Get Up When You Get Knocked Down

If you’re new to sales with National Agents Alliance you better learn this lesson real fast: When you get knocked down, get up! Get up fast!

Get UpWe have unbelievable euphoria when we make a sale, but we take a real shot when hours and hours of preparation go unrewarded when we get a big, fat NO. Our skin gets thicker with experience but when we’re new we sometimes feel like getting a job behind a desk where it’s easy to hide.

There’s an interesting book, The Flinch by Julian Smith, that anyone new to sales should commit to memory. Smith describes a boxing gym he visits that has a sign above the door: “VIP Entrance – anyone who enters can be a champion.”  However, the caveat is that to become a champion you have to learn how to get hit, and you can’t flinch. A boxer who has trained doesn’t flinch when they get hit because, if you do, you can’t win. Learn to face the pain, without flinching!

In sales we don’t get physically hit but we take plenty of hard knocks. After you have prepared, traveled, greeted, schmoozed, presented, rebutted, presented some more, filled out the app and you hear the dreaded “sounds great, but I need to think about it,” you flinch! We’ve all done it.  It has driven the weak from the business. Three of those in a row and you’re out. It’s a good thing that Babe Ruth didn’t flinch; he set the record for the most strikeouts but also hit 714 home runs.

Learning all the “HOW TOs” of selling is the easy part.  Libraries are filled with sales books, but that’s not the answer. The “flinch” is your real enemy and learning “how to sell” won’t beat it.

You see, the flinch is why some never make it in any profession.  The talented tennis player who never sweats to make it puzzles all the “experts.”  He was a “can’t miss” player but he flinched when it came time to do the work ordinary people are unwilling to do.

Flinch equals pain avoidance. To face the pain you have to learn to stop flinching.

Challenge yourself. Face up to the hardest part of the job. Don’t give in. Don’t take the easy route. Do what Mark Twain said:  “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.”

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