Social Media Power from National Agents Alliance

The power of social media is incredible.  It is a free resource that allows you an interactive marketing platform for both yourself and your products that can reach a substantial number of individuals.  If you aren’t already making use of this resource, you should be!

Social MediaTremendous numbers of people are on the varying social media platforms.  Serious consideration should be given to having a presence on at least Facebook, Google+, and even LinkedIn for professionals.  All of these sites provide a platform for you to show your professional presence and also to post varying types of media and interact with others on the sites.  Twitter allows a little less in terms of what it is capable of doing, but is extraordinarily popular too.

The key to making effective use of any of these facilities is engaging your friends, circles, followers, etc.  Every attempt should be made to put up content, be it images, videos, or posts that are not only clear and informative (and of course professional!), but also prompt those who see it to interact in some manner.  That could be as simple as a retweet or like on Facebook, or even more involved, such as commenting and sparking up conversation.  The more interaction that there is, the more people that get involved, and the more people that will see it.  By keeping active on your social media sites with accurate information, posts, and responding to others, awareness of you and your services will go up, and those engaged with you will recognize your expertise, enhancing your reputation.

Those benefits aside, the individuals that you have at first may already be clients or friends, but one of the greatest aspects of social media is the potential for virality.  What is that?  Most actions on social media sites are not only seen by just yourself and your direct followers.  Instead, the reach extends to their followers, and sometimes even further to their followers!  So every individual that follows you brings with them a number of potential followers, potential clients!  All that needs to be done is to reel them in, and by providing engagement to your existing followers, you can do just that!

Not sure where to start with this?  National Agents Alliance maintains several different social media profiles for our different sections on several different sites.  Check us out at the links below and feel free to ask us any questions!

National Agents Alliance – Facebook
National Agents Alliance – Google+
National Agents Alliance – LinkedIn
National Agents Alliance – MySpace
National Agents Alliance – Twitter
National Agents Alliance – YouTube

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