3 Easy Steps

National Agents AllianceAt National Agents Alliance, our newest agents have a good number of resources to learn sound sales techniques.  Every new agent has access to an experienced mentor, and that mentor has a real incentive to help that agent succeed so override income flows through the organization.

Through NAA University, the agent has a required course that prepares the new professional on all aspects of the business, especially in regards to techniques for the actual in-home presentation that leads to the sale and, hopefully, additional business through referrals and repeat business.

On top of those assets, the agent can count on the weekly Wednesday TV show with CEO, Andy Albright pouring out years and years of experience that teach invaluable lessons learned the hard way.  Then on Thursdays, Co-Founder, Barry Clarkson provides his insight on his weekly national training call.

As the new agent absorbs all the trainings offered, he or she begins to develop a style of their own and finds, through actual sales, which techniques work best within their own personality.  With time and repetition the new agent starts to become comfortable and confident.

In the process of learning, the agent should remember to not complicate the process, but strive to keep things simple.  A good way to do this is to think of the sales process as 3 easy steps:  Question – Transition – Benefit.  Ask the prospect a simple question that can be answered with a “yes,” create a transition statement, and then state the benefit the prospect will receive.

Here is a real simple example:  “Bob, do you agree that if something bad happened and you passed away unexpectedly, Sue and the kids would have to give up this beautiful home and move to another neighborhood, and the kids would have to leave their friends behind and go to a new school?”  Now, wait for an answer.  When Bob answers affirmatively move on to the Transition and Benefit.  “Bob, as a valued client with National Agents Alliance, for only $37 a month, Sue will own this house outright, the kids won’t have to give up their friends, and you’ll also have all their colleges expenses covered.”

This really stokes the prospect’s emotions and will definitely move them to take action.  Just keep simple, as easy as one, two, three:  Question – Transition – Benefit.

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