Top 3 Ways to Get a Client off the Fence

You know the situation, you have come to the end of your appointment, and your prospect gives you the “I don’t know, I need to think it over” line.  There are a few techniques you can use to help persuade them to buy. 

  1. Find out what their objection is.  If they are interested in the policy, but want to “think about it” try saying “You say that you are interested in this protection but you have to think about it, could you tell me what part of the offer you don’t like?”  Their objection could be as simple as they want a different type of payment plan.
  2. Know the Competition.  If you find out that your client thinks that they can get a better deal elsewhere, it is important that you know what you are up against.  By keeping up with the competition, you will be able to explain the difference and why your product is better. But don’t make up stuff…  If the client decides to do more research after they have purchased the policy, they could cancel the policy and will most likely never do business with you again.
  3. Set a Deadline.  If there is nothing you can do to combat their objections, and at the end of the appointment they are still on the fence, it is ALMOST time to cut your losses. Inform the client that the rates that you have given them can only be guaranteed for a specific amount of time.  This is pretty much a last resort.  If the client is actually interested in buying, they will contact you before the deadline.  If they don’t, they weren’t going to be sold anyway.

One response to “Top 3 Ways to Get a Client off the Fence

  • Mark

    In regards to number 3, set up a follow up with client then and there.

    “Mr. customer our rate is only good for another 15 days, let’s set up an appointment/call after you have had a few days to think it over.”

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