

  1. A burning desire to prove something to someone: When someone doubts your dreams or your abilities, it creates a burning desire to prove them wrong. This drive to show someone that you can do it helps to push you even harder in achieving your goals.
  2. An interest in others: At National Agents Alliance, we strive to have fun, make money, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Helping others is at the core of our values and beliefs. Every insurance agent should be invested in helping their clients in every possible way, including going above and beyond the call of duty.
  3. Confidence and strength: You can tell someone has confidence by just looking at them—it’s how they carry themselves and the look on their face. By exuding confidence, others develop confidence and trust in you.
  4. Empathy: Having a sincere interest in your customers and their well-being creates trust that allows you to serve not only your prospects, but their friends, relatives and acquaintances that’ll be referred to you.
  5. A focus on goals: First step to success is creating goals and writing down those goals. You need a clear picture of what you’re working towards and when you expect to reach your goals. This helps you maintain your focus every day. As Andy Albright said, “always have the end in mind.”
  6. Persistence:  Actively working towards your goal each and every day is key in reaching success. Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. “The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning. “- Denis Waitley
  7. Enthusiasm through difficult situations: You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it. With enthusiasm and a positive attitude you can still make each day a day of accomplishment and fulfillment. When you actually take a step back and analyze the situation, most of the time it isn’t as bad as you thought.
  8. A positive attitude: Maintaining a positive attitude helps keep negativity from creeping in, and keeps you on the path to success. Don’t allow doubts and negativity to chip away at your drive to reach your goals.
  9. An understanding that people come before money: Not everything is about making the sale, we are in the business to help people. If you’re driven solely by money, and not the passion of what you do, you’ll never reach true success.
  10. An investment in their minds: Successful people are lifelong learners. Andy Albright stated in his book, 8 Steps to Success, that “learning something new should be a part of your daily lives.” Success is built on continuously learning how to perfect their craft and how to make their business better. Learning from the leaders of the industry is how you become better yourself, so be sure to leverage the tools that National Agents Alliance provides for you to do this!

Don’t Let Bad Energy Destroy Your Sale!

It’s time to pucker up buttercup, because your lack of energy is killing your game! Your attitude, energy level and enthusiasm are integral factors in determining if you’re going to make that sale!

As Andy Albright stated in Step Eight: Communicate with a Positive Mental Attitude of 8 Steps to Success, “Communication can be destructive or constructive…A successful business is a contagious attraction. Either you bring individuals toward you, or you push them away.”

Think Lovely ThoughtsA positive attitude coupled with enthusiasm and passion for what you do sends the message to the customer that you believe in your product, and you’re excited about what your product has to offer your customer. At National Agents Alliance, we are helping to protect millions of people nationwide in the unfortunate event of an untimely death, potentially saving a family from losing everything they own—that alone is enough to get excited about everyday!

Don’t believe me? Look at any top seller in National Agents Alliance; they are pro-active in our organization. Their high energy and positive attitude combined with their drive to make things happen is what has helped drive them to the top. Energy equals motivation and motivation equals success. People are drawn to positive people; no one wants to do business with the “doom and gloom” guy.

If you want to boost your energy level and attitude, try these tips:

  • Resolve to look at the glass not half empty, not half full, but full. Half of the glass is filled with water and the rest is filled with air.
  • Appreciate the good in your life. You woke up today, you’re breathing and you have a job; you’re doing better than a lot of people.
  • Exercise! When you exercise you release endorphins, the feel good chemical in your body.
  • Dress for success. When you’re dressed at your best you tend to feel better and exude more confidence.
  • Fish for compliments! When you need an extra boost of confidence call some of your satisfied customers to hear their positive comments about their experience. This not only gives you the confidence boost, it helps to keep the relationship strong by staying in touch.

Having the right outlook and high energy not only will benefit you professionally, but you’ll begin to see a positive change in your life altogether!

What is Persistency?

While persistency can mean different things depending on whether it’s used describing a person or as an insurance industry term, both definitions are quite similar.  Persistency is an important concept to understand in this business and is used as a common measure of performance.  Sometimes insurance can be a confusing road to navigate, so you may think the concept will be difficult to grasp, but don’t worry! National Agents Alliance President & CEO, Andy Albright, breaks it down for you in a quick and easy to understand way in the video above!

Check it out, and let us know in the comments here or on the National Agents Alliance Facebook Page (NAA on FB!) if you have any questions!

How to Become the Next Million Dollar Agent

Are you being teachable?

Have you learned something new today?

Did you resolve to change your life in order to reach success?

Teach, and be taughtAs Andy Albright asserts in the 8 Steps to Success, “learning something new should be a part of your daily life.” No one gets ahead in life by sitting idly, riding off their out-dated knowledge. Successful people continually work to perfect their craft, which comes in the form of ongoing education about their products, sales techniques and how to become better agents. Success is not accidental; it’s earned.

At National Agents Alliance we offer an array of opportunities for our agents to learn and become more “teachable.” Our agents have the option of taking advantage of educational programs like NAA University and President’s Club; as well as weekly rotation meetings take place all across the United States. National Agents Alliance also holds semi-annual conferences and Spring and Fall Forwards to further educate and inspire our agents.

Our most successful agents did not reach the top by not taking advantage of our educational programs and meetings—in fact, it was integral to their success. Look at our agent Stephen Davies, who became the youngest agent to earn more than $1 million in one year, doing so by the age of 25 – the direct result of becoming teachable.

In order to become the next million dollar agent you should be asking yourself:

  • Am I associating with the right people?
  • Am I reading?
  • Am I avoiding negativity and negative people like the plague in order to keep my focus?

At National Agents Alliance we promise that if you become more teachable, and follow Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success, you will reach heights of success that you never thought was possible.

Just keep Andy’s advice in mind: “Be teachable. Don’t think you are too smart to learn, and don’t think you’re too dumb to achieve.”

Build Relationships, Create Success

Little Happy PeopleRelationships: They’re the number one things that take a back seat when work takes over. But this sacrifice could be your biggest mistake when trying to reach success.

We often begin to neglect relationships when life gets busy, as we begin to shift our focus to the tasks at hand. With social media, texting, virtual meetings and telecommuting, the landscape of how we interact and build relationships with others has drastically changed in order to meet our busy lifestyles.  However, our human nature still craves face-to-face interaction and that personal connection with others.

Creating real relationships—not just professional ones— with your uplines, peers, employees, customers and all others that you interact with professionally, is key in making strides in your career. It is, of course, also important to maintain personal relationships with family and friends.

Your biggest asset is your network, which consists of these groups of people. Your network is where opportunities originate, and when you create a real relationship with people, they have a level of trust that separates you apart from others they know.

Everyone here at National Agents Alliance has gone through rough spells – just remember that when times are tough, it’s your relationships that will keep you going.   Tapping into this pool can generate new leads and sales if your other opportunity sources have dried up. Your network will always serve as a trustworthy resource that can help keep you afloat when other avenues have hit dead ends.  If you are too busy to maintain them, those individuals will forget about you when new leads come along, or when they are looking for your services.

If you want to become and remain successful don’t forget about your relationships! Go out of your way to make it into the office, meet with co-workers for lunch, attend meetings, even come on out to National Agents Alliance headquarters for one of Andy’s live shows! Don’t forget to go see your friends on the weekend too, because hanging out solely in the virtual world will not serve your well being in the long run.

Sell Yourself with a Little Charisma

Charisma takes you places!One common trait that all the world’s greatest leaders had in common is charisma, and it’s no different for the top performers here at National Agents Alliance. It is often the overlooked element of what makes up a great salesman. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, charisma is defined as the “personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure; a special magnetic charm or appeal.”

It’s a nonverbal communication that entices people to trust you and like you, which increases your likelihood of closing a deal. Not everyone was born with this attribute, but it’s not impossible to acquire the qualities of charisma with a little help.  To be a rock star agent, it’s a must!

CBS News reports the top ways that you can boost your charisma:

  1. Stand up straight: Slouching and bad posture are indicators that your head is not in the game, which sends the wrong signal to your customer. “Taller is seen as smarter, more confident and more credible around the world. Because of the way we are wired neurologically, standing up straight also makes you feel more self-assured, calm and in control — great ways to go into a sales call,” says Cynthia Burnham, author of “The Charisma Edge: A How-to Guide for Turning On Your Leadership Power.”
  2. Develop a strong handshake:  Your handshake is more important than you think! This is how you physically connect in the business industry. A strong handshake with sustained eye contact tells someone that you’re professional, serious and confident; while a weak handshake with little to no eye contact sends the message that you’re not confident and unsure of yourself.
  3. Lower the pitch of your voice—not the volume:  Having low, relaxed voices creates the perception that you’re more credible and compelling.
  4. Avoid “chopping” gestures: While talking with your hands try to avoid karate chop gestures. This can psychologically “cut up” the space between you and your client, CBS News reports.
  5. Pause before answering: Just breathe! Give yourself time to think about what you’re going to say, before you say it. It helps you appear more thoughtful and intuitive.
  6. Keep the nodding to a minimum: Avoid looking like a bobble-head figurine and keep your nodding to a minimum. Smile and nod once or twice in agreement.
  7. Enunciate and finish your words: Speak distinctly and finish your words. Don’t get in too much of a rush speaking that your words start to string together.
  8. Flash your eyebrows: Raising your eyebrows once and smiling, before relaxing them sends the message tells others that you’re happy to see them.
  9. Laugh: Don’t be too serious when meeting with clients. Laughing helps others relax and connect with you.

Practice doing these things whenever you can and before you know it, they will become second nature!  National Agents Alliance has faith that you can do it, keep developing yourself and you’ll be reaching new heights in no time!

How to Polish that Diamond in the Rough

The key to any great business is to have the right people behind it—driven, ambitious and enthusiastic people, who love what they do.  But, finding these types of people isn’t as easy as you would’ve hoped for; it’s almost a needle in a haystack scenario.

A Diamond in the RoughWhile you won’t always find a gem in the stack of applications, there may be a diamond in the rough. With a little polishing and some extra attention that person can become the leader you were seeking.

At National Agents Alliance (NAA) we offer a wide array of training programs and educational forums for our insurance agents to ensure that they too can be polished into that shining star.

NAA offers two training programs called NAA University and President’s Club, along with other educational opportunities like weekly conference calls and webinars; rotation meetings and conventions.

It’s also up to our agency managers and up lines to make sure their agents are getting the right training. Beyond what we have to offer at National Agents Alliance, we advise our teams and their agents to do the following:

  • Read:  Andy Albright provides a list of books in which we advise our agents to read, including Albright’s 8 Steps to Success and Millionaire Maker Manual.
  • Mentor: Agency managers and growing up lines should be constantly mentoring and working with their agents to ensure that they too become successful.
  • Listen:  As Andy Albright said in 8 Steps to Success, “Successful individuals are active listeners.” When you listen you open yourself up to a whole wealth of new knowledge. Learning from others is key to helping ourselves grow and avoid pitfalls that others have endured.
  • Let people go: No sense beating a dead horse. If you have an agent that feels that this is not his gig, then let them go—not every candidate has what it takes to become a leader. Concentrate your time on the agents that want to grow.

As Andy Albright said, “Learning something new should be a daily part of your life.”

Success Is Not Accidental

Sales SuccessOne of the blessings of being part of National Agents Alliance is the continuous training provided by CEO, Andy Albright. When you read his books, The 8 Steps to Success, and the Millionaire Maker Manual, you learn some of the history of the company and the CEO’s climb to success.  You learn quickly that his success did not happen overnight and, most importantly, that “Success Is Not Accidental.”

Andy constantly preaches to “be intentional,” meaning plan, plan, plan and plan some more!  At every local, regional or national event, much time is spent on the importance of goal-setting and one can be overwhelmed with the choices of goal-setting methods.  When you get familiar with our CEO you will find that he favors one particular style of goal-setting…Success! The Glenn Bland MethodThis book can be found at the NAA Store.

You learn in the first chapter of this book that Glenn Bland discovered the principles used by those who built vast fortunes when he finally became “success conscious.” He learned this at a time when he was doing his job and doing it well, but only because he was required to, not because he wanted to.  He found, because he was just drifting along, others dictated to him.  He figured it out and stated it this way:  “Men who have goals and plans dictate to others, while men who have no goals or plans are dictated to.”

He suddenly “got it” and said, “Techniques and methods change, but principles never do.”

So, to be intentional about your future means:  plan your future.  Determine your guiding principles and use them in the formation of your goals.  Using the Glenn Bland method, you will determine short-range, intermediate-range and Ultimate goals in four areas of your life:

  1. Spirituality.
  2. Financial/Business.
  3. Education.
  4. Recreation/Social.

The most successful agents with National Agents Alliance learn these methods quickly, raise the bar very high and set an example for others to follow.  They don’t settle for second place and never play small.  When they accomplish a goal, they quickly set a new, higher one.

Follow their example, and remember that success is not accidental!

Ensuring Repeat Sales

Achieving Repeat SalesAt National Agents Alliance (NAA) we encourage our insurance agents to promote repeat business by offering a positive experience with their clients the first time.

One sure-fire way to ensure that NAA insurance agents will have repeat customers, and referrals from their customer’s friends and family is to offer an experience they couldn’t get anywhere else.

This “experience” is everything for customer; it’s how they decide whether or not they will make a purchase from you. The experience you offer your customer can range from the quality of your product, to the level of customer service they receive. Since National Agents Alliance only offers the best products on the market, it’s important that our agents provide an equal or better experience for our customers.

Connecting, understanding the customers problems and then solving them with your product is key to success and repeat customers.

In Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success, step three is all about listening. Knowing and mastering the listening technique taught in Albright’s book is key into creating repeat customers and fostering an ideal experience.

In order to accurately assess who your repeat customers are, it’s advised for NAA insurance agents to keep a log of customers to see who is returning for repeat business and who isn’t.  For those customers who have not returned to conduct more business, or have not opted to make a purchase at the time, it is always good to make a phone call to see if your services could be of use.

Optimism Equals Sales

Don't Worry, Be Happy!Viewing the glass half full, rather than half empty may actually boost your sales performance.

According to The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work, “…testing revealed that the agents with more optimistic styles sold 37 percent more insurance than those with pessimistic ones, and that the most optimistic agents actually sold fully 88 percent more than the most pessimistic ones. Furthermore, agents who were more optimistic were half as likely to quit as were the pessimists.”

Our agents at National Agents Alliance can not only benefit from increased sales and performance, but in it can enhance your overall well-being when dealing with work-related struggles. For example:

  • Optimism reduces your stress levels.
  • Promotes happiness.
  • Optimism forges persistence, which is an essential trait needed for achieving success.
  • Increases productivity levels.
  • Helps you deal with failure constructively.
  • Makes you proactive.
  • Increases the likelihood of effective problem solving.
  • Ensures that you believe in your dream.
  • Increases your level of motivation.
  • Helps build successful careers by promoting productivity.
  • Optimism ensures that you are focused.
  • Promotes bonding between people.
  • Promotes effective communication.
  • Promotes confidence and self-esteem.

At National Agents Alliance we agree with Sir Winston Churchill, who once said,  “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

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