Sales Through Help

Much like the evolution of customer relationship management, sales strategies in general have morphed throughout the years.  It can be hard to see from the selling side, where closing the deal has ever been the standard objective.  From a client perspective these days, one of the highest value items that can be provided is not one that can amuse or provide a service to them, but one that actually helps them.

Sales through HelpIn terms of what is offered through insurance, the product itself provides an aid.  As the means to providing this assistance, your focus should be on creating a policy that is high in value in terms of performing as the client needs it to.  The ultimate goal of your efforts is to design a policy for your client that will remain intact until such a time comes that it is necessary to cash it in or convert it.  A policy that deviates from the course of being an asset to the client will be at an increased risk for cancellation, and the more of a liability it becomes, the higher the risk.  This involves cost, coverage, life circumstances, and all sorts of other factors.

Asking questions to increase your knowledge of a client’s situation and to assess their needs will help you get the information you require to begin getting them setup.   In shifting your mentality from making a sale to helping the client, your focus will be on the particular policy items that benefit them the most.  By emphasizing and directing effort into these areas, you will be able to create a policy that is an asset and remains intact, as it should.  This will also impact the way that you address your client and how they perceive your actions in a positive manner, which, in addition to the stellar policy you are creating, will help demonstrate your interest in them and put them at ease around you.

While it is a small shift in mindset, it can be difficult to do because, as a sales person, you want that sale and it impacts your income.  Think of your policy building as relationship building.  If you address the needs in a helpful manner, it will last and be fruitful by bringing in references and opportunities to update the policy when needed, add-on to it, or develop other products for a trusting client.  Whereas if you put a small bandage with a sparkly exterior over the client’s needs, and then proceed to tag on all kinds of other bells and whistles they don’t actually want but sound nice, eventually the exterior will fade and they will discover the shoddy work.  Then the policy will be cancelled, you will not be recommended to others they know, nor will they do any business with you again.

Developing and fostering relationships with your clients by focusing on making helpful sales is an action that will provide long term benefits for all parties involved.  Remember to focus on being that helpful individual and not simply closing a sale in order to avoid the pitfalls associated with simple selling.  National Agents Alliance provides plenty of resources available to help you out and to help keep in touch with clients, be sure to make use of them!

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