Building Momentum with National Agents Alliance

In nearly any situation, having some momentum on your side is a great asset.  It will give you self-confidence and put that extra spring in your step that people notice and gravitate towards.  Having momentum on your side can turn even the most difficult situation in your favor.  The question becomes, how can you keep it rolling?

A big part of keeping momentum on your side is timing.  After making a big sale or landing a really good prospect or appointment, it can be tempting to revel in your achievement and enjoy the moment.  It is certainly acceptable to do so, and most likely well earned!  However, in terms of building and maintaining momentum, the absolute best time to do each of these things again is right after you have just succeeded in doing it.  This success will give you immediate confidence and motivation that can be directly applied to your next endeavor, boosting the energy you have available to put into it, and making the effort required seem smaller.

Building MomentumContinuing to roll your successes together will build you more and more momentum, in turn increasing your motivation and self-confidence.  All of these things combined together will allow you to keep pressing onward.  Even should you have a miscue during one of your sessions it will affect you less and allow you to move on without having to struggle with negative drains.  On top of the individual impact, momentum is a contagious thing that will spread to your peers and influence them positively.  Alternatively, if you are in need of a boost, your fellow National Agents Alliance members can help you out by spreading the bug!

Keeping your momentum can be as simple as that, although success doesn’t always readily come easily one after another.  Remember that momentum is infectious, so if you are suffering from a lack of it, use your resources to get some going!  Once you have it, don’t give it a chance to disappear, keep building on it!  Celebrate your victories later, leverage this game changing tool as often as you can.

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