QuestionsAsking questions is the most effective method to get the information that you need in order to develop the proper policy for your client.  It’s also the best way to get the information you need about furthering yourself and your business.  For a lot of individuals, simply the act of asking for information can be difficult, just keep in mind the benefits that it brings you and the client and push forward with them.

Remember that asking questions to find out about your clients situation and needs are necessary in order for you to assist them best.  Initially this may feel a little awkward, just keep in mind that this is the information that will allow you to tailor a policy for your client, and gently remind them of that if it appears they are a bit shy.  In the same vein, sometimes responses to those high value questions may be vague.  In that case, be sure to ask for clarification.  Light urging with a “Tell me more,” or “Could you please expand on that?” will do wonders to continue things moving.  Of course, practicing some of the techniques of putting your client at ease will help both you and the client get past any uncomfortable stages.

Asking about a client’s concerns is a bit of a touch and go point.  If you believe that you can address what you feel may be the concerns, this can be a very helpful item that affords that opportunity.  Leaving the question unasked risks the chance of being blind-sided by potential issues later.  However, while you do want to address concerns, in terms of sales, you don’t want those to be forefront in the clients mind, but rather the benefits instead.  Knowing your client and products and putting them together well should mitigate most concerns, and certainly putting together the proper policy is paramount and urges this particular question.  Just be aware that by doing so, you will need to be able to sufficiently address the issues or it could backfire on you.  National Agents Alliance will help stack the odds in your favor, do it by using the training available to you!

As you wind up, don’t forget a couple of other important questions.  Remember to ask for referrals.  Even if you can’t help this particular client, they may know of someone that you can, do not be shy about this!  Should things go well, consider asking for a testimonial of your work.  Having a reference from an existing client is always great to showcase to other potentials and will help increase your reputation.  Should you wind up not making a sale, here is a perfect opportunity for you to turn a negative into a positive:  Ask the client what it was that influenced their decision.  Let them know that you are always looking to improve and that this will help you in the future.  Be sure to take the criticism positively and do what you can to influence it in the future.  Some things you will be able to address directly, others may be out of your hands, but at least you will have the knowledge of what provided a hurdle in this particular case.

So remember, questions are good.  Don’t be afraid to ask them as they are an integral part of your business, just be sure to ask the correct, and high-value ones!

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