Taking Your Time

In keeping with the time management theme of late, let’s talk a little bit about taking your time and the quality versus quantity debacle.  Certainly you don’t want to waste what is available to you, but cutting corners and rushing is not the way to maximize your time either.  For many, that may actually cause your time management plan to morph into a time consumption plan.

Taking Your TimeA common misconception of time management lies in the belief that for your plan to be realized you must be accomplishing more than others each day.  However, one of the underlying fundamentals of the concept is to work in a more organized and efficient fashion, ensuring that the time you spend generates quality as opposed to simple quantity.  Your plan could allow you to accomplish more per day, but it should simply allow you to work more economically.  It could allow you to burn rapidly through as many things as you can handle per day, but it should afford you all the time you need to provide superior quality results in whatever it is you are doing.  It could allow you to jam pack your schedule with numbers of items that would make your peers faint, but it should give you the visibility into your schedule to determine what needs to happen today, and what can be slated for tomorrow, or even next week.

This isn’t to say that you should not challenge yourself and strive for superior results.  You absolutely should, and National Agents Alliance certainly encourages that!  Just be sure to visualize your efforts in the proper manner, targeting how things should be and not allowing haste and urgency to be your motivators.  While they can provide you with potent determination, they are also causes of high percentage of error, no matter what it is that you are tackling.  Giving yourself the proper time to analyze and solve an issue at hand is what will allow you to build an enduring solution, whether it is in terms of a policy for a client, finding a quality recruit, or forming a business plan.  Doing so eliminates the need for task repetition, which can be a terrible time consumer.

Be aware that initially some things may not come naturally and things may seem slow, but the error prone nature that haste and urgency can cause would be counter-productive.  Allotting the time to work properly with high quality results will help develop exceptional business practices and also increase your knowledge and experience.  A more natural flow for things will come with that growth in your skills, and with that will also come speed.  The key here is that it will be with quality, not at the expense of it.

So be sure to direct your time management efforts correctly.  Allot your time for quality, not simply quantity.  Increase your knowledge by accessing information at NAAtv or through the carrier information pages at NAALeadsPresident’s Club will also provide you with access to extra information and resources if you are ready for that next step!

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